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Female Reviewer Gets Attacked for Avengers Review

Female Reviewer Gets Attacked for Avengers Review

While I am not usually that interested in boycentric blockbusters, I am very into seeing The Avengers.  I want to see how an open feminist man like Joss Whedon makes a big budget Hollywood film.  Will the women be more than window dressing?   Too bad The Avengers only has one female lead — Scarlett Johansson — and she wears a skin tight suit, but hey maybe she has some good lines and kicks ass like Whedon’s Buffy.

I want to see if a man who put together a play and performed at a fundraiser for Equality Now right in the midst of the release of a huge movie will make a different kind of blockbuster.  I want to see and support a man who says that he thinks that The Hunger Games will make a difference in Hollywood and that it’s about time we had strong female characters.

The buzz and early reviews on The Avengers has been extremely positive.  It is like the geek fest of all geek fests.  It’s got all the action heroes like Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America among others in ONE movie. 

But let’s be real.  No movies get all perfect and glowing reviews.  And when you write a review about a film that asks questions there is no reason why you should be demeaned, told you are stupid and blantly dismissed.  It is just a review — your opinion — about the movie.  It’s not a treatise for Middle East peace.  It won’t fix the economy.  It’s a movie review. 

But some people take this stuff way to seriously and the reaction to a review by Amy Nicholson who works for Box Office Magazine has become an outlet for ridiculous misogyny.  She wrote a review of The Avengers and gave it three stars.  She had some issues with the film, but it is in no way a really bad review. 

Here are some of her thoughts:

The Avengers almost works. It’s funny and it’s physical, but even at two and a half hours, it plays like it’s on fast-forward. Forget character development—there’s not even character explanation. The lesser Avengers are most slighted.

The problem is that after controlling their own fiefdoms, these characters don’t play well with others.

If such a thing can be said about a $220 million dollar blockbuster, The Avengers needs more ambition. Sure, it’s fine for most films to host their battle royale in downtown Manhattan, but the superfriends deserve more.

But she’s been attacked.  It seems that when you don’t love the boy movies and you are girl you are fair game for misogyny — and some of the misogyny is from women.  You become fair game, not your work. 

Here are some of the comments (we do’t know the gender of the commenters since they don’t have to write their names.

These are from one person but in different comments:

Rotten Tomatoes Update: We’re in at 32 fresh reviews versus your one pathetically pointless review, you soulless drone. Hope you end working at a McDonalds.

See internet, this is what happens when you give your PA the change to write reviews because it’s cheaper than hiring a proper male writer.

And some more:

She asked her boyfriend what score she should give. Just stick to rom-coms, bitch.

No she liked Green Lantern because Ryan Reynolds, rom-com mainstay, was shirtless in that film. That’s why she liked it. Numbskulls like you give REAL female journalists a bad name.

Bitch what the fuck is wrong with you, I knew there would be bad reviews from some people but not from spiteful assholes who bash shit for attention.

Personally, I find these comments very offensive and scary.  Why is their such vitriol for a review?  What is it about this film and other films like this that brings out the worst in folks?  Why are there only a couple of commenters who say it’s ok to have differing opinions but no one stands up to say that the rhetoric is offensive.

The good news is that Amy is not deterred and scarily this seems to be common not only for female reviewers.  I’m guessing that guys don’t get misogynistic comments but they seem to also get crap for having opinions – which is by the way what they are supposed to be doing.

Here’s a comment from Amy on what has happened

When I realized what I’d stumbled into, I made myself vow I’d never read the comments for my own sanity. And, honestly, I didn’t have to. I’ve seen this pile-on happen before to my critic friends — male and female — and it’s always the same, though men get more death threats while women get more poetry like, “Whose $%#@ did you suck to get your job?” It’s telling that among all the hatemail, I’ve only gotten one email that actually wanted to argue the substance of my review. Many more self-described comic book guys have taken the time to write and apologize on behalf of their fellow fans, which was a nice surprise. No worries, guys — I still love nerds.

I think it would be great for the guys who are apologizing to Amy to get on the site and call their fellow commenters out on their crap.  This has got to stop.

Joss Whedon Performs at Women’s Rights Event, Decries Sexism, Praises ‘Hunger Games’ (Hollywood Reporter)

Marvel’s The Avengers

h/t Roth Cornet from In Contention

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I really like Joss Whedon, but the reality is that "The Avengers" was not a particularly good movie. It was not bad, but it certainly wasn't the second coming of Christ that many fans make it out to be. Indeed, in my view, it doesn't really hold together and the final battle becomes downright boring after a while. Plus, that is the most incompetent alien invasion I've ever seen. It looks like Thanos hired himself the space equivalent of the Hell's Angels to invade Earth – i.e., the most disorganized group of thugs he could find. Anyway, hopefully, Whedon will get it better the second time around. For now, I'll predict that, eventually, when the euphoria wears off, people will be able to make a more honest assessment of the movie and realize that it's not that great.


