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Have You Seen That Mary J. Blige Burger King Commercial? Well You Can’t Now

Have You Seen That Mary J. Blige Burger King Commercial? Well You Can't Now

In what must be a new land-speed record, Burger King has pulled their new spot with Mary J. Blige from the internet and television, after endless complaints hit the media and the internet, calling it everything from “cooning,” to something “that has taken black people back 60 years.”

In the commercial for BK’s chicken wraps, Blige, who was paid a reported $2 million to do the ad, sings about cripsy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing wrapped up in a tasty, flour tortilla in a Burger King restaurant. Though some don’t see the ad as troubling as well as  the fact that Blige has, in the past, made commericals for other products, many people felt that it was degrading for Blige to be singing about fried chicken calling her a “sellout” and, according to one comment, that she was singing “like an old slave.”

Burger King however has publicly stated that it pulled the ad saying that the Mary J. Blige advertisement has been pulled due to a licensing issue and excepts to have the Blige ads back on the air soon.

I wouldn’t bet on it. But if anyone has seen this commerical or knows where we could find it, could you be kind enough tell us? We would sure like to see for ourselves.

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Another shiny object the fish always seem to love.

Miles Ellison

Last week, on the Antenna TV cable network, I saw a commercial for the Amos 'n Andy DVD collection. That was offensive. This was innocuous.

There is more obviously offensive anti-black trash being troweled out on TV every day, and this is what people are upset about? I can just imagine millions of black people firing off outraged missives to Burger King's corporate office just before they change the channel to VH-1 so they can watch weave snatchin', no-panty wearin' , drink throwin' groupies on Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop.

People didn't get upset at McDonald's for the McRib, although that was an obvious attempt to get more McNegroes into their stores.


Not as bad as when MC Hammer was dancing for fried chicken..


I watched this commercial at least 7 times and can't stop laughing. It's so ghetto its funny. Got it book marked and on repeat. Comedy for the ages!


Found it


Don't complain. Divorce Burger King.

other song

no news here


Okay, I am usually one to call out stereotypical racist bullshit. But really, folks? That commercial? It was a typical stupid commercial. Of all things, folks got worked up about that? I'm done: we have our priorities all wrong as a people.


Oh no, ya'll, that's ghetto. Mary should know better. They could have done better. Rolling my eyes at the Burger King turning into a club and the white people bouncing to the beat. Just as bad as the Charles Barkley commercial. Burn that commercial and never let it see the light of day. The old adage of "people got to eat" is going too damn far. It never ends. Smdh.


…what on earth? Now you all know I can complain… THAT COMMERCIAL WAS A PROBLEM?!?!? Was it because she sang "crispy chicken"? Were people in an uproar over the commercial, or were they afraid of what could be done with some of those lyrics by "the racists" who are at a boiling point in the U.S. right now. ALI was right – That commercial was quite tame. "Love that chicken from Popeyes" was definitely more of a problem. Huh… I'm surprised, but maybe I'm not seeing what they're seeing. I don't want to invalidate their concerns.


Eh…it's a silly, cheap commercial but it's tame. We've got bigger things to worry about and people are only in an uproar because she's famous. Now, those Popeyes commercials with Annie the Chicken Queen on the the other hand…


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