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Kevin Hart In Talks To Play Escaped Convict Turned College Frat Student in “Con Ed;” Will Packer Produces

Kevin Hart In Talks To Play Escaped Convict Turned College Frat Student in "Con Ed;" Will Packer Produces

Kevin Hart is currently in negotiations with Alcon Entertainment to star in its long-in-gestation comedy Con Ed, directed by Drumline helmer Charles Stone III, who last directed 2004’s baseball comedy Mr. 3000, which starred the late Bernie Mac.

Hart will team up once again with Think Like A Man‘s producer Will Packer. Along with Packer, Con Ed, which hasn’t been green-lit yet, will be produced by Alcon’s Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson, and Nicole Rocklin and Blye Faust. John Stockwell and Steven P. Wegner will serve as executive producers.

Described as a “fish-out-of-water” comedy by Variety, Con Ed will follow two escaped prison convicts during a hurricane who “hide out at a local college where they pose as students in a fraternity.”

Hart is circling the role of small-time crook and mastermind behind the plan. Abdul Williams (Lottery Ticket) rewrote a final draft of the script based on Stephen Leeds and BenDavid Grabinski‘s original screenplay, which was acquired by Alcon back in 2007.

Hart can be seen next in Think Like A Man, opening next Friday 4/20, and in Universal’s upcoming comedy The Five-Year Engagement.

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Nadine, psssst… get closer to the screen because I don't want anyone to hear us. We don't want them to start gossiping **whispering** Nadine, Kevin Hart is a comedian, okay. AAAAANNNNDDDD, that cartoon was simply that… a cartoon. You can cuss it, side-eye it, rub it, smack it, flip it around I don't care, but any person with half a brain could discern what's at play in that CARTOON. Besides, not one, not none, not one iota of humans are going to change anything about themselves nor their views on black women based on that cartoon. And, I don't know what you wanted Vanessa to do? OOOOh, wait a minute… Yesterday I ran up in one of her posts running my mouth about something that didn't have anything to do with her post. I mean, I tried my best to make it seem that way but I was on something. Anyway, me smell a hint of a personal agenda fueling your comments


Vanessa…you know I love ya'll, but really? Is this the big Kevin Hart story of the moment? C'mon girl… why enable "this" without addressing him as an actor/comedian and how he feels about his audience? I'm losing the faith… I'm really trying to understand how he's any different from Michael Richards…


A Chuck Stone mention. That's Wassssup!


the news here ain't kevin. its charles stone! c'mon! good for him.

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