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Paula Patton Will Be Denzel Washington’s Love Interest In “2 Guns”

Paula Patton Will Be Denzel Washington's Love Interest In "2 Guns"

Paula Patton is “in talks” to join Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in 2 Guns – a film adaptation of Steven Grant’s graphic novel published by Boom! Studios.

Baltasar Kormakur (who directed Wahlberg in Contraband) will helm the project which centers on a DEA agent and an undercover naval intelligence officer who “unwittingly investigate each other as each steals mob money.

I smell elements of The Departed (said in my best Boston accent).

I know, I know… this does sound awfully familiar you say; The older black Denzel being paired with the younger white male co-star, and as in Safe House, Wahlberg’s character (like Ryan Reynolds’) will have a fuller life, with a romance and family, and Denzel will have to be content with being the film’s resident loner badass who teaches the young stud a thing or two. 

Lah-di-dah… right?

Oh but wait a minute… not-so-fast my friends; in today’s news, Deadline reports that Patton will play Denzel’s love interest.

Well then… if I recall correctly, didn’t they have a little thing going on in Deja Vu (photo above) back in 2006?

I’ll duck for the tomatoes being thrown because Denzel’s being paired with a young broad :)

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Paula is a better actress than JLO ever was and she always played the love interest of the white star.


Paula Patton is a black woman she is married to a white man who thinks he is black and she is also a high yellow pretty girl who is not a bitch but sweet and down to eartth.


I am glad Tambay pointed out Hollywood continues to put Denzel with young white male actors in his movies. I wonder why the mainstream Hollywood media outlets like NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Hollywood Reporter don't talk about this issue more?
I would love to see Anthony Mackie was the second male lead in Denzel Washington movie but I doubt that will happen.

Well Paula Patton is just doing her thing if Hollywood is going to offer her leading lady roles of course she should take it! Paula has definitely transitioned nicely from starting out in African American movies to becoming a part of the mainstream. Paula's performance in the recent Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movie was solid.


I'm looking forward to the movie.

Jayson Jay

I like her. She seems like a sweet person from what I've seen and I thought she was good in Precious and likable in JTB. I never found her particularly attractive outside of Precious, maybe because the understated look works for her best imo. I do think she is better than Halle and Zoe which is damning with faint praise.

Geneva Girl

I like this sight partly because of the intelligent banter of its audience. Sadly, the language used below is not living up to the quality of the site. People, please, is Paula Patton worth reducing yourselves to foul language and personal attacks?

While, I too am disappointed that Paula will play Denzel's interest, I'd prefer to save my anger for something truly important. We're talking about a movie here not the potential demise of the Affordable Health Care Act. Please keep that in perspective.


Question: why is Paula Patton relevant? She is so damn BLAH….in every way!


what rise? she started out on her back for denzel, and she's right back to being on her back for denzel. the only thing changed that instead of hiding it from their spouses, she got to find a way to keep it from her nanny and toddler.


It's not my fault that ghetto ass trick Juanita acts like a fucking nigger. Now I know why white folks don't like us.

Mark & Darla

yawning… concept predictable and boring… there done that.


Why does a black man's love interest almost always have to be a non-black woman. Usually, the black man's love interest is light, bright and nearly white or mixed. Paula Patton fits that bill perfectly. This seems racist to me.



The writer of the article should only respond to comments directly asking a question. I know this is a blog, but whatever point Marissa was trying to make is completely lost in this cacophony of comments above. State your opinion clearly and rise of above.


Typical Marissa post…I hate Zoe, she too pretty and gets jobs because she is pretty. Halle too! Wah wah! Poor me! Grow up Marissa. They are pretty, deal with it trick! lol


It's official! MARISSA is too violent! I'm done with her.


Nadine, I disagree with you girl. Paula is gorgeous! I just wish she would take some acting classes and take acting more seriously. She always talks about how acting was a back up plan for her; I feel like this is something she sort of feel into due to her connections and her looks. She is clearly not passionate about being an actress, she didn't work hard to get her start and the lack of passion shows in most of her work.


Sometimes I think I resent this woman because the white people I speak to love her so much. And I just question WHY they feel that way. *hmm*


@CAREY, I WANT YOUR BABIES: I couldn't agree more. Carey is full of it! This is the same person who was going on about how talented Halle Berry is LOL! He's obviously one of those men who judge acting with their d!cks! I like Paula and I'm rooting for her in Hollywood but Kerry would eat Paula alive on screen! Paula I feel is improving but she's not quite there yet. She should work with a coach to curb some of her overacting tendencies. Her performance in Jumping The Broom was overacting 101! I think she was trying to channel Jennifer Garner is that movie where she was a woman child but she failed miserably! She was also horrible in Mirrors and her Law and Order episode! What I like about her is that she hasn't began to deny, downplay or ignore her black roots and become some sort of anorexic white male fantasy that dumps her black audience. Halle Berry and Zoe Saldana are pathetic sell outs doing anything for a buck. At least Kerry and Paula haven't forgotten about us on their rise to the top. But judging her from a talent stand point, she needs work.

Adam Scott Thompson

Nothing "Lah-di-dah" about Denzel… ever. He makes movies like "The Mighty Quinn" barely watchable.


Do you guys smell that?! It's the evil smell of envy and jealousy. Come on now, don't look away or play the "nut-role", my eyebrow is raised at the right usual suspects. I can't believe y'all can't see the or appreciate Paula's acting chops? Now be honest, tell me she didn't do the damn thang in Precious! Don't stop there, Tambay & Critical Acclaim mentioned her part in Deja Vu. Yeah, that's right… and I'm throwing in Idlewild. That reminds me, I'll jump her broom… I mean, some would say she did a great job in Jumping The Broom. So comeon y'all, give credit where credit is due. Oh wait, tell me this is not the "light woman (red bone) vs the dark chocolate woman( the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice)" thang?

Sapphire Jones

A "young broad"? Fantastic description of a black actress.

If this is how the blog that covering "Cinema of the African Diaspora" disrespects her, I shudder to think what a Fox blogger would have to say. Nice one, S&A.


Yawn. I bite my thumb at Paula Patton. Let me know when a real actor books a job.


Oh Denzel… when whilst thou put thy foot down…


wow. her career is really rising. Shes been in the game for what 6 years? and has climbed the ladder quicker than actresses whos been in the game longer than her!

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