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Sony Picks Up ‘The Mortal Instruments’ & Dates It For August 23, 2013 Release

Sony Picks Up 'The Mortal Instruments' & Dates It For August 23, 2013 Release

With “The Hunger Games” killing everything in its sights at the box office, Sony has decided to get serious about its adaptation of “The Mortal Instruments,” which has the potential to become a “Twilight“/”The Hunger Games”-esque franchise, but perhaps even bigger. Or, at least, longer. Like the other aforementioned franchises, “The Mortal Instruments” is based on a series of novels targeted at young adults, though, unlike those other franchises, author Cassandra Clare has six volumes planned compared to four for “Twilight” and three for “The Hunger Games.” Like a Stephen King for the YA set, Clare has been cranking out a new “Mortal Instruments” volume once a year since 2007, and somehow found time to simultaneously write two books for the prequel trilogy series “The Infernal Devices.” And, finally, Sony is set to make them into movies.

Given the wealth of material Clare has provided, it seemed strange that Sony and their genre arm Screen Gems decided to pass on “Mortal Instruments” in February, even if it was only for a fleeting moment. Screen Gems has proven with the “Underworld” and “Resident Evil” franchises that it knows how to milk a concept for multiple installments, and yet here was a stack of books just waiting to be turned into a film franchise. Constantin Film, who worked with Screen Gems on the “Resident Evil” movies, never gave up, and officially mended fences last week when they closed the deal to partner on the adaptation of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.” With the film financed, the studio has already scheduled a release date of August 23, 2013 — a weekend which currently has no other releases scheduled. That gives new director Harald Zwart a little over a year and four months to cast, prep, shoot and edit “The Mortal Instruments.”

Zwart was hired to direct only a few weeks ago, replacing Scott Stewart, who left the project when Screen Gems got cold feet in February. It could be suggested that Screen Gems was looking for a way to get Stewart to walk, thereby avoiding the chance that he might take a potential franchise and make it anything like his previous directorial effort, “Priest Legend.” Wait — “Priest” and “Legend” were actually two different films. Memory does play tricks sometimes. Zwart, of course, is no less a gamble than Stewart, but after delivering Sony a surprise hit with his 2010 “The Karate Kid” remake, they’ll take their chances.

Already set to lead the cast is Lily Collins, who, in our review, was one of the few bright spots of the recently-released “Mirror, Mirror.” Collins will play teenager Clary Fray, who, in a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer“-esque twist, learns that she is actually a descendant of the Shadowhunters, a secret society of humans who are enhanced with angel blood so they can protect humanity from demons, vampires, werewolves and other creatures. The story may seem a bit familiar and derivative of other things, but, in fairness, the same could be said of “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games,” who owe a debt of gratitude to “Romeo and Juliet” and “Battle Royale” respectively.

With only Collins set to appear thus far, expect casting notices for “The Mortal Instruments” to drop soon. Jamie Campbell Bower was set to play Clary’s love interest and fellow Shadowhunter Jace, but is no longer attached. [Box Office Mojo/Deadline]

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Jamie is a great actor , but not really what I pictured in my head as Jace ! Looking for City Of Ashes anyway :-)


Ummm am I the only one who thinks that lily collins is a terrible choice for clary? Not at all what I pictured in my head. Plus she just annoys the heck out of me.


Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Alec!

Fuck all of you

All of you guys need to SHUT THE FUCK UP! God damn, Jamie is Jace, that has not been news for fucking weeks. Not Alex Pettyfer, but Jamie Campbell Bower, so get over it. And instead of complaining like a bunch of idiots, and insulting a guy you don't even know, how about trying to accept the casting news like some real fans. And if you can't manage to do that, then just don't watch the fucking movie, i'm sure CoB has plenty of fans that can get past the casting, and even come to love it. So fuck all of you.


Oliver Jackson-Cohen!! SEE THIS LINK!!

william miles

wtf Jamie as Jace this movie is going to suck if he is playing it…Get alex or some cute tall blonde off the street damn!




I recently looked at cast please jesus change Jamie Bower from being Jace
Jace is suppose to look like an Angel
Jamie Bower doesnt come close


Oliver Jackson-Cohen would be great as Jace. He is amazing actor. He is hot and gorgeous too. Try to search him everywhere. :)


Alex Pettyfer makes me want to vomit, please his acting is terrible, anyone but him.


Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Jace. He would be a perfect fit for it. No doubt; He is gorgeous and a good actor. See pictures on Facebook and Google. :) He is also doing the yoga scene on Youtube. So hot and awesome.


OH MY GOD!!!!!! I just finished the 5th book and it leaves you on a HUGE cliff hanger!! The next book doesn't come out until TWO FREAKING YEARS! That's too long… :(


Alex Pettyfer is not Jace. Shut the fuck up.


Alex Pettyfer should definitely play Jace because Alex Pettyfer is freaking adorable and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In the name of angel Raziel, please recast.. Jamie is not for the role of Jace…


NO! Alex Pettyfer is the perfect Jace.. Jamie should stick with his Volturi thing..


alex pettyfer would make an amazing jace look him up on images xD

Artemis Hanzo (a.k.a Shadow Wolf)

I think two songs it needs are :Just the way you are by Bruno mars" For Clary and "Goodnight Demon Slayer by Voltaire". What do you think of these songs


I wanna see Jamie. I don't care what anyone says, he is perfect for Jace..


I know Jamie isn't really what anybody wanted for Jace, but if you look at the picture of him on the mortal instruments website he actually looks like a realllyyyyy good Jace, and he's a really good actor so with all that make up and camera angles plus his good acting I'm sure he'll be perfect for the role!! Regardless who plays which characters it will be a GREAT movie!<3 this is the best book series eveeeerrr!


Even though Jamie is a bit far from the Jace I pictured, might as well accept the fact that he's got Jace's role. And honestly, I really wanted Alex Pettyfer to be Jace but he turned down the offer. For me, Alex Pettyfer is the only person I could think of as Jace but Jamie Bower might just change that when the movie comes out. I'm kind of expecting a lot from the movie because I've been a fan of Mortal Instruments for so long and I love it. So much. I hope that they won't change any scene from the book though.


Jamie is still playing Jace. He confirmed it himself as did Cassie Clare, and according to articles he was still cast on 26th March 2012. I may be in the minority (but I'm with Cassie Clare) and I think he'll make the PERFECT Jace. Alex Pettyfer TURNED DOWN the role.

"Alex Pettyfer, a fan favorite, was offered the part of Jace Wayland; though he is an avid fan of the books and strongly desired to take on the role, he eventually decided not to do any more film adaptions based on young adult series."

So he wouldn't be cast, and personally I think he's getting a little old to play these roles.


I agree completely! All I could picture was Alex Pettyfer as Jace. Jamie… Not so much. He seems a little too corky to play strong, tough Jace. Just saying. But whatever happens, I hope the movie is good, I've been waiting for this FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Guys please stop trashing Jamie.Yeah the first person I thought of when I read the books was Alex too but Clare chose him. She's the one that imagined him so she knows who's going to be right for him. Plus, Cassandra Clare said she was practically crying at Jamie's audition with Lily because he was so perfect for Jace, so I'm trusting her judgment.


Im so glad Jamie isnt playing Jace that would just ruin the whole movie!! I want Alex Pettyfer to be Jace so badly He has the looks and the hair and muscles. Jamie not so much. Everytime i read the series i can always picture Alex no other person can come to mind.


From the first moment I read these books I hoped they would be made into movies so I could further enjoy them! These books are so unlike the other " Vampire" and "Supernatural" books and movies out there. This story is so layered, dark, intriguing and complex. I will be counting down the days!


So im confused who are all the characters being played by now?


And the only reason i am saying drop Jamie is because i read from an article from Clare that she said he IS still attached to the movie and STILL IS playing Jace! If he is not though THANK GOD!


Jamie Campbell Bower will destroy Mortal Instrument if he plays Jace! Im sorry but he does not have the looks, plz drop him as Jace! He may committed but he is the wrong choice! Liam Hemsworth or Alexander Ludwig get my vote cuz Alex Pettyfer passed the role up!


I do not understand why people are saying that Magnus should be played by adam lambert! Magnus is meant to be half-asian and it would be incredibly racist and silly to not cast him as such! (Or at least look half-asian)
There are many people who would suite Magnus 10x better than Adam lambert would such as Miyavi or bill Kaulitz.