Wow im glad i dont come here cause all yu are nuts. I also hated the movie its was crap! and twilght is crap too! the comic fan boys need to get a life! Bye trolls!


Well, feminists never listen to debate and logic testing their feminism so I guess that's why they are hated.


Who cares what review she gave Avengers. Avengers a better than average piece of super- hero crap – anyone who would get in the least excited about it is a cretin.

She did, however, give a bad review to Pan's Labyrinth – which is a crime so heinous that she deserves all this abuse she is getting from the comic-book idiots.


Lol I read her review , lame no charachter development . What about Thor , Iron Man , Iron Man 2 , Captian America The 1st Avenger ,The Incredible Hulk. If you look at Avengers as just one film your a fool man or woman , its a sequel of epic proportions . I've never seen it done before . Also to those people who say it's immature lmfao Duhhh!!!! It's a film about SUPER HEROS !!! Funny/Stupid one liners . Explosions , Crazy Monsters , Unbelieveable Villians , You know kids stuff!! If your one of those people who grew up to fast or doesn't remember what its like to be a kid , at least at the movies then sucks to be you .


I thought The Avengers was immature crap, full of mindless explosions, dull characters and Whedon's usual brand of juvenile dialogue. I am amazed that their weren't more negative reviews.


You know I'll start by saying that I loved the avengers, I thought it was an amazing movie, however I'm surprised there aren't more negative reveiws around. It's strange because when you finally do find a negative review its about stupid things like it being a movie made for males… I found it an amazing epic movie but if you sit back and really think about its story its so incredibly non-existent. No one noticed this because of the snarky characters and the awesome effects and awesome battle scenes and everything being awesome so I didn't really notice the done a million times just about non-existent story until I thought about it later, however I thought that reveiwers always seem to be hard on stuff so I asumed that they would be hard on the avengers for it's story, and I'm surprised they were not…


Regardless of whether this is exclusively male entertainment or not (it's not of course), sexism is not justified, any more than racism or homophobia would be. It doesn't matter whether the target annoys you, whether you feel 'provoked' ( using whatever spurious definition of provocation you adhere to) or whether they are sexist too: you are accountable for your own actions and sexism is not okay. Nor is it okay to try to prevent other people's right to free expression. That would make you a one-party fascist ideologue (which is what sexists are).

Ed P

I think every one of you is a hatefull bitch. Good night.


"I think it would be great for the guys who are apologizing to Amy to get on the site and call their fellow commenters out on their crap. This has got to stop."…….. I think what really has to stop are these unmonitered, anonymous comment boards. Ignorance should have a price.

Ian Grey

Hi. Well, this sucks, of course. I call it the 'the full Diablo' which is in reference to when I had the nerve to, with all seriousness defend Diablo Cody's JENNIFER's BODY which yeah, had problems but also had all kinds of Whedon-y fun ideas about genre-play and its own ideas about messing with gender–

–which caused males to go absolutely INSANE. We're talking Megan Fox decapitation fantasies, Diablo Cody death scenarios, guys calling Cody names that never existed until I wrote this.

Basically, it was about how 'dare I' betray my gender and support a [fill in woman-hate obscenity] like Cody???

Anyway–THE AVENGERS is out and I found *critics* not even mentioning Black Widow or pretending she was a total nothing–'the full Diablo' in passive aggressive form! It's like racism in the age of Obama. Mostly, the hate monkeys keep to themselves until something triggers them. You can read the piece here.


Since Melissa Silverstein cares about comments and is perturbed to see a void where outrage should be, I'm just de-lurking to say these comments are outrageous(ly funny, in an embarrassing way) and I enjoyed this post. Why point out that yet ANOTHER misogynist internet pile-on happened? Well, when people use misogyny to silence someone (however stupid their review is or isn't), ignoring it gives a tacit ok and pointing it out does make a real difference, that's why. I appreciate it and I know I'm not alone. Everyone knows these "go make a sammich" comments are the trollish dregs of the internet but unfortunately they are a really effective silencing tactic that actually makes a difference to hobbies, careers, friendships, educations, and access to public space for women (and other people too). I'm not ok with the lowest common denominator pulling that kind of influence, which is why I appreciate Silverstein's post even if there are more important things going on in the world.

