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First Look Images At Revival Of “A Streetcar Named Desire” (w/ Black Cast)

First Look Images At Revival Of "A Streetcar Named Desire" (w/ Black Cast)

Join Blair Underwood as “Stanley,” Nicole Ari Parker as “Blanche, Daphne Rubin-Vega as Stella, and Wood Harris as “Mitch” in the upcoming Broadway production of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire, directed by Emily Mann, beginning on April 3rd (previews) ahead of an official April 22nd opening.

Streetcar, produced by Stephen Byrd, will occupy the Broadhurst Theater on 44th Street, and will feature an original jazz score composed by Terence Blanchard.

Another black Broadway show that I hope to see…

In the meantime… some publicity stills just released, above and below…

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Mark & Darla

Hey wait a minute, (Stanley) is thug, rapist, drunk, gambler and womanizer, no comments (correct one) complaining about a black man portraying a degrading character. Did I fall down and bump my head, this is S & A.


I love Blair… always will. He's a real dude… not one of these cats who will do anything to "be down" with Hollywood. A real dude…and he's brilliant.

Monique A. Williams

I'm interested in seeing this, even with the pretty-but-terrible extremely Bland Underwood.


Nobody commits to crazy like Blair Underwood.


As per usual dark skinned black men non black women… again. It looks good as coahtr was but mixed race women were used as the leads. Is there something wrong with ordinary bw or something? its sooooo predictable. Even when blks produce something they still have promote whiteness.


Yes, this blog is about the African Diaspora and yet if you ask folks who are Dominican or Puerto Rican if they consider themselves black, you will get a resounding response of "NOOO!!!!" by several people. Being Dominican or Puerto Rican or South African or French Canadian is not necessarily just about nationality and you know it. Just ask Jennifer Lopez, she is Puerto Rican, does she consider herself black no matter how much may actually be there? Ummm, no.


I thought Kowalski was somewhat of a thug? Wood Harris has more of that than Blair seems to (remember "Krush Groove"?). This casting looks hella superficial, acting chops notwithstanding.


Blair Underwood as Kowalski….hmmm, I dunno! Daphne Rubin-Vega probably has the strongest theater chops out of the whole cast.


Blair has skills. Yep, as far back as Just Cause (1995, with Lawrence Fishburn) I noticed the dude had something special. Heck, he even did the thang in a Tyler Perry production and Set It Off. H O W E V E R, ask me if I'd be excited about Al Pacino playing Superfly or Mark Wahlberg & Natalie Portman in A Raisin In The Sun? I mean, some things just ain't right. I've heard they've changed some of the lines to fit the black cast. Here's a few–> Blanche DuBois: This old maid, she had a parrot that cursed a blue streak and knew more vulgar expressions than Mr. Kowalski. Stanley Kowalski: [to Blanche] Will you shut up! And stop talkin' about yo momma. [Resumes talking on the phone] Stanley Kowalski: No Tyrone, I'm not talking about you, we got a noisy black woman in the place. Blanche DuBois: Oh, Stanley! What sign were you born under? Stanley Kowalski: Hold up Tyrone. What Blanche… what sign?
Blanche DuBois: Astrological sign. I'lll bet you were born under Aries. Aries people are forceful, dynamic, they dote on noise. They love to bang things around. Stanley: You know what I wanna bang around. Bring it over here and let's get busy baby.


Seriously y'all are on here arguing over race when the fine specimen that is Blair Underwood is killing every picture above with sex appeal? Lawd have mercy that man is foine!

Adam Scott Thompson

Why can't we do more theater like this? Doesn't even have to be material from a white playwright — just a good black one (Wilson, Hansberry, Parks, Sanchez, to name a few). Meanwhile, I'm not believing Underwood as Kowalski; he looks "hammy" in these publicity stills. It just occurred to me that Idris Elba might be the only "man's man" for the brothas right now — and he's way too busy for Broadway (at the moment).


Zoe Saldana is Dominican and Puerto Rican. I am educated thank you very much.


Nicole Ari Parker is not black. She's mixed. Get your facts straight.

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