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Jim Cameron “Shocked” That Some Audiences Didn’t Know The ‘Titanic’ Was “Real”

Jim Cameron "Shocked" That Some Audiences Didn't Know The 'Titanic' Was "Real"

Were Matthew McConaughey and Gwyneth Paltrow originally up for roles in James Cameron‘s Titanic” as rumored over the years? Cameron ain’t sayin’. However, what starts out as what seems like a kind of jokey answer appears to devolve into some semi-bitter memories of the era when everyone believed Cameron was creating a $100 million disaster (expensive for that day and age).

“I will not confirm or deny,” Cameron said in an interview with MTV (you can see more of it here). “I just don’t think that’s cool to talk about actors that either chose not to do it or were unavailable or stupidly decided there wasn’t enough meat on the bones of the characters or whatever it was.” Mmm, ok fair enough. But Jim, quit while you’re ahead because if you’re being facetious, it’s pretty hard to tell. “They should have called, whimpering, back and said, ‘I will never second-guess you again as long as I live,’ ” he said, perhaps being more of a stone-faced wisenheimer than we would ever have guessed.

As for the legion of Twitter nincompoops who did not know that “Titanic” was a real event, Cameron says, “It’s shocking to me that someone could actually tweet — because it requires some neuro-motor capability — and not know that the Titanic was a real event. It’s a sad comment on our society.”

Also of note, Cameron’s apparently done a “vast amount” of writing on the “Avatar” sequels and says he confirms that he “quietly” talked with Arnold Schwarzenegger about the upcoming new “Terminator” films. “I was trying to be as encouraging as possible,” he said, noting that he advised Arnie to only do the movies if they focused on his character.

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Titanic was a hell of a lot more expensive than $100 million. Officially the studio claimed $200 million, which is extremely expensive even by today's standards, and adjusted for inflation it's into John Carter territory.


Well, dude, you kind of have a reputation for making fake and unbelievable movies.


jesus christ he looks old in that pic.

People Are Stupid

I'm dreading the day (it may have already happened for all I know) when people tweet after seeing SAVING PRIVATE RYAN – "I had no idea World War II was real!"

Sugar Hill

Cameron, more than any other director, deserves to be cocky considering how vocally he's been second-guessed. Mix that in with the ego successful Hollywood directors have and it's a surprise he's not talking to people through an intermediary.

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