If commenters here are right and the reviewer was utterly nasty in her commentary and ignorant of the subject-matter, why not counter-argue instead of bashing all women everywhere (which is what you do when you call a woman a stupid bitch, get back in the kitchen, etc), which has zero to do with the review? That's the problem Silverstein is writing about.

Are commenters here really arguing that the reviewer's personal shortcomings led to (and excused) misogynist comments? That's not how it works. Woman-hating leads to misogynist comments; if you want to explain why it happened, look at the commenters, not the reviewer (i.e. when a commenter calls an asshole a "stupid bitch" instead of an asshole, the commenter has a problem regardless of the asshole in question).

And yes, male reviewers get pulverized in the comments too. That excuses misogynist hate speech how, exactly?

And yes, reviewers probably expect irrational backlash and hateful comments and they should have a thick skin. Just like commenters should know they're going to find opinions when they *seek out reviews,* and should have a thick skin, jeez. Fanboys throw a thousand little tantrums at a review, and this one calm feminist ally is over-sensitive and "victim-y?" I don't think so. For everyone who says writers like Sliverstein are playing the whiny victim, try this on for size: if you excuse hate speech you're a coward.

(Just as a general aside about the over-sensitivity of fans in any geeky genre, I've gotten defensive of my own geeky obsessions, too. But if these fans thought about it, bad reviews do their beloved comic a favor, so long as the bad review has a salient point. Feedback– including the review's influence on the box office– shapes the next movies the studios make, thus causing the studios to invest in better movie-making in the comic genre. If everyone just accepted so-so movies without a peep the studios would make crappier and crappier comic movies. Which would suck for fanboys.)


Why are you complaining that there like 20 beef cakes and one woman. Don't you all complain when there are a bunch of women jumping around with their tits out?


It's not as if a lack of manners on the internet is anything new.


Though I harshely condemn the kind of language most of the attackers have used for this female journo, but I would also like to ask her "How much do you know about the Marvel superhero universe?"
And if your answer is not 'Everything' then you shouldnt have written that review. I mean I am never going to review any Twilight movie or I can forget getting laid ever again (even my wife is a die hard twilight fan).

Besides, Avengers work because it is more of a story centric film and not a character centric. All the characters you see in the movie were developed in their own previous movies and that is why the Avenger was only PURE ACTION!!!

So next time, please please please DO NOT even try to take up reviewing a 'boycentric' film :)


@Ms. Silverstein I'd just like to take the time to reiterate the personal importance men place on their escapisms. Other then that…WOW!


Avengers fans are man-child aspies who sum up why I hate Marvel's "fun but dumb" moviegoing flock…the moment you go agaist their pack mentality you're condemed. Don't be a sheep, speak your mind and don't be afraid to. Dark Knight Rises is going to annihalate it. I saw the Avengers and while I enjoyed it, I'm going to enjoy Nolan's last hurrah far more. Avengers is overrated.


Sweetheart, do you know WHY she was lambasted by the fans for that amateur ridiculous review she posted, not to mention RT for posting it?? It's because it was a review that was more of a rip on the fans for really liking the movie more than the movie itself.. Who gives a shit if the fanbase is in a frenzy over it right now?? What other options do we have?? What?? TDKR??? You think the average moviegoer who doesn't have Christopher Nolan's penis in their mouth is going to sit through more than 1 viewing of Nolan's last BATMAN over multiple viewings of MARVEL'S finest movie to date being The AVENGERS???? It's called "Feel Good Entertainment" which is why this will beat the dogshit out of BATMAN 3.. And another thing: If your going to review a movie knowing full well the fanbase will be watching you like a hawk in your review, you might want to get the name of the characters right, particularly Samuel L. Jackson's character who's name is NICK FURY, NOT NICK FROST.. Good grief..


I stopped reading at Middle East piece. Do you have an editor?


Sounds like your typical marvel fanboy scum.

Bad Man

To be fair though she was a dumb bitch called Nick Fury "Nick Frost". Did she even watch the damn film? And looking at her other reviews she hates Marvel films and Likes DC. Green Lantern was an abomination. All the top critics LOVE the movie. She's not a top critic though so i really don't care. (nor will she ever be one with such horrible review skills)

Biased people should NOT be critics.

Back to the kitchen lady.

mm hh

As an older gal, I will admit I can be pretty harsh on my fellow females, but that's because I really hate females who give the rest of us a bad name.

I will not stand by a female just because she is a female. There are enough bad stereotypes of women out there so I really dislike when women add fuel to the fire.
This gal just had to watch a movie & couldn't even bother to get the name of one of the major characters we've seen in all of the prior Marvel films right? Sorry, but I would take the 2 seconds to look it up so as not to make it seem I didn't watch the movie. It really makes it appear she spent all her time in the ladies' room or at the snack bar.