Hm, despite having only seen a few episodes of Author, I was actually reassured by it because it showed that he could actually act. Alex Pettyfer sure has the looks, but he is starting to look a little old for the role now. Jace is meant to be 16/17. If only there was such a thing as a time machine!
But I am glad that they don't have jamie anymore, he can act (much better than alex) but he just does not have the look for it. I can't picture him as Jace whatsoever.
He was the closest to the look of Jace out of the final 3 people they had with the casting earlier (I would hate to see either of the other 2 finalists play Jace)

kaylah carrell

As a huge fan of the mortal instruments series, seeing that the people working on the films are the same people that created the Underworld series makes me very excited. I can not wait for the movies release and I guarantee that my friends and I will all attend the premiere and I wont be disappointed. With all that said, good luck with everything!




eeeekkkkk ive been waiting for this for waaay too long! cannot contain my excitement! lily is honestly so perfect for clary shes so beautiful and sweet! jamie campbell bower however would destroy jace! hes too girly looking! so happy its not gunna be him phewww if they cant get alex pettyfer which would be awful, they could get freddie stroma? hes really hot


Oh my god…omg omg omg!!Yeeeees! I loove The Mortal Instruments! I'm so excited! I can't wait till next year.. I'm gonna die..
But it's the best year in my life!
Hahaa, jamie is not going to be Jace!
I'…happy! Oh my god!
I reaaally would prefer Alex Pettyfer! He's my Jace! Forever! I don't see anybody else as Jace.
And Jamie would not be a good Jace.. Jace is attractive, sexy and he must raise one eyebrow!! ;)
And also the face from Jamie wouldn't be a Jace!
I really hope that Alex comes back and is going to be Jace… i pray…


I'm hoping the director and script writer will take into consideration how pleased The Hunger Games fans were with how close those involved kept the movie to the book. This is one series they shouldn't take liberty to change at a ridiculous rate. Clare is a genius in my mind, to change anything would be a disappointment.


Has anyone noticed Chris Zylka from secret circle, OMG, soooo freakin hot, he would make a great Jace, I like lily Collins as clary, yes she's not a red head but those r hard to come by, I think she has the same cute factor that clary has in the books, but my dream Jace is Zylka or someone that hot at least lol ;)


I am so glad that Jamie is not going to be playing Jace any more! He was just not right for the part! I hope that the new casting director has a good read of the book and actually gets it right this time. I mean Jace is supposed to be quite muscular not weedy. I think they need to get someone older looking too perhaps in their 20's. I love these books and I dont want them to completely ruin it for all of the fans like other recent adaptations of books to film.




Right, so a rock star's daughter got given the part by Stewart without even having to audition, then he drops out. Some scrawny ugly druggie lookin guy – who ruined Arthur in Camelor and appeared as ugly extras in HP and Twilight was cast as Jace?! And it's being directed by the guy who created the awful new Karate Kid?!?! Hahahaha this is going to be an absolute shambles! At least Hunger Games has Oscar nominated actors actresses and director. This is bs!


Whoops in my excitement I forgot how to spell… *scrawny *longer




Oh my god!!!!!!! omg omg omg. You dont know how excited and happy I am to hear this! They better do good with this movie and not ruin it, otherwise us, fans, will be deeply disappointed! Take your time on making this film, don't rush. Thank you so much!


Is it also going to be showing in the Philippines? I hope yes cause I've been waiting for this moment for a long time now!


The guy who played alec or whats-his-name on Nine lives of Cloeh (<However you spell it) King, who tried out for Jace, I think could do good. He even tweeted the pic. of him with the Jace-like hair.

Ali Sotelo

Wait, Jamie isn't on board anymore? What happened?


I can't wait to see the Institute! Imagine Church walking down the halls and turning his nose up at everybody. Can't wait!


Well, this is about time they take on the project – I'm thrilled that Constantin Film didn't give up and that they are involved. I can't remember one bad movie of theirs… Surely noone will regret making the story into a movie. Once they start marketing of the movie, book sales will go up again, as well – just like it did with Twilight and Hunger Games: More new readers also equals more people watching the movie and vice versa. It sure is going to be a big franchise :)) As for Jace: Of course I'D PREFER Alex Pettyfer – noone looks that much like Jace… But Jamie would be fine, as well. I think he'd do a great job, if they reasigned him. I'm not so worried about his looks – they did a great job on the main characters of the other YA franchises; he'll surely look a little different as Jace than he does as Jamie.


