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HBO Renews “Game Of Thrones” For 3rd Season; Lucian Msamati Makes his Debut

HBO Renews "Game Of Thrones" For 3rd Season; Lucian Msamati Makes his Debut

I’m thinking of changing my name to “The Stallion Who Mounts The World;” I figure if Ron Artest can change his to Metta World Peace, then “The Stallion Who Mounts The World” isn’t too nutty.

Anyway… given that season 2 is off to a strong start, it really shouldn’t be any surprise that HBO has picked up the fantasy series for a 3rd season. 

If you’re a watcher, and you’ve seen episode 2 of season 2, which aired on Sunday night, then you’d know that we finally got an intro to one of the 2 Brit actors who were added to the cast after season 1 ended – Lucian Msamati as the pirate Salladhor Saan, and every bit as crude and crass as you’d expect a pirate to be, with the scent of treasure as well as his survival as his main guides.

Nonso Anozie is the other one, but we haven’t seen him yet.

Soon, I’m sure…

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It was great to see a Black character on this show. He is a pirate, crude and disgusting, but many of the characters on GOT are disgusting, evil and crude. And what is with the sex scenes on this show? Geez. Anyway, loving this show in every way.


Absolutely love Game of Thrones but I have to admit that I rolled my eyes at the lone black character being the thief who wanted to sex up the (white) queen. And from what I hear, the character isn't black in the books so the "powers that be" chose to make him black. *sighs*

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