Derek Sorenson

FYI, a male critic has given Avengers a rotten review as well. Guess what is happening? Fanboys are attacking him lol. I really hope he isn't black or else I'll have to see an article with the title "internet hate crimes against reviewer" or what have you.


I'm not sure the response to this review really qualifies as misogyny, since (as you said in the article) there are a number of women launching Vitriol at Ms. Nicholson. It's more an example of how the anonymity of the internet gives us free reign to be dicks to each other. I think a male reviewer would have received a similar response, it has nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman.

That being said, the fact that she happens to be a female reporter has culled some misogynistic comments, because this is the troll default for attacking females on the internet. Disgusting thought it may be, this incident doesn't expose any new incidences of misogyny in our society. It just confirms the misogyny we already knew existed, which is equally disgusting. So I guess now I agree with you? Shit, what happened to my point?


Wow the passion regarding the reviews of this movie and the reviews of the reviews are amazing. Wouldn't it be nice if Hollywood could make some movies about women characters that women cared so passionately about?! I wonder if it is possible for male story writers, script writers, camera men, casting couch jockeys, directors, editors etc to do? I think it probably is impossible for a crew of men to produce something women audiences care about this passionately. Of course Twilight, Harry Potter and Hunger Games, stories by women writers do have their passionate audience members of both sexes.

Joss Whedon

You proceeded to make more errors throughout your message. For example, you spelled 'don't', 'do't'. Please correct this. It will make your message seem more sophisticated and respectable.

Joss Whedon

"too seriously" Sigh. Please edit your writing before submitting it.


I think all the AVENGERS fans should slow down a bit here. I mean it's not like the film is like 'The Dark Knight.' It is what it is… a film full of eye candy action and with heroes for whom you will not feel sorry.


By the way- this column is called WOMEN AND HOLLYWOOD. So no, it's not a surprise that Melissa is writing this as she posts about issues like this all the time- for example lack of female directors in the Oscar race, lack of female directors at Cannes etc. She's not defending every Avengers basher- her agenda is to point out the double standard in Hollywood and she should be commended for it.

The guy

I do agree with what you said about the threats and sh!t getting out of hand. But I think most of the backlash towards her review was that she gave it a three out of five on rotten tomatoes and apparently flipped a coin (as stated somewhere on twitter) on whether or not to give the film a 'fresh' rating of which I think, regardless of gender, is unprofessional for someone who 'reviews' movies for a living. -.-

Ben Solis

Hey Derek. I'm a guy. I haven't read this review. I'm not going to comment on it. It may suck, hell for all I know the movie may suck. On the other hand, this review may be brilliant along with a brilliant movie. That's not the point. The point is, you are talking less about the review, and are more so going on the bash about commentors' and the reviewer's supposed "feminist slant." As you have called many people out for "not having read the review," I implore you to find out what feminism really is. Clearly you don't understand and neither do half the women here who were offended by even the use of the term. First off, feminism is not a man-hating, self-absorbed and angry institution; let alone, it is not a rallying cry for women who feel beat down to fight against their oppressor: a man. Feminism is merely a means of expressing a distaste with the culture at large in society, where certain people get paid more for a lesser job than a manager of company. Or when a person gets denied a tough job because of the way they appear. Or when a person in a relationship is forced to work and raise children at the same time while the other does nothing. You can take these examples any way that you want to. However, more often than not the person getting the shaft in these situations is a woman, and that is inherently wrong. Feminism aims to alleviate these inequalities, much like the NAACP and SCLC aimed to give civil, voting, and institutional rights to African Americans. Are you against institutions that reach out for the betterment of all man-kind, much like your hallowed Avengers? I hope not. She has an opinion, a slanted opinion, and while it doesn't agree with yours, it is not wrong. I personally think anyone that obsessed with a comic book or a movie to use against someone as some sort of biblical life altering canon probably has bigger problems than being pissed off at a few women for supporting another woman who may or may have not written a shitty review. I could give a shit less about this movie, I am after all a DC fan, and I am putting all my collective and monetary weight behind TDKR. Do I know the source material for the Avengers, you bet I do — just because I like DC doesn't mean I don't read other comics. What disgusts me about this is that you are attacking this poor woman because it makes you feel good to be right about something you care deeply about, and that she may know nothing about or care as deeply as you do. Who cares? Who loses? Who looks like a more wreck of a person at the end of the day? I've seen clips and a lot of leaked footage from this movie. If she is taking a feminist perspective on it, I understand her points, because Scarlett Johansen — aside from looking OK in a body suit — looks like UTTER CRAP in this movie, as does Cobie Smulders. And how much character development does one expect them to have? The movie isn't about them, or S.H.I.E.L.D. in the first place. There is no room for character development even of the larger characters when FOUR HUGE PERSONALITIES dominate the film. Also, I did read one aspect of her review that I can comment on and agree with: this movie will have no heart, outside of feeling for the team in moments of defeat or triumph. Those are not emotions, they are stereotyped feelings attributed to all warrior archetypes. Frankly, TDKR will be more of a film than this slugfest filled with rampant CGI: which could very well seem like that of a Michael Bay movie to the untrained eye. So in conclusion Derek, you've made yourself look like a jackass, one who has not probably touched or seen a naked woman, on who has never truly loved a woman besides his own mother, and probably still lives in her basement eating knock-off Mac & Cheese while taking time out of your day to slam a woman you have never seen, never known, and probably is laughing hard that you all making such a stir. I'm a reporter in Michigan, and if this happened to me on the comments page, I would be thinking how pathetic you all are, and how awesome my next story is going to be tomorrow. Good day, sir. And good riddance.