Since Alex Pettyfer turned down the role for Jace Wayland , which I think is a very unreasonable decision, I thought maybe , just MAYBE… Alexander Ludwig could be offered the role. I mean he looks a lot like alex. Young alex. I know he seems too young for the role but I think they can do something about it.

and by the way, I don't think Mr. Bower is anything like Jace except for his hair. :)


YAYYYYYY!!!! This just made my day! Alex Pettyfer would definitely make a great Jace, as for Jaimie I really can't see it. I can't wait for this to be done, I just hope they do justice to the books!


I've always liked Alex Pettyfer as Jace because I can really see Jace as him. As for Jaimie, with all honesty I can't picture him as Jace. I just hope that whoever will play our dear Jace Wayland/Lightwood/Morgenstern/Herondale will give justice to his looks and personality.

Anyway I'm excited for this movie. A few months after this is Catching Fire! I can hardly wait!

Vincent Page

FINALLY!!! I would love to watch this movie and especially if you're planning on making 6 movies. I don't have any real opinion on the actors and actresses, but I would love to see them really get into the personalities of the book characters. Thank you!!!!!!!! Bye!

Sam DeHart

if I could say one word it would be….YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I have been waiting for this ever since I started reading the series. I think The Mortal Instruments will be WAY better than Twilight and The Hunger Games combined. Also one thing I am deeply appreciative of is that Jamie Cambell Bower is no longer going to be playing Jace. Yes he might be a good actor and everything but I just don't think he fitted the role for Jace that well. Plus I think he would gotten old of looking at. Especially if you are planning to make 6 movies. It would be another Kyrstin Stewert all over again, and when I say that I mean people will probably will be wanting hi
To die. I say get someone more attractive to females of all ages or more towards the younger side because most of your fans are probably on the younger side, but you never know. Anyways I love you Cassandra and I love your books (and I have a very picky taste in books, so that is a lot of respect from me). Super excited I already pre-ordered your newest book. Bye!


So excited about this movie!

Alli Pratt

Yay! SOOOO friggin excited for this!!! Also excited for the 5th book to come out in May! I'm kind of glad that Jamie Campbell isn't attached anymore..I probably would've gotten used to him but he really wasn't someone I wanted for Jace's image. Completely stoked for this! & it's 2 days after my birthday!


Can't wait for the movie. So excited!


Very excited that we have a release date…. now we just need to hire the perfect cast
Jace- Alex Pettyfer
Magnus- Adam Lmabert (and also a perfect Alec…)
that is all, thank you….


Recast Jamie. PLEASE. He was horrible as Arthur in Camelot. He managed to make Arthur seem like a scrawny little girl. He'll do the same for Jace.


I'm glad jamie isn't going to be Jace. I hope they find someone else whose more Jace (*cough*like alex pettyfer *cough*)


I am so excited, can't wait till August 2013.

jane doe



Alex Pettyfer better be Jace! He's exactly how I imagined him <3 and so hot ;)


I am SO excited for this movie!!!! Although I'm kind of disappointed that Jamie is no longer attached. I thought he would make a great Jace. Anyway, YAY WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE!!!!!


If they crash this film, I'm going to throw something into the wall.



wait, is the cast already out? please dont ruin these books for me.. they are my all time favorite and movies always ruin the books.


My life will not be complete until this is made into a successful movie.


Im still pissed about who they cast as Jace Jace is supposed to e hot and amazing and the guy they cast is NOT




PLEASE CAST ALEC PURFECTLY! He must be amazing, as must Jace and Isabelle, but Alec (and subsequently Magnus) MUST be amazing! I'm SOOOO excited for this movie, (if the caps don't give it away), the books were a dream, so this movie has to be amazing.


I'm happy that something is finally starting to happened. The fans have been waiting a long time to get this far. If Jaime is out, then I'm sad to hear it. Yes, there were fans that didn't like him for the part but there was also a number of us who were willing to give him a chance. We all know from previous castings that first impressions can be decieving.


YAAAAAAY! I'm sooooo excited for this. Been a fan since 2008, and I've been in love ever since. ♥


Woohoo! Can't wait for this! :D I love the books, so I hope the movie(s) will do them justice.


