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Paul Robeson Was Born Today… Watch Him Discuss Shakespeare & Othello

Paul Robeson Was Born Today... Watch Him Discuss Shakespeare & Othello

I almost forgot about this; well, actually I did, and was just reminded of it! Baaah! 

Happy birthday Paul Robeson who would’ve been 114 years old today if he were still alive!

I’d say a Paul Robeson retrospective of some kind is long overdue, and I intend to recitify that soon enough right here on S&A. 

I’m surprised there isn’t a Paul Robeson biopic in development by somebody.

In the meantime, one of my favorite clips of the renaissance man; 1959, talking Shakespeare (he portrayed Othello early in his career – 1943); it’s a rare treat to find footage of Paul Robeson as Paul Robeson.


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very sexxxy man!


My idol. I call him Superman because it seemed like he could do it all.


Worthy of a bio-pic?, definately!

Adam Scott Thompson

A Renaissance man — for all seasons.


Loooove that picture!!


What a complicated, talented and amazing man. He had his flaws. I don't agree with everything he had to say but he was an intelligent and thoughtful. He was a man of principle and overall his life can be looked at as rich source of inspiration.

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