Nams G

Another negative review dropped on Rottentomatoes, this time from a guy. People are already dogpiling him and calling him childish names… so you're going to write a story defending him, right Melissa Silverstein?

Also, don't forget to continue your crusade against sexist comments on message boards, I think you're going to make a LOT of progress with that.


I haven't had a chance to see the film yet, but she did give Casa de mi Padre (45% Tomatometer) a better rating than The Avengers (100% Tomatometer without her review).


Despite some mental midgets posting misogynistic slurs and quips, people aren't mad at the reviewer because she's female. People are (short-sightedly) attacking her with her gender – because they're mad about her poor review.

Look at her reviewing track record. It reads as a reversal of nearly every possible consensus out there. She's not the lone brave soul with a strong, personal opinion – she's a troll reviewer. Just as the internet breeds callous, loudmouthed fools, it breeds those who are absolutely tickled pink to wind them up and watch them go.

The thing about RT in particular is that many of the commentator there submit their amateur reviews and hope to one day be paid for doing so. Whenever a reviewer – gender be damned – comes along and sings the praises of "Twilight" while trashing "Pan's Labyrinth" an incredibly hostile reaction is what's to be expected.

What people don't realize is that's exactly what was wanted. Her paltry review site needed hits, she just got hundreds of thousands of them via trolling – problem solved, easy paycheck. Thankfully, her review stands as the single rotten review among nearly 50 now (!) so anyone who's reading reviews to actually consult them will be just fine.

Crisis averted, stand down irrational fanboy brigade. Ms. Nicholson? Enjoy the 5 minutes of fame your website is getting – given the quality of your writing, this will sadly be the high point of your career.


I might actually agree with you if you weren't obviously biased towards her. Apparently, 'some of her thoughts' are the mildest comments she had stated.

Laurel Young

Amy is clearly not a comic fan and tried to review film as a serious movie. Thats why she failed

Her review is shallow and imaginative. You idiots who are defending are nothing more than lame douchebag guys who want to show women they're" sensitive " and bitchy man-hating feminists.


@GUEST If that was the case Transformers 3 would've gotten good reviews all around too.


I say bravo to Amy. It's hilarious to see these sensitive uber-geeks getting all riled up. LMAO. Like this even deserves 96% or whatever it will end up with… Critics are just giving it positive reviews based on the shitstick they expected it to be.


Any critic is allowed to have their opinion. I think the comments aimed at the female reviewer are sexist.

It's as simple as Lady Reviewer saying, "I did not like The Avengers because…." The appropriate response to that is Fanboy saying, "Well, I happen to disagree, The Avengers is an awesome movie because…."

It's great that people can be so passionate about stuff they care about (such as comic book movies); but it's definitely going below the belt and acting inappropriate and disrespectful when someone spouts sexist remarks at someone simply because they have a different opinion than theirs. Not cool.

To any nerds/geeks who have issues towards women, I'd encourage you to push through your own sexism/misogyny, mainly, because WOMEN ARE AWESOME!!! Women are one of the 7 wonders of the world!!! Women are hot and beautiful and amazing and fantastic!! Women are your friends!! And, if you don't have any lady friends…GET SOME!!! Women are the greatest things ever! EVER!!! I totally encourage humans being kind to other humans. That includes nerds/geeks being kind to women because you know, women are humans. But, that's just my opinion.

