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Sports Diversion – Sexism Watch: The Masters

Sports Diversion - Sexism Watch: The Masters

Here we are again.  Nine years after Martha Burk tried to get the August National to allow a woman member we are still at a place where there is still not a female member since the club’s founding in 1933.  In 1990, the club let in an African American member, but in 2011 there is still no female that we know of.  (Augusta is famous for not speaking on the membership policies because it is a private club.) 

This year maybe there is some hope that there will be a woman member.  Personally, I could care less about golf.   But we all know this is about something so much more than golf.

There are three main sponsors of the Masters – Exxon Mobil, AT&T and IBM.  Traditionally, all the CEO’s of the main sponsors are given a green jacket and membership to the club.  The problem this year is that IBM just got its first female CEO – Viriginia Rometty.  So what’s a sexist institution to do?  Let the woman in or risk losing IBM sponsorship? 

These guys are pathetic.  Hiding behind privacy and then letting the world in to spend its money is unacceptable.

It’s time to enter the 21st (or 20th) century and let a woman in.  .  I’m sure there will be no labia saturation which is what scare men (namely sexist Lee Arohnson) because we know that too many vaginas on a golf course is what will bring down the world.

And Ms. Rometty, while I know you are new in your gig at IBM and don’t want to cause waves, you MUST demand a change in this policy.  You have a seat at the table.  You have the power.  USE IT FOR GOOD!.

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Gosh, I didn't realise clubs like this still existed in the 21st century. I'm amazed major companies like AT&T, Exxon Mobil and IBM would wish to be associated with such old-fashioned misogyny – not a good image!


It's so outrageous! And I'm sure privately she has her own opinions on the matter. I see one of two things happening. Either they will secretly cave and treat her with the respect due her position or they will publicly humiliate her by not allowing her in the club without an escort. If they choose the second route, she will probably take the high road be polite and but end the IBM sponsorship of the masters next year. You have to understand that women in prominent positions of power cannot afford a public knife fight. However, there are always other ways to take care of these sexist assholes…and you don't fuck with IBM.

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