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“Scandal” Season 1 Will be Released On DVD In June (Where’s My Season 2 Renewal ABC?)

"Scandal" Season 1 Will be Released On DVD In June (Where's My Season 2 Renewal ABC?)

No intro necessary at this point, I’m sure. 

Seems like a lot of you have been keeping up with the series, which I think has gotten better with each episode; now you can own it if you loved it that much, or if you haven’t been keeping up with it, and would like to watch it on DVD.

Scandal season 1 will be released on DVD in a 2-disc set on June 12thset for $29.99. There’s no mention of a Blu-ray release, although I’m sure that’ll be coming as well, likely on the same date, or soon thereafter.

Also no word on extra features, if any.

You can preorder on Amazon right now, if you’d like. Click HERE to do so.

And as I noted in a past post… there are only 7 episodes this first season. That’s right – this is all going to come to an end in 3 weeks! And I’m sure a lot of you are going to be suffering from Scandal withdrawal until the next season, whenever that will be.

It’s telling that ABC hasn’t renewed it for another season yet; the numbers, which aren’t mindblowing, but, from all I’ve read, are steady: roughly 7 million viewers, taking the number 2 spot during that Thursday 10pm hour, behind CBS’ The Mentalist, with about 11.9 million. Compare that to Shonda Rhimes’ other ABC series, Grey’s Anatomy, which comes on the hour before Scandal, with 9.7 million viewers.

I’m definitely curious about the audience make-up and how much cross-over there is; or how many Grey’s Anatomy watchers are sticking around for Scandal right afterward.

But, by all accounts, Scandal should be in a good position for a renewal, as long as it remains steady throughout the rest of the season, with 3 episodes left. But ya never know, do ya?

Here’s what the DVD cover will look like:

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I adore this show! The cast is amazing, the chemistry is incredible and so is the writing! I'm watching it and so are all my friends – educated women who want intriguing exciting entertainment- not mind-numbing "reality" drivel.


They Better Renew this show…if they can keep corny shows like wipeout on…they can keep this thriller on

Drew Lewis

Agree, this is an amazing show and a great storyline and the other Shonda Grimes show is about over, so come on ABC Renew!!~~~!!!!


Gettin' it!


I'm hoping the show gets renewed by Shonda's rep alone. I mean, she's never had a show to "fail". As far as I know. And she's been so prolific for ABC. There's no reason why Scandal shouldn't be renewed. The foundation and viewership is there. They just need ABC to be patient and keep the faith in Shonda's magic touch.


Good God o'mighty, if The Mentalist can air 50-11 seasons, then JESUS-CHRISTO renew Scandal for one more! Full Disclosure: I vehemently dislike The Mentalist…Simon Baker's "charm" notwithstanding. And $30.00 for 7 episodes!?!?! I've NEVER paid as much for a show before…….well, actually, I have, but Jesus-Christo, AGAIN! Seriously this is one of my favorite shows. After losing Justified and Archer, I've been lost and verklempt for some action…some sexy action. The entire cast of this show = pure excellence. I love all the characters, even the ones I know I'm going to HATE later on. Sidebar: I have never liked a Shonda Rimes production until now. Thank you, Shonda. The end.


I need them to renew this ASAP!!!!!

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