I'm a nerd/geek who's been totally stoked and exited about The Avengers movie coming out; it's going to be awesome!! I'm also a nerd/geek who is a huge fan of women (even women who don't like The Avengers movie). What can I say? I'm that awesome. I would encourage other people to be just as awesome as me. What the hell? Why not? Women are you friends. :)


I won't apologize for mysogynistic comments any more than I will for homophobic or racist coments thrown about on the internet. To JOILESS I can only say this: those people have a point. Not the idiot comentors but the people saying "don't get angry". I'm not "part of the problem" for looking at it from a rational perspective and neither are they but I'm not part of some unrealistic solution either. These people feed off of negativity. Get mad and they'll only intensify. Feel free trying to censor the internet, but it simply won't happen. This isn't an epidemic of mysogyny, this is an example of people generally sucking. I haven't read the review, from what I hear it was in fact poorly written. I'll see for myself. But you can't post something on the internet and expect it to only get constructive, rational, thoughtful repsonses. That's simply ignorant. Yes, we should ignore commentors like these because there's no other way to deal with them. if you want to get upset about immaturity, racism and sexism from annonymous sources than prepare to be misserable. Its not about tolerating hatred, its about respecting yourself enough to not let them bait you. There really is no solution, thereby the problem becomes "feeding the trolls" as they say


You are wrong – this is a bad review, a VERY bad review but not in a way you are thinking. It's not negative, it's just poorly written. She gets the names wrong (NICK FROST!), she complains you need to see the previous films to understand this one (a film critic with no concept of a sequel) and complains that the fanboys applauded during the fight scenes. Furthermore, you only need to see her previous reviews to understand her opinions are… skewed. She gives really good films bad reviews and really bad films good reviews. Oh and he liked all DC and hated all Marvel films.

Now, am I ok with her being called names or ordered to go back to the kitchen etc? Absolutely not. Am I ok with giving her bad review and terrible writing skills validity because a percentage of those commenting on her review is being misogynist? Definitely no.

PS I'm a woman myself.


It's interesting that so many of the comments below seem to be saying "This is the internet. It's not real life. We should ignore and therefore tolerate immature, sexist, threatening behavior because we must accept what we get from others. There's no point in getting angry about misogyny because hey, they're stupid low-lifes and obviously there's nothing you can do about that." Now take out any mention of the internet from that statement? See anything wrong?

You. Are. Excusing. Misogyny.

Congratulations, "high brow" commenters: You are part of the problem.

Nams G

1. Most of the sexist and over-the-top comments are indeed stupid, but are being taken far too seriously. It's anonymous internet bile spewed by fanboys who thought of the nastiest thing they could say purely to get a reaction, which they did.

2. Let's not make what is at its core a poorly written review into a debate on sexism just because a few lazy, simple-minded douchebags chose to hurl lowbrow insults instead of legitimate criticism.

3. If she can't take the heat (including uncalled for personal insults) she should never have stepped foot in the kitchen. I'm sure Owen Glieberman and Peter Travers get mobbed by fanboys from time to time… you know what they do? Take it/Ignore it like a fucking boss, which is what Amy and her Starbucks buddies writing poorly penned blogs in her defense desperately need to learn to do.


I think the gender of the reviewer is immaterial, and those of you focusing on it or mentioning it or holding it against her, or citing it as a reason for a review with which you disagree are: well, in a word, lame.

It may be an incompetent review – I'm not getting in to that. Gods know, there are plenty of them around, both from men & women.

Try disagreeing with the merits of her review, and not holding issue with her sex, or attributing what you think is "stupidity" or "bad reviewing" to her being a woman – that would be an Internet Novelty. Who knows, you might even start a trend?


This pretty much sums up my thoughts:,2500/


While the misoginystic comments are out of line, THIS IS THE INTERNET. This is the the crusty brown stains on life's underwear. Everyone is a vulture or a potential victem. What did you expect would happen when a highly hyped movie got one lone bad review?? People are only calling her a "bitch" because that can get under her skin. If she was a dude, she'd (he) would be called a "dick" or a "douche." But then wouldn't have made the news because she would have been a man (like the masculinist perspective I'm putting on?). Now, besides the personal insults, the commenters do have a valid point in disliking the review. 1) She says the Avengers is not ambitious enough. Um, I'd say being the center point in 5 separate movies is pretty ambitious. 2) She calls the character Nick Fury "Nick Frost." This is a fact error and is unacceptable in any form of jounalism. My former writing professor would have given her an F on the spot.

Brad B.

"What happened here is a travesty to the intellectual forum that is supposed to be the internet." – LOL, seriously.?

Yup, the comments section, that bastion of good will, understanding and intelligent, reasonable discourse. SHAME ON YOU ANONYMOUS INTERNET PEOPLE, YOUR MOTHER AND I EXPECTED MORE!

Lmao. Hilarious!


