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Get Into My Head: Thoughts I Had While Watching James Franco in ‘Francophrenia’

Get Into My Head: Thoughts I Had While Watching James Franco in 'Francophrenia'

If you have the chance to see James Franco’s new film (co-directed by Franco and Ian Olds), “Francophrenia (or: Don’t Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is”) at this week’s Tribeca Film Festival, please do…So long as you don’t think you’d mind staring at Franco, mostly silent, pensive, with a running voiceover of his inner thoughts while shooting the finale to his infamous run on “General Hospital.”  If you’re up for it, there’s still three screenings left.

Since the whole movie has a running commentary by Franco, I figured I’d give you my own inner thoughts while watching this experimental — and enjoyable — work of art:

What the f**k does Francophrenia mean? [Update: according to an online medical dictionary, the suffix “-phrenia” describes a “disordered condition of mental activity” (e.g. schizophrenia).  New question:  How can thinking like James Franco be a disorder?]

Were soap operas always this campy-amazing?  Why didn’t I watch more growing up?  Was it really worth it to tune into old Monty Hall reruns of “Let’s Make a Deal” and Judge Penny on days off?

Cool.  iMovie has new effects!

Why is Kalup Linzy, a co-conspirator in the “General Hospital” piece — and many other Franco-inspired works in recent years — not getting more screen time?

Maybe my grandmother’s best friend was right…maybe James Franco and I would be perfect together?  Wait, when have I ever thought otherwise?

It must be nice to get paid just to be James Franco.

Do soap operas really have enough money to pay that many extras?  To do that many takes?

What’s his Ph.D. in again?

Why doesn’t the director of this episode of “General Hospital” seem to be doing anything?  I went into the wrong line of work.

God, I hate L.A.

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Schizophrenia is when a person has different personalities. So the name of the movie simply means Francos different personalites, when he is acting in movies etc. and when he is doing interviews etc. The film are clips from movies that he has starred in and clips from interviews, personal videos etc. and all those chosen clips becomes the movie Francophrenia. I personal think that the title of the movie is a very clever one.

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