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New Looks At Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart & Chris Hemsworth In ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’

New Looks At Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart & Chris Hemsworth In 'Snow White And The Huntsman'

Update: Most images removed by the request of Universal.

So, we already saw what Tarsem Singh did with the Snow White story in the family-oriented goof “Mirror Mirror,” and now it’s Rupert Sanders‘ turn. Grittier, darker and much more epic in scope, “Snow White And The Huntsman” might be one you’ll want leave the little ones at home for. With the film ready to ride into movie theaters this summer, a batch of new images have arrived to prove this isn’t your ordinary fairy tale.

We get a closer look at the three leads, including the beguiling Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen, Kristen Stewart as her step-daughter and Chris Hemsworth as her protector. Big set pieces seem to be the name of the day, with a couple of images promising some fierce battle scenes, while lurking at the edges is a fantastical element which isn’t quite being fully revealed just yet, though we have seen the odd creature here and there.

There are some who predict that the picture might swing a Cannes out-of-competition showing next month, which is not a bad guess. But even if not, you can see it in theaters on June 1st. [ONTD/Facebook]

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@E Jay

Everything you said is wrong but it's good that you found something to do in this time you wrote your post. I never understood why people write stupid posts where they try to analyse other people based on one post. But should I give a try? You're a fan of Stewart and you feel the need to defend her movies. OMG I said that the promo annoys me. I have to be punished for expressing my opinion.


There snow white is looking greasy and butch as ever. I'm sorry but Kristen does not have the talent to carry this film. That is why Charlize has pretty much been at the forefront of everything. Mark my words- Charlize will dominate this whole film and show Stewart for the mouth-breathing, monotone flake she is. I don't plan to see it because, for one thing, Kristen is a bloody awful mess. Two) twilight fans will be fan-girling everywhere with their annoying screams. And three, Snow White is a weak, overdone story. Pass.


Of course, Universal won't miss any possible viewers. They're only doing their movies to get as many people as they can into their theaters but they secretly don't care.

I'm starting to dislike this Snow because it's so.much in our faces. They're doing Halloween costumes, makeup lines, bags, dolls… It's so commercial.


@v, probably not, but that's still my opinion. don't like it? don't care.


meh, i'll be more exicted if it wasn't for stewart. might just have to catch this on at home instead.

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