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January Jones & Ed Harris Will Drink The Revenge Flavored ‘Sweetwater’

January Jones & Ed Harris Will Drink The Revenge Flavored 'Sweetwater'

The big screen career of “Mad Men” star January Jones has been a bit of a mixed bag. She earned acclaim and attention for her turn in Tommy Lee Jones‘ “The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada” but has otherwise floundered. The less said about “Seeking Justice” the better. And do you remember anything about her role in “X-Men: First Class” besides the lingerie she wore? Oh yeah, she was in “Unknown” too, but again, in such a throwaway, forgettable role it’s not a shock it hasn’t stuck in the memory. But perhaps this next endeavor will set things right.

Jones is teaming up with Ed Harris to star in the western(!) “Sweetwater.” Set to be directed by Logan and Noah Miller (who previously worked with Harris on “Touching Home,” and it seems they all got along), the story is set in 1886 New Mexico where a former high school teacher turns to dealing meth…..sorry, wrong project. Anyway, Jones will play a young widow who seeks revenge for the murder of her husband at the hands of a “brutal sheep rancher” (first time those words have ever been together). Harris will play the Sheriff who helps her along the way. Honestly, sounds like a pretty nifty concept and any reason to get Harris back in “Appaloosa” mode is good enough for us.

But this should also be a nice showcase for Jones, whose got chops even if they are underrated. Production kicks off in July. [Deadline]

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"Watch her in interviews "

I saw her on Jimmy Fallon and she was funny and animated.

Hope this is a good role for her.


Oogle, your theory might hold water if Betty were a one dimensional character, rather than one of the most layered and complex characters on the show. Not only does she show Betty's metamorphosis throughout the series, but she shows multiple sides to her character just in one scene. I'm wondering if some people who see Betty as merely an "ice queen" have problems with the way they view women in general,

Though Betty does some things I would never do, like slapping Sally and sleeping with the stranger in the bar, I can relate to some of her feelings as a stay at home Mom and someone who lacks control over her life. I think January plays her beautifully without OVER-acting, as is done too much on television.

Jasmine K

Agree with every word you said, Oogle Monster. Still trying to figure out why the Betty Draper performance is so drop-dead great. Coz subtlety is a wonderful thing, but blank passing for subtlety is a problem.

Oogle monster

Well I don't think it takes much "acting" for her to transform into Betty Draper. Watch her in interviews (especially the Charlie Rose appearance) and she's as icy, cold, and detached as her character. It's as if Weiner wrote Draper with Jan Jones' non-existent personality in mind. She's beautiful but is a terrible actress. I'll even let her SNL debacle go but she has never impressed me.


I agree with B! I think she is great in Mad Men!


She gave maybe the most wooden performance I have ever seen in Unknown. It was astounding.


I totally think she shines and is at her best when she does more indie work like Mad Men and Three Burials. Her style of acting works best in those kinds of environments.

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