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New On DVD: Philippe Niang’s “Toussaint Louverture”

New On DVD: Philippe Niang's "Toussaint Louverture"

Etes-vous un amoureux du cinémaEtes-vous capable de lire cela?  If so, you may be interested to know that director Philippe Niang’s Toussaint Louverture, the French TV project that S&A has been following since October, is now available on DVD– but only the Region-2 version, in its original language, and (seemingly) without subtitles.

The two-disc set can be purchased HERE.

The 180-minute biopic of the famed Haitian revolutionist had its American premiere in February at the 2012 Pan African Film Festival (PAFF).  Lead actor Jimmy Jean-Louis spoke with S&A that same month about the project.

Haitian Jean-Louis stars as the title character, and he’s joined by French actresses Aïssa Maïga (Paris, Je T’Aime, Bamako) as Toussaint’s wife, Suzanne, and Sonia Rolland (Moloch Tropical, Midnight In Paris) as Marie-Eugénie Sonthonax, wife of abolitionist L.F. Sonthonax.

So, as it stands, those who speak French will likely enjoy this DVD the most.

But who knows– if enough of S&A’s French-speaking contingent show their support by purchasing the Toussaint Louverture DVD, it may let the distributor know that there’s a real interest in the film and spur them to release a subtitled, Region-1 version for the rest of us.  You never know . . .

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julius hollingsworth

I 'v got to take some french lessons!(lol)This looks great.My french is rusty since High School and JR.High.

Yvonne Jones

How badly do I want to see this? *orders a copy of Rosetta Stone French Levels 1, 2, and 3*

And–no disrespect intended– it'll be great to see Jimmy Jean-Louis in a role that's more ambitious than those he played in Phat Girlz, Heroes, and Diary of a Tired Black Man.


Yes, I am a lover of cinema and I can read what you just wrote but I'm pretty sure my French is still not good enough to comprehend the entire film sans subtitles. It looks very good though and I've read Black Jacobins and everything…shoot! I guess hope springs eternal for that edition with English subtitles.

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