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Star Jones Calls For Boycott Of “Basketball Wives” And Other Reality Shows

Star Jones Calls For Boycott Of "Basketball Wives" And Other Reality Shows

I will tell you upfront that I’ve never seen The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip-Hop, VH1’s Basketball Wives or any of those reality shows that are aimed at…ahem…urban viewers. But I tend to avoid them since, from what I understand, most of them on the whole tend to be (using the current vernacular) pretty ratchet.

In particular, Basketball Wives, which I understand is particularly ig’nant. Especially one regular on the show by the name of Evelyn Lozada, who is supposed to be a real doozy with an extremely violent temper.

Well Star Jones, who’s currently in the midst of a TV carrer rehabilitation herself, appearing several times a week on The Today Show, has had enough and has launched a campiagn to boycott Wives and other shows of the like. What set her off was a recent episode of the show in which Lozada physically attacked another regular on the show, which has resulted in a lawsuit.

Jones tweeted that: “It may be ‘comfortable’ to be quiet when women of color slap the crap out of each other & run across tables barefoot, but #ENOUGHisENOUGH.”

She further went on to say that: And the thought that the woman from #BBW who was smacked doesn’t have the RIGHT to file assault charges is LUDICROUS! You NEVER give up your right not to have your ‘person’ intentionally assaulted unless you are participating in an agreed physical activity,” .

She further continued that: “I’m asking all my high profile, platform having conscientious sisters who STAND FOR SOMETHING to just say #ENOUGHisENOUGH & call folk out! Be mad. But think about what I said. WE ARE BETTER than that. You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.”

All well and good, but wasn’t Jones herself criticized for her behavoir when she was a regular last year on Celebrity Apprentice? So wouldn’t her criticism about Wives smack just a tinny tiny bit of hypocrisy? I can only repeat what I’ve read about her on the show, so if you have a different take about her appearence on Apprentice let’s hear it.

But to the larger issue at hand, do you applaud Star, or do you think she’s out of line?

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j. mcmillan

I am sick and tired of all of the reality shows. Most consist of over-sexed, sometimes backwoods, macho, really ignorant and/or foul tempered white men with over weight floozies for sidekicks doing really stupid things or over-sexed women with very poor social graces, foul attitudes, really nasty tempers, several pounds of make-up and lots of dyed hair, doing really stupid things….none of which normal society partakes of.
Are television writers/producers so handicapped that they are unable to come up with anything viable except silly cops shows with totally unbelievable, under-aged looking actors with of course, nasty and/or arrogant attitudes??????


I was a diligent and faithful watcher of BBW until these last two season's. Its getting a bit ridiculous. I am a 34yr old BLACK MOTHER, of a 4yr old and atfirst it was entertaining but the more I watched the more I am turned off. I now watch the show aslong as I can tolerate it and then I turn the channel. I am tuning in less and less as this season has gone on. The behaviir's of these so called RICH Upperclass kept wives?? Horrible, if they had husband's Im sure that they would be ashamed to say thats my wife yeah throwing bottles, glasses cussing like sailors and bullying eachother to be in the CIRCLE really. I laugh at these so called gangsta wives. I wanna see them take that ish to the real hood and see who is about that life. I bet if Jennifer's name was Tamikah for example and she was middleclass, in college engaged and trying to do something for the abused women of my community she would never had put hands on me. I would never have allowed this bullying to go on. I dont want to break my nails and disrespect myself infront of America. Hire a lawyer sue for slander and defamation of character if Evelyn really believed Chad isnt a Fame Whore and let the laws prevail. This foolery is awful even Shauni Oneal has cheapened herself "BOO BOO", is the word she used while bullying Gloria Govan as I recall. Shauni then turns and pimps Gloria in another State to promote BBW REALLY!! They can give Chad and EVIL a show and thats one I can guaruntee not to watch. This is merely my opinion…


Great job Starr it's getting crazy grown women acting like children. Don't no have the right to put there hand on anyone you learn that in preschool. ENOUGHisaENOUGH!!!


THANK YOU!!! Star Jones for standing up for what many of our parents and grandparents fought for. They fought to be us treated equally with dignity and respect. When given a platform, they used it responsibly. Which is what CANNOT be said about Shaunie O'Neal . She should be highly ashamed of herself as a woman! I have lost ALL respect for her, as well as Evelyn and Tami. They have young ladies of the world watching, as well as their OWN children, and apparently they simply don't care. They will reap the same discord and contentions that they are constantly sowing week after week. The real episodes will be played out in their homes . I support the boycott of this terrible cancer to our race. This is NOT what our young women need. NO more please !!!!!!!!!!

