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Latino Version Of ‘Paranormal Activity’ In The Works, But It Won’t Be In Spanish

Latino Version Of 'Paranormal Activity' In The Works, But It Won't Be In Spanish

With “Paranormal Activity 4” being cranked out for release later this year, and the franchise showing no signs of slowing down as for some reason audiences seem to love being jump-scared to death, it’s no surprise that the team behind it are looking for new avenues to keep milking for found footage cash.

THR reports that producers Jason Blum and Oren Peli and writer Christopher Landon (who penned the second and third movies of the ‘Paranormal’ series as well as “Disturbia“) are teaming up for a microbudget, Latino flavored “Paranormal Activity.” So how will it cater to this market? Apparently, the film feature a Latino cast, be “Latino-themed” (whatever that means) and center around some kind of Catholic based mythology, but bizzarely, the movie won’t be in Spanish. Why they are still going with an English language movie that is apparently being geared to the Latino market is beyond us, but maybe they know what they are doing.

And just like every other movie in this franchise, this is being a done on the cheap. This “cousin” to the series (it won’t be a spinoff or sequel), will be a cheapie production that might be readied in time for January 2013 release. So in other words, with “Paranormal Activity 4” landing on October 19th, it will just be a matter months before another serving of shaky cam scares is served up into theaters.

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El Jefe

bottom line is these movies keep making money so they will keep making them. People are paying to watch them. Period. This un-educated writer/blogger can 'wonder and be confused' all he wants, but its about making money, which Paramount is doing!!!!!!!

Vicente Fernandez

Sobres cabrones! HAHAHAHA. This writer needs to do research before posting an ignorant article such as this! It lacks insight and professionalism and is not culturally sensitive.

Ramon Ayala

I agree. There are many 3rd and 4th generation Mexican/Americans who do not even speak spanish. furthermore, anyone who knows anything knows that spanish speaking mexicans aren't big movie goers. They'd prefer to watch a mexican movie or get the film on bootleg. Its the young mexican american movie goers that they are targeting because they are the ones who go to movie theaters, buy/watch movies on netflix, xbox, ipod, etc.

Joseph Chastain

What an ignorant comment that it's "bizarre" that a Latin themed movie won't be in Spanish. Know any latin people? A lot of them don't even speak Spanish! Were you also confused why Ugly Berry and Frida weren't in Spanish? Racist idiot. Worst article ever.

tyrannosaurus max

I'm not looking to start an internet fight by any means, but I think he just meant it in the sense of 'why make what looks like a second version of the same thing if there won't even be that much different about it?' Like making a 'white' or 'asian-american' themed version of Barbershop. Just seems…odd, redundant even, especially given the fact that there's already Part 4 of the same series coming out in October.

Jim Mendiola

the ignorance of this writer is to be expected. and the fact that he states he speaks for a professional/industry "us" when opining on latinos and, supposedly, what kind of media we consume, answers the question of why we continue to be depicted in stereotypes, if we are depicted at all. if you want to write about u.s. latinos, indiewire, i strongly suggest you start hiring some.


Perfectly stated, Mike! I'm Latino, flat out Mexican for that matter, and I know, speak, and understand perfect English.


I have a real problem with this line, "but bizzarely, the movie won't be in Spanish. Why they are still going with an English language movie that is apparently being geared to the Latino market is beyond us." Easy explanation for KEVIN JAGERNAUTH, because most Latinos know English! For many English is the ONLY language they speak. A large portion of the population is also bi-lingual. This article is beyond me. Borderline racist statement Kevin. Please get out more.

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