I can't wait! I'm such a huge fan of these books! YAY!!!! :) I'm kinda on the fence about Jamie as Jace… he seems like Jace's personality, but not at all how I pictured Jace. Anyway I look at it though, I cannot wait for this movie!


CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE! I've been waiting forever for this moment and it is finally happening. I don't care if it takes another 3 years to make the movie, I just want it to have the perfect cast and perfect film quality. I hope they get a definite actor for Jace soon though because all I hear is Jamie maybe being in the movie, but nothing has been definite. I just want that spot to be cast and done with instead of all this maybe stuff. I am celebrating my 18th birthday at this release, so it better be fantastic!


AHHHHH! So freaking excited!


I hope Jamie is still Jace! I think he is perfect and i am very excited to see how he is as Jace. I think he works very hard and deserves this. Go Jamie! :)


I love these books! And its released on my 18th birthday :D


I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE! AAAAAHHHH! TMI! CANT WAIT TO HEAR MORE ABOUT CASTING AND SEE THE MOVIE! :DDD but i thought Jamie was still attached to the project? like last week, he was talking about still being in the movie..


Cant wait!! This is the best YA series I have read and will be excited to see it come to life!! Hope Jamie is still playing have though :-)

Rose Chester

That's awewsome ! I am soooooo excited for the movie! I would go watch it the forst day it's realeased!


There are no words.
Only my girlish squeal of joy can suffice.


I can't wait for this film to come out!! I've been reading Cassandra Clare's books since they were first released and to see them on the big screen will be wonderful!! Being a late 20's female, it's a great escape from work! I will admit that I'm worried that some things will be made to much like a "Disney" movie, but I'm willing to trust in the powers that be! Roll on August 23rd 2013. :)
PS – Jamie for Jace ;)


i cant wait to see all of cassandra 's books come to life


Logan Lerman is Jewish, like Simon, so it would be ethnically correct. Perfect!


I am so, so excited! It's awesome that they have a release date set now!! Also, to the people saying that Lily Collins was a bad choice for Clary: Cassandra Clare (the author of the series) said Clary looked like Lily Collins in her head! Hair color and eye color can be easily changed with hair dye and contacts. Seriously, people.



(and for those not happy with Lily as Clary based on her looks…they can change all that! And if you image search her on google, there are a wealth of photos with her with red hair. And Cassie herself as said that Lily closely represents how she imagined her to look)


I am so excited!!!


I am disappointed with the casting choice for "Clary". The fan base is set for the movie, they will make their money regardless. The least they could do for the fans is cast someone who looks remotely close to Clary's character. It's like they didn't read any of the books, and threw a dart at a wall of actresses. Here's a hint, clary has bright red hair, green eyes and freckles! Not black hair, big black eyebrows, and dark brown eyes :/ Heck, Lilly would make a better Isabelle!!! Duh


Cast Logan Lerman as Simon pls! He and Lily Collins would make a great onscreen team and they're already doing a film together "Writers"


I hope this is true and not just words. We have been waiting what it seems a long time and it's always the same piece of news we get.


Yes! Heck yeah! So going to see this when it comes out. WOOOOOO!!!!


So excited for this movie!! Really hope that Logan Lerman or someone else good is Simon…


I'm very excited to see this on screen, can't wait until August 2013 !


Can't we all just be more excited and happy that this film is actually being made? We've got a confirmation date, we've got all of this news rushing in and it's insanely exciting and gratifying to have all of this be confirmed and official. All of this is really happening, the movie is going to be made and until we see it, all judgment should be withheld. People surprise you.


i seriously don't understand anyone who says they hate jamie for jace. I MEAN WATCH SOME INTERVIEWS. HE IS JACE EVEN WITHOUT ACTING. and some people say he's not 'attractive' enough (i don't think so AT ALL), but look at all the different roles he's played, a bit of make-up can change him entirely. i really, really, really really REALLY hope he's still Jace.


If Jamie Campbell Bower is NOT going to play Jace this is the best news so far this year! And I actually will go see the movie of my favorite YA book series ever! I've been hoping and hoping for this as long as it has been going on! Horay!


I hate Lily Collins she's a terrible actress. The only reason she's getting these jobs is cause of her dad. And she is not Clare material. I will not see this movie if she's in it. And I adore this book series


I think Jaimie already looks too old to play Jace. Imagine if this lasts for three years, or omg, six years! He'll be a horrible fit soon enough!