B. Nelson



you will never see a jewish woman acting like an animal on television but blacks and hispanics think so little of themselves

p.S. i am black


Grown Black women being bullies….. hmm reminds me of my NY civil service Where this behaviour happens every day and just the way Vh1 is not going to cancel this show Bullying on jobs will continue…………………………..
Bullying is not just in high School and lower School…..
But if you notice most of these female black and hispanic bullies are not married( or divorced) or single mothers………….who in their right mind would want to marry or stay married to women who conduct themselves this way (having a vagina that is freely used and given away ) does not a women make. And sex can get a man but it cannot keep him. Woe unto the minority woman that think that being aggressive, angry, loud mouthed and a bullying will get them anyway………..most are stagnent and he ones with losts of money go home and cry at night…………


i work around black women like these on my ny civil service job….watching this show gives me flash backs…………The basketball ex!-wives or very civil service……………They open their legs to get a ball player and their counter parts took a test to get a job…….However you end up with trash that is hard to get rid of and you have to pay to get rid of them in the end……. This is why decent black and hispanic women have a hard time because it is easier for the masses to believe that because we wear the skin color or hispanic name that we are all alike……………I you see how similar some black women on civil service jobs are to these on this show it will blow you mind


I must say the only reason I watch the reruns of this show is to confirm my conclusion.

These women are ex-wives for a reason. If my Black Nephew , son or cousin was a crackhead, I still would not want him to marry these pieces of trash….Evelyn losado must make hispanic women hang their heads low.. Tammy is a curse to her mother and her daughters. … The other white girl is a total retard. Kenny Anderson I sympathize with you OH the power of a Dogs Vagina!! the Bible States: a Whorish Woman will bring a man to his knees…………….WOW and this is not acting these are their real personalities…….Can you blame a decent Black Basketball player for wanting a white woman??? We should pray for tammy daughters because tammy is such a rotten person her sins will definitely effect her daughters future happiness —They must pray………


I must say the only reason I watch the reruns of this show is to confirm my conclusion.

These women are ex-wives for a reason. If my Black Nephew , son or cousin was a crackhead, I still would not want him to marry these pieces of trash….Evelyn losado must make hispanic women hang their heads low.. Tammy is a curse to her mother and her daughters. … The other white girl is a total retard. Kenny Anderson I sympathize with you OH the power of a Dogs Vagina!! the Bible States: a Whorish Woman will bring a man to his knees…………….WOW and this is not acting these are their real personalities…….Can you blame a decent Black Basketball player for wanting a white woman??? We should pray for tammy daughters because tammy is such a rotten person her sins will definitely effect her daughters future happiness —They must pray………


The only reason I watched "The Apprentice" was because of Star Jones, at no time did she do anything that could be considered as unladylike. She was a very professional person. However, working with that "ninny" NeNe would bring out the worsr in anyone, Star stillmaintained her profesionalism. Basketball Wives should go. Evelyn and Tammi are both imbeciles. velyn has a very short vocabulary, it consists of two words "bitch" and Mother f—–". How does she expect to be accepted by the wives/girlfriends of the football players acting this way? She is uncouth (Evelyn that means no class), ignorant, manly looking and is very afraid of Tami. When Tami pulled Ev's "udders" out of her dress and tried to milk her like the heifer she is, she has been very cautious around Tami. She does not like Tami, she is afraid of that psycho. I hope the show is taken off the air, and the Chad and Evelyn show never make it to production. Now we can see why she was (Ev) was jilted. What man wants a "table hopping, cussin', no shoe wearing person to call his wife. If they get married (which I doubt), it won't last long. We women should consider a boycott of the sponsers of that show . Suzie with her lisping, alcoholic, scared behind should stop kissing their behinds, they don't like either.

Gertrude Woodley

I totally agree with Star Jones. I saw her on the show with Donald Trump, she was a perfect lady, I have always found that about Star Jones. I agree with 100 % about the Basket Ball Wives!!


