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Sam Raimi To Produce MGM’s ‘Poltergeist’ Reboot

Sam Raimi To Produce MGM's 'Poltergeist' Reboot

Update: THR confirms that Raimi will produce MGM‘s “Poltergeist” reboot and help select a director. The film has a script from “Rabbit Hole” and “Oz The Great And Powerful” writer David Lindsay-Abaire.

With one horror reboot now underway, with Kimberly Peirce directing Chloe Grace Moretz in the do-over of “Carrie,” it looks like MGM want to get the wheels in motion on another remake of a horror title in their catalog.

The CEO of MGM, Roger Birnbaum gave a talk this week at his old stomping ground of the University Of Denver, and along the way he dropped an interesting little piece of information: the studio was talking to Sam Raimi about directing “Poltergeist.” Now, let’s just put in a word of caution. The news comes from Reddit (via from someone who was there, but there are no quotes so it’s hard to tell what the context was or what was exactly said. However, with the studio locking down someone like Peirce for “Carrie,” it stands to reason they are continuing down the path of seeking quality talent, even if Raimi does seem more like a wishlist choice (and much more expensive) than someone who would actually do it. Or does he?

You might not remember, but last springRabbit Hole” writer David Lindsay-Abaire was offered the gig of writing the script for “Poltergeist.” So? Well, he also happens to be the man who penned “Oz The Great And Powerful” for a certain Sam Raimi. Could Lindsay-Abaire have taken the job (he was reportedly hesitant to do so, but that may have changed) and now the studio are hoping to reteam the pair on the horror flick? It’s a reasonable guess, but it’s just that until we know more.

All that said, we’re not sure Raimi would take on a remake of an iconic horror movie like “Poltergeist” as a directing gig. Producing? Sure, we could buy that. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how this develops, but clearly, the hunt is on for a director.

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James McDonald

I have been waiting so long for this new Poltergeist movie. It is so irritating that they come up with a good idea and then it takes them years to make the darn movie. I just want to say to people to get up off the can and make this film already. I hope it will not be a cheap remake. Please don't use that hand-held camera stuff where the picture won't stop moving. Please don't use that ultra-violet or color-bleached look. Make this Poltergeist picture with the highest quality and let it be a success. I wouldn't mind seeing Lily Rabe as the adult "Carol Anne" or as the mother in the film. Just an idea. If they are going in that direction. Giving a part to Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams would be a nice honor. Why not mix the original cast with the new cast? I'm sure both their S.A.G. cards are active.
If I was the director, my dream Poltergeist movie would be to bring back JoBeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson and Oliver Robbins in their major roles as the stars of this fourth film.
I have also thought about maybe "Diane Freeling" is a real estate agent now, but also on the side is in the profession of what "Dr. Lesh" and "Tangina" did.
Well, back to dreaming.

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