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Penelope Cruz Circling Role In Ridley Scott’s ‘The Counselor’

Penelope Cruz Circling Role In Ridley Scott's 'The Counselor'

Casting a movie can be difficult, especially when trying to attract top talent to a film when they undoubtedly have other offers, or trying to pick someone right for a role when the studio wants a big name. But not if you’re Ridley Scott and you’re working with a script by Cormac McCarthy. Big names have been breaking down the door to join “The Counselor,” and that run continues today.

THR reports that Penelope Cruz is now the frontrunner to play Michael Fassbender‘s love interest in the film, his fiancé Laura. But we wonder if the trade has possibly mixed things up? She would be much more suited to the Almodóvarean femme fatale Malkina, which would jibe with earlier reports that Angelina Jolie is eyeing the smaller role of Laura instead (and would work more in favor of her busy schedule which includes Disney‘s “Maleficent” this summer). Things have been murky about which parts the female talent has been eyeing all through this process so we guess we’ll see how it plays out. But damn, Cruz would be another fantastic addition (particularly in the role of Malkina who we figured would be high on wishlists). If Cruz comes on board, it would mark the eighth film with her husband Javier Bardem (and if Jolie gets confirmed, she’ll have Brad Pitt on her arm and it’s gonna be a battle for power couple status). 

The story follows an attorney (Fassbender) who is in search of a big payday after he proposes to his girlfriend, Laura. So he hooks up with Reiner (Bardem), an acquaintance with deep criminal ties, for a new business proposition: they’ll take $20 million worth of cocaine from south of the border and offload it themselves, aided by the no-good Westray (Pitt). As you might imagine, things do not go well for anyone involved.

Things should be firmed up soon. Production on “The Counselor” starts in June.

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What if they cast a black woman to Malkina??


nice pic got mesmerized by it

Kindred Spirit

What the fuck is this… couples night out? Has Scott forgotten about the extraordinary talent outside of Jolie R' Us? I like Cruz and she has the looks and chops to pull off the character, but hot damn, this is getting boring.


anyone but cruz

art vandelay

my god fassbender is gonna want to blow his brains out on set with not one but two couples,good luck


i think this is Ridley Scott's Ocean's Eleven.


But Oli doesn't quite see Penelope in the part. Ignoring their ethnic backgrounds, the dynamic between Laura and Malkina seems reversed if Angelina plays Laura.


Yeah she definitely makes more sense as Malkina

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