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Short Drama “Save Me” by Lena Waithe Now Available Online

Short Drama "Save Me" by Lena Waithe Now Available Online

Those who have been following the Finding the New Black interview series should recall Lena Waithe, the television writer on Nickelodeon's How to Rock who has also written and directed a number of short films and web content.

Lena recently released her short film Save Me after a run on the film festival circuit, and the 13-minute drama is now available on Youtube for all to see.

Save Me stars newcomer Jaheem Toombs in "a fable about wanting a reason to live and cherishing the simple blessing of being alive." It features inventive visuals by DP Matthew Sanders, and was produced by Nikki Love, who you might also recognize as a producer of Matthew Cherry's The Last Fall

See the film in its entirety below.

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I don't know how I missed this. Well… actually… I'm not a film short kind of guy so I probably drove by… stopped… read the title, and then moved on down the road. But Listen, after reading Jasmin's interview with Mr. Jones – a delicious reward by the way – I thought it wise to reassess my position. And then things started coming back to me. I remembered the name Lena Waithe from another S & A interview. I thought she was cool people so hey, what did I have to lose? So bingo, birds of a feather flock together… or something like that. Anyway, I made a cup of coffee (yeah, I'm one of those late night coffee drinkers) and grabbed my box of Nebisco shortbread cookies ( Yep, I dunk my cookies in my sugar & cream laced coffee). So now I was ready to be entertained. I hit the clip, settled back and set my PC on wide screen. The first thing that caught my attention was Darnell Levine's music! I don't know who he is but that man has huge talent. Certainly he would have one… or maybe, 2 songs that would set the tone of a scene here and there, but lord have mercy, all six of his tracks carried the whole film. But hey, the beat didn't stop – the DP was no joke. The numerous bicycle shots, the tunnel shot, the drum shots, the mid closeups, the tight closeups, the wide angle shots, the travel sequences – were all – in my opinion – GREAT! I wish Lena had more time to develope her story because I didn't quite understand the "quotes" angle? In fact, I had to rewind back to the Monk line to catch what I may have missed. Oh, and I thought the kid's dialog in the skate board shop was a little too… ah… grownup… if you know what I mean? Plus, I didn't quite understand what happened in the fire? Did he lose his parents? Was he in foster care? What was the deal with the old white man who saved him from the fire? In short, I have questions but I enjoyed the experience. Good job all around.


I really enjoyed this. Great job.

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