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New Looks At Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes & Naomie Harris In Bond Film ‘Skyfall’

New Looks At Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes & Naomie Harris In Bond Film 'Skyfall'

Listen, we know the new Daniel Craig-led Bond series is grittier, more realistic and sober than the past incarnations, but if these new images from “Skyfall” are any indication, this is the most morose the world’s most famous secret agent has ever been. Would it kill him to smirk?

Anyway, with the trailer not yet slated to unspool (in theaters anyway) until “Men In Black IIIarrives next month (now there’s an odd pairing), a batch of new photos have hit the interwebs that have been collected by the folks at Collider. We get our first look at Ralph Fiennes, who is playing some kind of villain in the film, along with various shots of Daniel Craig looking ponderous or aggrieved or using some serious firepower, while the lovely Naomie Harris kicks things off by indicating she won’t just be eye candy.

Anyway, take a look at them below. “Skyfall” opens on November 9th. [Update: a few more images via ONTD]

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I like the shot of him against the window and you can see in the distance the french bond girl. Very cool! Can't wait until the trailer arrives so we can see him in action!


shots are good but it doesn't look like a bond movie. more so like a hitman who needs to drink a lot of exlax. craig looks very old. i think they should just remake "From russia with love" with Michel fassbender as bond, craig as nash(role of robert shaw) and christina hendricks as the female lead.


Gorgeous shots. Really looking forward to this film even more.

Ray H

Judging from these and the other images, half of the movie will just be Daniel Craig randomly posing around in nice clothes looking angry/creepy.


WOW. With this cast and these filmmakers, I am expecting this to be the best Bond movie in a long, LONG time.


Roger Deakins' cinematography is very clear in those pictures! Amazing stuff.


Badassss….especially that look these shots get from the Roger Deakins cinematography.

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