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Film Critic Wesley Morris, Manning Marable Malcolm X Bio, Awarded 2012 Pulitzer Prizes (History, Criticism)

Film Critic Wesley Morris, Manning Marable Malcolm X Bio, Awarded 2012 Pulitzer Prizes (History, Criticism)

Hot off the presses… The 2012 Pulitzer Prize winners were just announced, and first let me say congrats to Wesley Morris – film critic for The Boston Globe – who has been awarded the 2012 Pulitzer for, what else, Criticism., in the Journalism category.

Yes, he’s a black man (d’uh!), otherwise I certainly wouldn’t single him out :)

You really should be following him on Twitter if you aren’t already (HERE). Next to Armond White, both gents are probably the most prominent African American film critics working today.

A sample of Morris’ work can be found HERE.

Secondly, the late Manning Marable’s new Malcolm X bio (published last year), has been awarded the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for History in the Letters, Drama, and Music category.

As I recall, Marable’s book was very much the talk of the town when it hit bookstores last spring, thanks to its *revealing* content – specifically, previously unreleased info on the Civil Rights leader, challenging facts presented in both Alex Haley’s autobio & Spike Lee’s 1992 film.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see another Malcolm X movie based on Marable’s 600+ page tome…

I also remember Spike tweeting about the book, after he got his copy of it (before it was even published), stating “I started reading Manning Marable’s -MALCOLM X/A LIFE OF REINVENTION last night. Stopped at pg 67. Manning did his research, took over 20yrs.

In the video clip below, the 2nd installment of the Malcomology video project, a collaboration between Truth2Power films and Marable, the scholar discusses some of what his research dictates are inaccuracies in Haley’s book and Spike’s film. You can watch the entire series on YouTube, starting HERE.

The full list of winners can be found HERE.


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Dankwa Brooks

I recently saw 'For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism' (2009) here in Baltimore as part of a Maryland Film Festival screening with the director of the film Gerald Peary and besides Elvis Mitchell whom I already knew Mr. Morris was the only black critic interviewed for the film. He was very insightful and I wrote his name down to look him up later. Great news about him! I will now follow him on Twitter. Thanks Tambay!

Jayson Jay

He disrespected Malcolm, he disrespected Betty…but hey, he's dead.


Major. Congrats to Wesley Morris and RIP Mr. Marable.


I read the bio. I thought it was really interesting, but I thought the whole homosexuality angle was thinly sourced and really more speculation than fact. Too bad that was what the media focused on.

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