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Marcus Garvey Biopic In Development (Don Cheadle Producing, Kevin Navayne Starring)

Marcus Garvey Biopic In Development (Don Cheadle Producing, Kevin Navayne Starring)

File this one under “things that make you go hmm…

I’m hearing through several sources that a Marcus Garvey biopic is indeed in development (all pending negotiations as one source says) that will be produced by Don Cheadle’s Crescendo Productions, directed by George Tillman Jr. (Notorious, Barber Shop), written by Sonni Kojo the child of the late John Henrik Clarke, and starring Kevin Navayne (above photo) as the lead.

Relative newcomer Kevin Navayne’s resume comprises of mostly TV work; in fact, he was scheduled to co-star in Spike Lee’s Da Brick, which HBO passed on. His most recent stint prior to that was a stint on One Life To Live.

He’s also spent a good number of years as a fashion model.

I should note that Mr Navayne is originally from Jamaica, as was the character he just might eventually play on film – Marcus Garvey – was.

I’m not at all familiar with Sonni Kojo’s scriptwriting/story-telling abilities; a Google search returned nothing, other than the fact that he’s Dr Henrik Clarke’s son. But given his lineage –  son of a celebrated writer, historian, professor, pioneer – I’m curious.

Born Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr. on  August 17th1887, in St. Ann’s BayJamaicaa biopic on the life of the controversial entrepreneur, Black Nationalist, Pan-Africanist, and powerful orator, is one that we’ve considered on S&A in previous posts, although nothing’s materialized… until now it appears.

There was a 2 1/2 hour PBS documentary on Garvey, titled Marcus Garvey: Look For Me In The Whirlwind, directed by Stanley Nelson, which aired in 2000, and is currently on DVD. You could probably find it someone online as well.

Let’s see whether this Cheadle/Kojo/Navayne project actually happens; when I have more info, I’ll share…

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Correction… we’re looking at your opinion BUT it’s Bu*ll Sh*t nevertheless. Who in their right mind would claim Marcus Garvey was/is more significant to the negro cause than Martin and Malcolm combined!? That’s pure POPPYCOCK (capitals appropriate).

stevon williams

this national hero was and still is more significant to the negro cause than martin and malcolm combined yet still can’t get a film about him made. he was about pan african unity and pride, not religious, nor national acceptance by the powers that be. my #1 hero after my father, who was the greatest man ever in my opinion, but you couldn’t hear malcolm, nor listen to martin,nor see Marcus’s vision you probably won’t look at my opinion. kudos to Don Cheadle (capitals omitted intentionally)

would love to see this. just do it!

Anita G. Arnold

Thanks for the info. I see you are using "Shadow and Act," the same name as one of the books that Ralph Ellison wrote. That is a great tribute to Ralph Ellison.


wth? people should be supporting his left right and centre this is proper black history and the comments are like blah… but people are raving on about the latest stupid indie movie about ghetto kids (pariah et al) this is what s&a should be promoting this man was talking about everything shadow and act wants- black people having their own infrastructure.


As an artist of Jamaican ancestry, I'm hopeful but very nervous about it. I hope that all involved will do due diligence to the telling of this person's life story.


There is another project that I know is being worked on also. Garvey must be popular now

Sonya Childress

Thanks for the mention of Stanley Nelson's doc on Marcus Garvey. You can view a clip and find out more about the film here:


I'm curious as to which depiction, U.N.I.A or its splitter group(Margus Garvey Commitee)..???



…and if they make him the political enemy of the government they should then many people will. He needs a trailer like he was public enemy number #1 and he was.





Ed DuRante

But, who is going to go see it? I'm the demographic. Marcus Garvey is personal hero. I wrote my college thesis about him and Malcolm X… but I'm bored already.

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