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I'm glad that Adult Bulling is being discussed and I hope addressed.
I was bullied @ work and no 1 said a thing. All/most took the attitude of — as long as it's not me…
I'm still dealing with it — the scars… I was smart enough to remove myself from the situation,
but I'm haunted by it. I decided that I have to speak up & speak out…
What to do?? Where to start — here??
My bully was a black woman — I am a black woman
It's just not — ok


Give me a freakin' break. You women — except Christina — need to stop fronting and pointing fingers. This reality show DOES NOT represent all black women. Only a complete idiot — a damn zip fool — would use that program as their major source of reference on the ways and means of black folks. Besides, let those without common indescretions throw the first stone. What lady among us has never cussed, fought back, or instigated a disagreement? What black child has never seen heated disagreements, not related to a damn reality show?! That's right, y'all need to stop acting like you live in the Sistine Chapel. Please stop — look around — turn around — walk around your neighborhood or that of a struggling friend, and then demand changes that have real lasting results. Boycotting BBW's and RHWOA is an act of masturbation and ego stroking.


Ms. Starr Jones I commend you for starting this boycott because enough is enough, I stop watching BBW's, RHWOA and the rest of these ridiculous reality show that have these women acting like fools. Now back to BBW I watched a clip of it online yesterday because the social media's lit up with all sorts of comments against Tami Roman's behavior, unbelievable and she has two beautiful daughter's I feel sorry for them. Her actions were malious and down right demeaning. Shaunie O'Neal just sat there and did nothing as she usually do anyway. Then the fish in the room REALLY! This boycott needs to get into full swing, this show does not promote nothing positive. It promotes bullying and that is really sad since there is a huge bullying epidemic going on in the world. So Ms. Starr Jones lets get your whip appeal into full effect so we can start some results, if we haven't already I did hear that some advertisers and sponsers are pulling out.


Boycott S2S magazine for allowing Tami Roman to give advice to our young women!!!!

Here is the address for VH1 along with the phone number and fax number. HEADQUARTERS VH1 1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212-258-7800
Fax: 212-846-1753

A letter should be sent to each one separately. If we want results we have to initiate them! Address your concerns to: Steve Thompson Owner,

Tom Caldaron President,
Fred Graver General Manager VH1

Write to these people to boycott this crap…please be sure to mention Trashy Tami and Evil Evelyn, but lets not forget Shaunie…she is the instigator and needs to see that we will not support this trash any longer


I harmoniously agree with you about basketball wives. It is highly condusive to promoting violence and bullying; during a time when school violence is an issue: and every criminal or the other is claiming, "self-defense ".
If the majority of these broads are the , " face of a black woman", namely Shaunie, Susie, Evelyn and
tami, we are in trouble.
There I have avidly watched it with disgust and an outlet that maybe my life isn't as screwed as thought because for sure these, " bimboes are in limbo".


For What it's Worth: Psycho or not psycho. Bully or not bully. Who's to say other than the obvious and that is these kinds of show which displays this kind of behavior from grown adult women, should not be aired. I'm speaking of 'reality' shows like Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, Bad Girls, et al. Where hitting and cursing is the only way to solve issues. I also know that if I don't like it, I don't have to watch, but that's beside the point. To paint these shows as reality is to say and question what our society has become, especially as we view the behavior of women of color. The responsibility lies with the producers and those of us who do watch. I, for one, watched Basketball Wives in awe hoping that Shaunie or someone would intervene at some point. Unfortunately, she never did. I also know of the boycott and am in full support of it and hope it has an impact on putting shows like this off the air. The producers not withstanding, Shaunie, Evelyn and Tammi should be ashamed of themselves for allowing America (the world) to see what kind of shoddy behavior women of color can demonstrate. They stand as 3 of many becons that the world looks to and wonders if they should emulate. I say NO. They, these woman who slap, hit, curse, etc. do not represent the majority of women of color. They do not represent me or anyone I know. As a woman of color, I am embarassed and ashamed that this is the best television can do to showcase who and what we are. Wendy Williams, Starr Jones and Shari Shepard are correct in leading this charge to get programs like this off the air. There should not be a place for this kind of smut on tv for our girls to watch and think this behavior is ok. "See Mommie, they get away with it, why can't I?" Oh no. Shame on the producers and shame on Shaunie for allowing this kind of behavior to proliferate on her show. When good people do nothing, evil grows. She stood back and allowed these girls to attack and that's just plain WRONG! Regardless of what pyschological problems they may have, or what crimes they might commit. Criminals behind bars behave better…..but that's just my opinion.


