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Nicole Kidman To Play Grace Kelly In ‘Grace Of Monaco’ From ‘La Vie En Rose’ Director Olivier Dahan

Nicole Kidman To Play Grace Kelly In 'Grace Of Monaco' From 'La Vie En Rose' Director Olivier Dahan

We’re sure a lot of people are gonna have something to say about this: Nicole Kidman is lining up to play Grace Kelly in the brewing film “Grace Of Monaco” from “La Vie En Rose” director Olivier Dahan.

Easily one of the most beautiful and iconic actresses of all time, this film is not a biopic but instead focuses on a specific, and pretty curious, moment in her life. Penned by Arash Amel (“The Expatriate” with Aaron Eckhart and Olga Kurylenko), the story is set in 1962, when the city-state of Monaco got into a heated dispute with France, which had grown tired of the small principality being a tax haven. Charles De Gaulle gave Kelly’s husband Prince Rainer III six months to change his tax laws, and she maneuvered behind the scenes to save Monaco from a coup. We’ll say this — we’ve never been more excited by anything involving taxes.

Though the film has a budget somewhere around $15 million, Variety report that Kidman apparently beat out a number of other actresses who wanted the role. Not only because it’s an opportunity to portray one of the most glamorous people of all time, but likely also because the script is one that landed on the Black List last year.

No word yet on when this might shoot, but Kidman’s calendar is pretty much free at the moment (though, like any major actress she has a number of projects in development). So if Kidman is Kelly… who should be the prince?

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Rosamund Pike would have been perfect for this…
Oh well still looking forward to it


The question on everybodies lips is should Nicole Kidman be allowed to ruin the legend of Grace Kelly? 10 years ago she may have been OK for the part but now she is too old and artificial looking. My other concern is that any film with Nicole Kidman in it generally does poorly in the box office, so as a Grace Kelly fan, I'd rather see an unknown or lesser known actress have the opportunity to play Grace and the film do exceptionally well – like Michelle Williams and Marilyn…


Nicol Kidman would be absolutely delicious in the role of Grace Kelly, not only because she is appropriate for the part, but because she is an amazing actress. Nicol Kidman playing Grace Kelly will just shot movie ticket sales to the sky!
I just adore Nicol.


I think Nicole will do great but I am with the other poster that mentioned Rachel Mcadams who also would've been perfect as Grace Kelly.


Throughout her life, Grace Kelly was a natural beauty. Nicole Kidman has become a botox beauty, if that actually exists.

Jeff N.

I am SO SICK of the Kidman haters around here. Nicole is arguably the heiress apparent to Meryl Streep's "best actress alive" throne. She will throw herself into them and deliver yet another striking, delicate, convincing interpretation. As far as her being too old: older can play younger, vice versa rarely succeeds. Makeup/prosthetics can smooth away differences of body and countenance. And just because someone can ape a good Grace Kelly on the cover of some fashion rag DOES NOT mean they're the right choice to personify her, body AND soul. Nicole was a phenomenal choice for this. Not the only great actress who deserved this. But she and her team fought for it, and she won it fair and square. QUIT. HATING.


Ten years ago this would have been a good call. But that moment has passed. I don't know what casting was thinking here. I like Kidman more than most, but this is puzzling.


why they didn't consider someone like rachel mcadams?

Eoin Daly

Nicole Kidman is 4 intches too tall while january is just right coming in at 5'6, grace kelly is 5'7.




Oh Grace saved a handful of filthy rich and tax evaders! What a beautiful bitch! And this is the PERFECT moment to release a film like this, you know? Have they gone crazy?


probably should of went younger since this film chronicles grace when she was 32 nicole is 44

charlize would of been better fit


how about NOT making the movie and not ruining a legend?


I don't really care whether or not she looks exactly like Grace Kelly. No famous actor is ever particularly believable playing another famous actor, looks-wise, but as long as she turns in a good performance, as the *character* "Grace Kelly," that's all I care about. Kidman will do just fine I think. I hope Dahan makes a decent movie out of it.


Though January Jones isn't the greatest actress in the world she would fit the role perfectly with her looks. Also Naomi Watts, Charlize Theron, or an unknown. I think Nicole can pull it off but she has a different beauty than Grace and they don't look similar. I hope to be pleasantly surprised, Nicole in Cold Mountain looked stunning with her blonde hair and softer face maybe if they could travel back in time and take her face from that film they are set.


Naomi Watts

Oogle monster

Wow. I don't know if the reports were true that Charlize Theron was circling the role but she seems tailor made to play this role. Her recent Vogue UK cover- where she is styled like Grace Kelly- confirms that. And you know, there's the whole terrific actress part, too. I don't know how I feel about Kidman taking on this role. There's the lack of forehead movement that should be addressed and well, she looks nothing like Kelly who was a much softer beauty. Seriously, was Charlize busy or something?? But to answer your last question, if Kidman is Kelly then OBVIOUSLY Tom Cruise should be the prince. Might as well go all out with the miscasting.


Eh, Kidman would have been fine as Kelly in the 90's but today is a bit of a stretch considering Kelly would have been 33 at the time this movie is set and while Kidman is looking pretty good for her age she's clearly on the wrong side of 40. A much better choice would have been Diane Kruger. She's not a huge name but a smallish picture like this doesn't need a huge name. Plus she looks more like Grace than Kidman and can act. January Jones also looks the part but given that she can only play a single character (one that's polar opposite of Kelly's on-screen persona) she'd be a poor fit.

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