It was clear in the comments that the main problem that people had was with Rotten Tomatoes classifying this 3 star movie review as rotten (unfavorable). Even Melissa interpreted her review as " in no way a really bad review". Warner Bothers owns Rotten Tomatoes, Warner Brothers classifies 3 star reviews as rotten or fresh depending on how it the studio's bottom line. 3 star reviews for a competitor as classified as Rotten, 3 star reviews for a WB production are classified as Fresh. Warner Brothers has a competing superhero movie, The Dark Knight Rising. I think Melissa missed the the real story.


Wow…This actually became an issue?

Honestly, there is an underlining subtext of comic guys bemoaning "Wha'do Guuurlz know about comic books any way?" 

Thus it does become rather  impractical to submit  a subpar movie review if you hope to escape the vengeful wrath of 10,000 hostel shut-ins. I'ld sooner post up my credit card Info.

Brad Barton

I think a lot of the comments are indeed reprehensible, juvenile and out of line… welcome to the world wide web. The internet isn't going to grow up and stop calling her childish names, so maybe you (and she) should grow up enough to completely ignore them.

Chris R

Women like this should not be allowed to leave the home. They should be staying in and cooking dinner


Yeah. Sometimes i wonder why critics even use that site, because every negative review (and some positive) is full of offensive comments asserting that the reviewer is dumb or incompetent in some way. Even though there is a lot of gendered insults towards her, i think this kind of negative behaviour is pretty much the standard at rottentomatoes. Rather than be upset that it happens to a woman we should be upset that it happens to all critics.

Derek Sorenson

I agree that some of the comments were just rude, but honestly…aren't there more important things you could be writing about? The fact is that Amy didn't provide a single legitimate critique of the movie in her review. The whole article could have just been, "I don't like film all that much…problem fanboys?" lol. She couldn't even muster the attention span to remember some of the characters names. I think it was updated, but I am referring to stuff like "Nick Frost" and such. You don't get the right to critique something that you didn't even bother to pay any attention to.

Alex Baldwin

"I think it would be great for the guys who are apologizing to Amy to get on the site and call their fellow commenters out on their crap." – Melissa Silverstein

This is probably the least constructive response that can be taken. The people who post this sort of abuse online desperately want controversy and attention. Asking your readers to go and engage with them will only encourage them.

A better tactic is to take it up with the site owners and moderators. They can silently delete offensive comments and personal attacks without rewarding the trolls with attention (and articles like this one which only serve to make them feel more "powerful").

Mike Garba

This happens all the time. I don't think it's important that it's a woman who gave the review and received the backlash. If it were a man it certainly would have received the same backlash from deluded fanboys. That said, I don't think she is a very insightful or talented critic and no, it isn't because she's a woman. There are plenty of talented female film critics, Amy isn't one of them.


Sadly, you find ignorant comments like this all over the internet. This type of mentality is also very common when playing online multiplayer on any game, it seems, on XBLA. I guess it's easier to just hide behind the computer screen and spout out ignorance. This is why I never read comments on YouTube and once got into an online debate with a moron on Rotten Tomatoes. Seriously, she shouldn't let this phase her no matter how ridiculous it is.

John Shannon

That is an excellent idea. I'm on it. I'll provide a link once its complete!


@DAN I have to agree with part of your statement. She is a god awful movie critic. The headlining statement of her review refers to something that isn't even in the movie. (Asgard)


Wow. A lot of you are trying extremely hard to come off as articulate. The review was terribly written and she couldn't even get the facts right. Now does she deserve all of the hate comments? No, but those saying she is failing at her profession, they're probably right.

Bonnie Weiss

Are men still fearful of intelligent women? Are "big" Hollywood films still being made to appeal to the lowest IQs of men who need to use the "F", "B", and "C" word to criticize a reviewer. Shape up guys and look for kinder, more intillectual words to discuss a film with a reviewer and have a true basis for your comments. Don't let mean-spirited remarks bother you.

Give us your review on LOSING CONTROL by Dr. Valerie Weiss, at the LAEMMLE UNTIL Thursday.


The very nature of bulletin board comment threads regarding the review of a beloved comic franchise is a breeding ground for internet tough guys who are shielded like Cap' America behind the impenetrable cloak of anonymity which their ISP affords them. This is likely their sole form of recourse from what is assuredly years of bullying and mocking in real world situations. It's important to note that they're all attacking her for her opinion on a movie that they haven't even had the chance to view and form their own opinion.

