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Drop Everything: Final ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Arrives

Drop Everything: Final 'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Arrives

Screw that animated gif (though the dedication is admirable), the third “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer is here. And yes, in Christopher Nolan we trust.

While the long period of silence behind the marketing campaign for the film has led many to wonder (including us) if the final chapter in the film will deliver, it looks like it’s shaping up to be the epic we’re hoping for. And as much as “The Avengers” is a boatload of fun, this looks to be operating on a whole different level. For one, while every other movie (including “Prometheus“) has lifted the BRAAAHM popularized by the “Inception” spot, Nolan and co. wisely eschew that here going for a tone that is elegiac at the start, before turning into something more conspiratorial and grand in scope. In short, Nolan looks to be elevating this world all over again.

Some things to consider: Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s character essentially the new Jim Gordon? With Gary Oldman‘s character losing hope in the Batman, urging him to return, JGL seems to be the one that movie is framing the hopes of Gotham on. It’s an interesting note for a character long thought to be believed a plant to get close to Bruce Wayne. Could he be on the level? Also, while goofy looking in out of context stills, Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman is the real surprise here, feeling believable and most importantly, integral. But many mysteries remain including Marion Cotillard‘s role (is she Talia al-Ghul or is this more misdirection from the Nolan crew?) and big chunks of the cast are still kept to the sidelines (where’s Juno Temple?). It’s also incredibly ballsy to spend so much of the trailer on an uncertain and almost beaten hero — again, very much out of step with the rest of the comic world ilk, and steeping this with something far more mature where the stakes are rooted as much in character as they are in plot. But that said, the closing bit is a reminder that Nolan knows to go into action mode, when the time arrives, with flair and fun.

But this is the perfect trailer in many regards, showing us a lot of new footage but without giving up the game. Yep, our excitement is rising (ha!). “The Dark Knight Rises”opens on July 20th. Watch below.

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Katie Holmes should have been cast in all three films,the one female Bruce was an equal too and loved.Katie could have been the best bat girl ever.Christian Bale has no equal as Batman or any other role he chooses to excell at!!.Bale could easily carry two more Gotham tales flawlessly onward,we all know it is because he is done with Gotham he chooses not too.There will be Oscars for Bale,Hardy, Oldman, Josh Brolin, these are the worlds best actors waiting for their lines.Thanks you all for the lifetime of entertainment.


Very artfully executed trailer which, by virtue of its restrained tone, elevates the entire picture head and shoulders above the typical superhero extravaganza. Miles better than trailer 1, which was far more pedestrian in execution.

Still not convinced the film will be amazing. Something still feels amiss. But props to the trailer guy for giving the whole enterprise a classy sheen.


Fuck the Avengers! Dark Knight Rises will rule for the movies of 2012

Mr Anonymous

That is much better than the 2nd trailer. NOW i'm excited! That looks epic in every single way. This is more like it! Can't wait to see the trailer up on the big screen now for maximum impact.


Man: "What are you?"
Bane: "I'm Gotham's regbjherfv."


I totally agree about Hathaway's Catwoman, the promotional stills look very silly, but she seems to fit here. But lets not forget some of those awful promotion stills for Heath Ledger's Joker, and we all know how amazing that turned out to be.


Ben Mendelsohn? Cool.


Fuck. July needs to hurry up and get here.


Avengers, who?

The title of the movie of the year will be a one on one between PROMETHEUS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Cannot wait!


It gave me chills. Excited!


:-O wow


Hmmm, I'm actually a little disappointed. I found The Dark Knight and Inception's trailers to be vastly superior. But on the other hand, I get the feeling Nolan is holding back ALOT. I mean there was barely any dialouge in this thing. So unlike Prometheus, where I felt like I just watched the whole movie, I'm still intrigued and eager to see this film already.




PS. I'm so sick of hearing that music cue in every single trailer. Not sure I agree Prometheus lifted "Braahm" (Is it a chicken-egg sitch?). Rewatch Alien. Jerry Goldsmith has origins of that music cue laced up &down Ridley's film. Especially final sequence–before &after Alien's blasted into outer space.


Agree on all points of the article especially; how the trailer offers difficult accomplishment of; new info/new perspective/while keeping mysteries. BUT what I really want to say is; how nutbags excited I was to see 'POPE' from [Animal Kingdom] !!


What I love about this & Prometheus is that for the first time in years it seems SCOPE is coming back to the summer blockbuster season. And when I mean scope I mean in the "Holy crap, this is a big story happening here with real ideas!" and not the more common "Wow… that effect sure musta taken a looong time to render".

I'm not going to prematurely do a whole "TDKR is better than Prometheus" or vice versa thing. Honestly, I'm just super excited we have two genius looking movies coming out within the next couple months! They make up for all the 'Battleships' & "Men in Black III's" they throw at us.


THEOC- That scenes not from the prologue. Definitley one of the coolest clips though. I have a theory that the character is Roland Dagget and that Bane goes around killing corporate leaders and influential Gothamites but that he saves Wayne for last. So pumped for this movie, love the cinematography, Wally Pfister is a genius.


And just yesterday Kevin was saying Prometheus was the movie event of the summer…

Nik Grape

Yeah, that was just. Something else.


Looks like the movie of my life. I have loved Batman since I was a kid. Can't wait for Gotham's reckoning.


Wow, looks fantastic. I love how little we know (or how ignorant I've made myself regarding this). Each of the trailers seem to be for a different movie, they've all had a different feel. That's Ben Mendelsohn being held by Bane, he appears to be uncredited, so it must be in the prologue.


I can't wait for this movie. Looks to be a promising third installment for a fantastic trilogy.


Chills throughout the entire trailer


This will be the movie of the summer. You can tell, it still has so much up it's sleeve. Can't wait.


this is the budget movie of the summer,maybe the year. sorry to marvel and ridley scott.

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