People here must be on major crack. Alex Pettyfer CAN act actually no matter what anyone says. And he has passion for his work and cares about it. I think the fact that he's got such a bad reputation people just end up thinking he's just some bad pretty boy who does this and that. I've seen all his work, seen him promote his work, seen him work with DJ from I am number four working it out to get his scenes just right and same thing with Beastly all that footage is shown on Youtube you see the passion. So I don't know where people are getting this crap about him sucking as an actor. I think Alex has lots of potential he's young nothing has to be great right now and what's shown so far I loved every bit of his acting.

Since Jamie is cast as Jace great! Nothing wrong with fans pissed that Alex didn't the part. He'll always be Jace in hearts regardless. No matter where you go online you'll always see the image of Alex as Jace whether persona or looks it never dies.

BookSavvy Heather

I'm a HUGE fan of The Mortal Instruments books. Was reluctant at first to read them because the reviews made them sound too similar to other popular young-adult books, but by the time I was halfway through the first book I realized how profoundly hooked I had become. The characters and plot line actually have a depth I found both refreshing and addictive. I hope Cassie Clare keeps herself tightly entwined in the screen writing because that is what will make- or break-it in the translation to the 'big screen'


I'm happy and sad at the same time about this news. Happy, because we'll be catching The Mortals Instruments's movie adaptation on Aug. 23, 2013 (woohoo!)! Sad, because I already pictured Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace. I know it's 50-50 situation when it comes our own choices for Jace, but this man, I think, deserves the role. He's a great actor and he'd already been to different top-grossing films, such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and 2. This project could really show his acting skills to the world and prove to us that he can be "our" Jace. Hehe! ;) I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Jamie!


NO NO JAMIE IS JACE!! he has to be! he's perfectttttt


P.S. Alex Zylka for Jace! But not Alex Pettyfer. He can't act convincingly.


You know, I was really looking forward to seeing the movie adaptation ever since I finished the first book, until I saw that Lilly Collins is playing Clary. No offense to her, but she is NOT right to play Clary, and her acting is rather mediocre. Even if she does dye her hair for the role, even then she just isn't Clary. And Jamie is not really right for Jace, either. If they want this movie to do well, they're going to have to take the casting VERY seriously, especially if they plan to out do the Hunger Games, which had an amazing cast that very closely resembled the characters of the books.


THIS COME OUT ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait for this! this will be the best birthday ever


So glad to hear that Jace may be recast! Jamie is a good actor but not "Jacelike" enough!! If the movie is going to do well they need to think seriously about who should play him. Jace is the heart of TMI and it is essential that he look and act right.
Can't wait for the movie!!!


I would love for Chris Zylka or Alex Pettyfer audition for Jace. Both are getting up there in age though and if they happen to make all of the movies they might be too old :(


Hey, at least Twilight isn't a rip off of Romeo and Juliet..LOL

Anyway, I'm so excited for the film-adaptation of this series..
I really hope for it to be great.. :)
Whoever the actors may be, I just hope that they give justice to the characters that we love..
and please to the story as a whole, as well.. ^_^


What happened to Jamie?? Jace is a character with SO much depth please don't cast some actor that won't be able to pull it off. With Jamie we were sure he was gonna deliver. Great actor!


Please let Jamie go, I don't like him as Jace! You can do better screengems! YOU CAN


I really want Alex Pettyfer to be Jace


PLEEAAASSSEEE do not screw this up! I love the books so much and I'm on Clockwork Prince right now! Please recast Jamie… He's He can't do it. Need someone with a lot stock built. Jace is a beautiful boy and Jamie is not beautiful. Pretty, but not beautiful.
Alex should be Jace! Come on, Hollywood! You can make young men look old and old men look young! What's going on!? Remember Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! I know you can get Alex! WOO!


I am a bit dissapointed to see that, at the moment, they are unsure of keeping Jamie as Jace –to be quite honest, he was a good choice; a great actor, and seriously, i think everyone should give him a fair chance. He acts like Jace in my opinion from interviews i have seen, and i was terribly excited to see what they could do to turn him fully into Jace. I hate how people always tend to say that he doesnt have the right looks for Jace –but really, on set they have makeup and hair people to change certain things. I hope he is still on the project! He seemed absolutley perfect for the part.


