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Film Adaptation Of Bob Dylan’s ‘Blood On The Tracks’ In The Works

Film Adaptation Of Bob Dylan's 'Blood On The Tracks' In The Works

There is probably no musician both as famous and as mercurial and engimatic as Bob Dylan, which ironically has made his life and work a popular source of inspiration for movies. Of course, Todd Haynes attempted to encapsulate as many of the fragments of Dylan’s life as he could in “I’m Not There” with multiple actors portraying the man, and a bevy of musicians covering his tunes. But there is still so much more to tell and explore, and now, a fascinating new project will take on the musican from an entirely different angle altogether.

Brazilian production company RT Features is developing an English-language adapation of one of Dylan’s best and most celebrated records, “Blood On The Tracks.” The rights were picked up from Grey Water Park Productions who have previously been involved with Dylan-related projects like “Masked & Anonymous” (which also starred Dylan),” Martin Scorsese‘s documentary “No Direction Home” and Haynes’ aforementioned film. It’s in very early stages, and the film is looking for a director (and we presume a writer as well, as none is mentioned in Variety‘s report).

The common legend around the album is that the songs were written in the wake of Dylan’s divorce from his wife Sara, making it one of his most personal records. But in his memoirs, “Chronicles Vol. 1,” Dylan refuted that claim, stating they were instead inspired by the stories of Anton Chekov. Regardless of the source of the songs, they are undeniable and some of his best, inspiring numerous covers and in the case of “Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts,” two screenplays (which have never been made).

But this isn’t the only project in recent memory based on Dylan. A couple of years ago, “Crazy Heart” director Scott Cooper was kicking around a film adaptation of “Brownsville Girl” that had a script by Jay Cocks (“Gangs of New York“) and Brad Pitt was offered the lead. But it never came to pass. We’ll see how this one develops and if it makes it in front of cameras, but it’s fascinating prospect.

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Bad, bad idea. And Haynes already did an excellent job with the Heath Ledger scenes in "I'm Not There."


Lets get Radiohead's OK Computer next!

tyrannosaurus Max

must be awful to have a last name like "Cocks"

tristan eldritch

Cgi idiot wind?


Interesting idea. Maybe this trend will take over the superhero hype and classic rock albums will become the new film franchises. ;-) Regardless, Dylan is one of the most talented storytellers alive.

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