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Happy Trails: Full Length Trailer For ‘Total Recall’ Arrives To Mess With Your Memory

Happy Trails: Full Length Trailer For 'Total Recall' Arrives To Mess With Your Memory

We’ll just get this out of the way now: sorry, there is no three boobed lady to be seen in the new trailer for the “Total Recall” remake. That said, there is a white haired John Cho, lots of panoramic CGI stuff and enough impressive moments to make this a curiosity we guess.

Anyway, arriving unironically on April Fool’s Day, the first full length spot for “Total Recall” breaks down the story in basic terms, giving us Colin Farrell‘s Doug Quaid in a shinier version of the “Blade Runner“/”The Fifth Element” future going to get some fun memories implanted in his brain to make up for his dreary life. Unfortuantely, stuff goes wrong and the next thing you know he’s killed a bunch of anonymous solider dudes and is on the run! Cue some Len Wiseman-esque action (sizzling, but kind of rote and empty too) and there you go.

This is going to play gangbusters for the geek set and for mainstream crowds who may not remember/have seen the original. And it’s also interesting to note that we see a bit Bill Nighy‘s Kuato and only a brief moment with Bryan Cranston‘s Vilos, as it seems Sony is keeping the presentation of the storyline as simple as possible for the moment. There is still much more to uncover, so we’ll see if Wiseman and co. can solve the problem of keeping this fresh for those of us who already know the twists and turns thanks to Paul Verhoeven‘s original.

“Total Recall” invades your mind on August 3rd. Watch below or in HD at Apple.

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Nadir Ahmed

this film looks like a total rip off of 'Minority Report' which ironically starred Colin Farell as well, and that poster is a replica of the 'Source Code' poster with Jake Gyllenhall, the film revolved around memory loss as well. Total Rip off, but im still gonna watch it.


Man, that's ugly. No excuse for that kind of bombastic lameness at this point in film technology.


Supposedly Mars isn't part of the novel, wasn't aware of that, so could be the film, in this regard, is closer to its origins..


Does this remake at all deal with a Mars narrative? Maybe I didn't pay enough attention, but the trailer seems to allude to no such aspect in what is either seen(a visual non-distinction that's to worry about if Mars portions are indeed incorporated in the trailer) or told. It's one thing if Sony downplays anything about Mars in the trailer in the wake of the lackluster JOHN CARTER box office performance, perhaps not surprising from a marketing point of view, but it's another matter if this element has been entirely omitted from the remake. If it's just a decoy to distract from any Mars references it could explain the overly action centered trailer that takes story snippets here and there, to much confusion or simplification, to leave one fill in the blanks based on the original Verhoeven film – if indeed Mars is part of the remake.

crazy eyes

Real to life scramble suits!
it's about time!


What made Paul Verhoeven's film work was the camp elements in both story and special effects. (Total Recall was fun but it wasn't exactly an artistic high for Verhoeven) This new version looks far too earnest and serious. I suppose the CGI is nicely rendered in the trailer but it doesn't really look like mars or gives a feeling of anything other than another generic futuristic city. ie. non distinct.


What's with Kate Beckinsale's facial expressions?

This looks like another ass-raping-Philip K. Dick to impress the video game crowd movie, or something.

Clinch MacDougall

Surprisingly impressive effects, but in service to a cliched production design. Already looks like the least essential film of the summer.


The main problem with this (and a lot of modern Sci-fi pictures) is that everything looks unremarkable. CG should be giving filmmakers an unlimited canvas to paint unique and unforgettable worlds on but often it's doing to opposite and making them lazy. Here there's so much industrial crap piled on in the background that everything is a bland, grayish blur. This could be my practical effects-bias shining through but the original looked ten times more distinct. Of course being from the 80's it had that whole aesthetic that looks fascinating from today's point-of-view; I suppose that in twenty years people will love the way our idea of the future looks.

tristan eldritch

Jesus, that looks shit.


"And it's also interesting to note that we see none of Bill Nighy's Kuato"

At the 1:35 mark.


looks like they filtered speilberg's "minority report" thru "underworld" to me.
no question, ferrell's a better actor than arnuhld but that's says next to nothing. wiseman has nowhere near verhoven's humor (or nerve). and, is that jessica biel replacing rachel ticotin? man, that's like replacing a bobcat with a kitten.


I hadn't considered it before but this is places it w/in radar.


"And it's also interesting to note that we see none of Bill Nighy's Kuato or Bryan Cranston's Vilos anywhere here, as it seems Sony is keeping the presentation of the storyline as simple as possible for the moment."

That's Bryan Cranston in the final shot of the trailer.

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