I'm so excited! This movie is going to be the highlight of next year for me, I can see it now. The only problem now is WAITING. -.- I hope Jamie decided to do it- I think he could do really well. Cassie said he was "her Jace" in his audition, and if the author approves, I'm more than wiling to give him a chance!


The only thing I'm more excited about than the CoB movie is City of Lost Souls coming out next month. We've been waiting for so long and now things are finally moving forward, bring on August 23rd 2013! :D


If they want ANY chance of this series being successful, Jamie being recast better be true. He is the worst possible choice for Jace it's not even funny. He's not beautiful, he straight up looks like a girl.


I HATE how everyone compares THG and TMI to Twilight. Twilight is for preteen fangirls who don't know what good acting or self-respect in relationships is. Anyway.
Cassie said this on her tumblr page today: "As for the part about Jamie, what I know is that they’re in negotations about his contract. That’s it, that’s all I know. You can ask me till you’re blue like a Smurf and I won’t know more. :)"
Honestly, I can't really picture Jamie as Jace. But Cassie and Lily Collins rave about him being perfect, so I don't really care what happens there, as long as we get someone goooood ;D
The rest of this stuff is all exciting!! Can't wait for August 23 :) of next year… lol


So excited to hear that this movie is finally moving forward; I am a huge fan of the book series! I may be one of a minority, but I am sad to hear that Jamie is no longer attached. I had high hopes that he would make a good Jace. I hope it all works out so that he can be Jace.


Happy he isn't jace. I thought Alex should be. Or jake from secret circle


Can't wait!! So excited for this!


OMG so excited! XD

Natalie Smith

Thank goodness they aren't choosing Jamie Campbell Bower for Jace!! I thought he would have been a terrible pick for that role. Alex Pettyfer would be WAYYY better…. cannot WAIT until this movie comes out :D Bring it on!


ok no freaking way! I want Jamie to play Jace! Give us Jamie!!!!! I'm so pissed right now..


so dissapointed ! At first I didn't approve of Jamie being Jace, but when i saw him in Anonymous, I knew he'd be a perfect Jace. I hope Cassandra Clare will be able to comment on this soon, or anyone else who knows what is going on.
Oh, btw, whose idea was it to compare Clary to Buffy? Totally off.


If Screen Gems is involved, then I can ask PLEASE FILM IN WILMINGTON NC!!


OMG I'm so excited.


I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! So glad we have Lily, just need some some more cast announcements *cough*Daniel Craig for Valentine*cough* :D
And to be honest The Mortal Instruments completely blows Twilight out of the water.

Vera Isabel

One ticket for me, please! I'm a huge TMI fan. (And one for my boyfriend please, I'm gonna drag him along.)
Too bad Jamie Campbell Bower isn't set to play Jace anymore.
I sincerely hope they don't bring in Alex Pettyfer after all, who seems friendly enough when asked about all fancasting we do, but in the end frowns upon being attached to these young-adult franchises.


Yay!!! We've been waiting for this news for years!! Just please please pleeeeease do as good of an adaptation as hunger games was, then TMI fans can die happy :) and bring Jamie back!!!


"Jamie Campbell Bower is no longer attached" — PLEASE tell me that's true, if so that'd be the BEST news ever! I've never accepted him as Jace. To put it bluntly, he's just too ugly/unattractive to play the sexy Shadowhunter.


Yaaaaay! So excited that things are FINALLY moving ahead with this film. Hopefully the studio can sort out their contract with Jamie because I've gotten used to the idea of him playing Jace. Can't wait for more casting news – especially for Valentine, Simon, Magnus and Luke. :)


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Jamie's no longer Jace? I mean, I wasn't reaaally happy at first but now I had gotten used to him as Jace, now JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER IS JACE. NO freaking way, who are they going to cast? some guy who doesn't even get what Jace is all about? No, I want Jamie who already demonstrated he WANTED to be Jace and really got how Jace is! GOOSHHH, I thought I would be happy with the news but for God's sake: LEAVE JAMIE AS JACE!


Finally something's happen! TMI Fans waited so much for a long time that I think now we deserve a good movie!
I can't wait…and I hope Jamie is still in the project because I really like him! <3

Julie A.