Having said that, while their words are hurtful and dangerous (albeit grossely misinformed) it's my belief that they're not attacking her BECAUSE she's a female writer, but simply because it's an easy grab… a low hanging fruit. "She doesn't like it, so I'll throw out some trite and outdated jab at the fact that she's a woman." They don't hate her because she's a she, so to speak, but because she didn't cowtow to their comic Gods. It's just a lazy and cheap series of insults which they use because they lack the creativity and good sense to mock the content of her review. This does not excuse nor apologize for the behavior, I just like to shed light on the fact that they're cheap and pathetic and hurtful and they take the short quick road as a put down as a failed attempt to recompense themselves for all the times they've been reduced.

Had this been a review filled with glowing praise, her inbox would likely have been filled with date requests and attempts to see if she'd enjoy exchanging pics of sizeable action figure collections.

Geoff Morton

This is crying out for a Hitler "Downfall" parody. "… at least every review for Avengers has been positive" "Uh, there is one…" "Everyone who thinks Terrence Howard made a better Rhodey, leave the room"…


Yet another woman attacked for Having An Opinion. It's sad, really — these guys who dump hate on anyone with a female name really should go live in Afghanistan.

Chris Evans

"Right so the fact that she's a woman, suddenly means she's not fair game for scathing criticism when it's warranted?"

Uhh, except for the fact that the comments are attacking her specifically for being female. Or did you not bother to read them? If they think she's an idiot or a bad critic, then say that, but they're using her gender as a way to dismiss her opinion and ridicule her for simply having a vagina and an opinion.

Andrew Richards

Right so the fact that she's a woman, suddenly means she's not fair game for scathing criticism when it's warranted? The fact is that Ms Nicholson's review is the kind of thing that a 6th Grader would get a fail from their teacher from with a resubmission demanded.

It's not merely that she's the only voice on negativity, but that her review was utter garbage.

Between mispelled names of key characters (ie Nick Frost instead of Nick Fury), the strawman argument of "it's not DC, it's Marvel so it's not as good", claiming plot ideas have been stolen from Transformers 3 when the story is ACTUALLY borrowing story elements from the 50 year long comic run it had going back to the 1960s and being critical of the movie for being a *GASP*SHOCK*HORROR* sequel, her work was utterly unintelligent garbage and people had every right to question how such an utterly incompetent movie reviewer got her job in the first place.

Furthermore she scored the movie 3.5 stars yet still gave it a rating of rotten instead of fresh- when a 3.5 star rating should class it as being fresh.

Furthermore many fans have been waiting decades for this movie and so when someone writes what amounts to an utterly unintelligent and incompetent rant regarding something which fans reasonably have an emotional attachment to, they're going to get trounced for it be they a man or a woman. Anyone reviewing that movie who had done their homework would have realised that.

Perhaps this might come as a shock to you Ms Silverstein, but REAL equality as feminists CLAIM to be about, actually involves DISCARDING the notion of the uterus automatically entitling a woman to perpetual protection, rather than clinging to it through the traditionalist gender stereotype of "women as perpetual victims". That means when you stir up a hornets nest; taking it like a grown woman in the same way that men are expected to take it like a grown man in the exact same circumstances.

In short, Ms Nicholson's review amounted to trolling and flamebaiting and she was eviscerated for it online, just the same as any man would be if they did the exact same thing. To suggest that this is somehow "misogyny" or sexism as opposed to equality, when noone would bat an eyelid to the same thing happening to a man in the same circumstances (including the same degree of viciousness), in nothing short of privilege-laiden, fema-supremacist hypocrisy.


I'm all for girl power and empowerment of women everywhere but emblazoning this with the title of Female writer attacked for review is just oversensitive and sensationalist. There is real abuse going on out there in Nigeria, Somalia etc. This is just silly internet trolling.

The reason she was attacked is because shes was the only PERSON who overly sensitive fanboys could take offense at. That's all there is to it. If you're the only remotely negative review you're gonna get ALL the hatemail.

I can see no reason why anyone would think this is misogyny. It's random hate from random losers who live small lives. And personally I'd rather be called a slut by some idiot who never met me than get a death threat. Now THAT would be scary.


I conjecture that the source of the problem is less the expression of the initial opinion, and more a result of anonymity for follow up comment-givers. What is more disturbing than disagreement over the quality of a movie is the state of anger and misery that is revealed through responses such as these and on forums/blogs in general. These are the same people we stand next to in the grocery line or wait alongside in traffic. We brush shoulders with these people everyday and they go to (or send their kids to) the same schools and colleges our kids attend. When someone speaks this way to a another person in public, fully accountable and with their identity intact, there is an associated shame or other possible consequences. But in private, people can be as evil as they feel at the moment and many seem to enjoy the empowerment that they feel from trying to ruin someone else's day as they betray their childish maturity. God help us.

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