YES! Finally, some great news about the movie venture…Jamie Campbell Bower is no longer "Jace." What smart move!!! Now they can find someone who is actually good looking to play the sexy leading male.


FINALLY ! Been waiting for this since 2010, and im so excited – that i loose breath every time movie news op up ! This is my favorite book series, and soooooo cant wait to see it on the big screen !
And whats up with Jamie ?! I like him, i LOVE him, so i hope he will remain in the project *cross fingers #TeamLily btw love her, im stalking her movie adaptions with my friend !
Cant WAIT for the rest of the cast to be announced: ALEC, MAGNUS, IZZY, SIMON etc

Shadow Hunter

SO DARN EXCITED. Though it is pretty sad JCB isn't attached anymore… are you completely sure this is even true? I want Logan Lerman to play Simon and Nicholas Hoult to play Alec(: Omg, it's actually happening! The movie is actually coming guys! August the 23rd…. big day.


Yay, how exciting! finally a release date haha. I'm excited for Lily Collins but hopefully they get someone new for Jace, not a big Jamie fan but I'm just really super excited for this to come out!


I can't wait until this movie comes out! I'm already making plans with at least three of my friends to go see it the opening day. Even if we have to stake out at the theater. I freaking love The Mortal Instruments and so do they. I really hope Jamie Campbell Bower gets the role because Cassandra Clare really liked him and if she did, that must mean he was perfect for the role. So I hope he does and if he doesn't, I hope an equally good or even better person takes his role. Best of luck to you people. <3

Tina Gutierrez

looked at the actors and not as excited. Jamie does not make a good Jace, and Lilly does not make a good Clary.. I hope the rest of the movie isnt a let down

Nani Ordaz

"By the Angel" !!!!!! I can´t wait to see the movie, I have ALL THE BOOKS, and I have been waiting for the release of City of Bones for so long. Bravo "SONY" it was about time.

I'm SO EXCITED!! Yay! Finally a date!! I've been holding my breath waiting for this for so long. These books are amazing! I think Lilly Collins will do a fantastic job, but agree about Jamie. He's so wrong for Jace. He's a fine actor, but I really hope someone else is cast.

If you haven't read this series yet, GET ON IT! And please, do not compare it to Twilight! You really couldn't be any farther from the truth~


All I really know is that they need someone much more attractive than Jamie Campbell Bower for Jace. He's supposed to be descended from Angels for God's Sake! Haha


William Moseley for Jace! He just needs to chop his hair back to his 2008 style and he'd be a perfect Jace!

Ice Cream

Awful, but I hope it's true that they're looking for another Jace.

I am looking forward to this movie!


Yes yes yes! So excited for this! Lilly is going to be an amazing Clary and I think Jame will be the perfect Jace so please stick to him!

Lia Cook

im so excited ahhh!!!!!!
im so happy with the cast!!!! btw #teamjamie <333 and #lovelilyloads
its my favourite book no matter what i'll see it like 20 times oh gawddd im spreading the word to my friendssss the the dates realised
thank you thank you ive been waiting for so long i feel lame being the only on comment atm : but im way to excited about everything ahhaha
ahhh! byeee xxxxx

Katy greenhill

OMG! I can't wait been waiting ages for news like this…. But they better get it right or i'll kick some ass

YA Lover

I'm so excited to hear this! I was really surprised it was delayed to begin with, considering it has a bigger following than Twilight or The Hunger Games did before they were movies. The fan base for this is enormous!

I just have one request. Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not cast Jamie Campbell Bower for Jace. He may be a decent actor, but he is SO far from what Jace is! Really….I'm begging.

Otherwise, YAY!!


Jamie and Lily are gonna be so kickass! Can't wait to see who is cast for Alec, Isabelle and Magnus. Been dying to see it all in live action 8D



Vanessa C.

Finally some news about the movie! I'm super excited about it,and just can't wait to see who they cast as Magnus,Alec and Isabelle :))


I'm really excited =) I hope Jamie can stay in the casting, because he is an amazing actor and he looks, in my mind, like Jace.


Ah finally! I've been waiting so long for news and I'm ecstatic that we finally have a release date AND Sony/Screen Gems are producing it. This is great! Sad about JCB no longer playing Jace though; I was really looking forward to that.


I'm looking forward to see this movie and seeing more casting! Especially for Magnus and Alec, my two favorite characters!

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