I do believe Basketball Wives and wanted to be a basketballwive( Evelyn) should be kicked off the air…Tammy and Evelyn are both bullies. They are the true meaning of GHETTO!!!!!
No wonder their men left them.
My girls and I would get together every Monday for the show but now…….that's NOT a must watch girl's show for us. Maybe it should be called EX BASKETBALL WIVES AND TWO HOOD RATS!!!!!


I think that show is just horrible!!! Tammy is a big bully!!!! maybe she should pick on someone her size what she really needs is a GOOD ASS KICKING!!! and Evelyn should be shame of her self as well, fighting like she has no home training why would Chad want to marry someone like that make's you wonder what kind of person he is? As for Suzi someone should tape her mouth SHUT!! trouble maker !! Good for Royce not hanging out with those witches!!! as for Shauni shame shame on you if this is the only way you can make money making black women look bad well that tell's me alot about you!! well at the rate you're going you won't be on the air long !! I hope they cancel your show and all you wantabes can go back to the life you had before you were golddiggers!!!!!!!!

Kid chaos

Black women are mean and nasty thats why america does not like them.


Evelyn Lozada is most definately a black woman. Saying she isnt black because of her last name is absolutely ignorant. If she isnt black then 80 percent of the black population in america isnt black they're caucasian. Do you think smith, jones, bailey, jordan, or any other last name that is obviously european in origin are "black" last names? Open a book and read. Ignorance is the reason the U.S. is suffering as a country.


Some not all of these women on these shows make themselves and those around them look bad. Is this trash really what we want representing black america or black women? Star Jones is in no way out of line… And the outburst she may have had on the apprentice pales in comparison to the embarrassing and childish behavior that we have to endure weekly from these ignorant women. Please get this trash off of our televisions.


Some not all of these women on these shows make themselves and those around them look bad. Is this trash really what we want representing black america or black women? Star Jones is in no way out of line… And the outburst she may have had on the apprentice pales in comparison to the embarrassing and childish behavior that we have to endure weekly from these ignorant women. Please get this trash off of our televisions.


This boycott that Star Jones is trying to create is ridiculous. Why cancel an entire show because of a few bad apples? No one, including Star Jones and Wendy Williams, had an issue with BBW until Nia slapped Jennifer in the face. Matter of fact, Wendy Williams had Shaunie on her show to discuss season 4 of BBW. Wendy was all hyped, telling Shaunie she was looking forward to seeing Evelyn and Tami bring the drama. Star and Wendy are extremely foolish for trying to ban a show that they were once huge fans of. Evelyn Lozada doesn't represent the Black women of America…especially since she isn't even Black. Open your eyes people…Lozada is a last name of Latin/hispanic origin. Nia isn't a part of the original cast, so her presence on the show has always been irrelevant. It's stupid to cancel a show because of one woman's guest appearance. It makes more sense to remove Evelyn and Tami from the show. Royce, Kesha, Kenya and Suzie don't behave like ghetto trash, therefore they shouldn't be punished. The View didn't get cancelled when Star became an embarrassment to the show. The solution was to remove Star from The View. The same theory needs to be applied to BBW. Don't cancel the show…just remove Evelyn and Tami from the series.


right I was trying to find something on th web to band BBW it's a hot mess and I was a fan they then lost their mind…it need to go.


i completely agree with star jones.these women are an embarrassment to black women and only ignorant minded women would watch these shows


Any confirmation on this Kenya Moore RHOA casting?


Please note, Star Jones is a Classy, Grown women. Dignity is key for all people. If you don't know what it means to present yourself in a dignified manner, look it up. Star is a pro. She was a high profile lawyer in NY. She is only stating the facts. Carry yourself with dignity, treat others respectfully. House wives, basketball wives are adult cartoons. You are what you eat. SJ's saying black folk, stop eating the junk food. Respect our race, carry ourselves with dignity and move to the next level. Obviously Star Jones is doing it. We all should. See you on the next level. Rise up Ninja's


I understand her point completely. If I went to the block you lived on and showed your neighbors videos of you yelling and screaming all the time, they would think that is all you are. Black women are the greatest beings on this planet and possibly in the cosmos. The Jews…I'm sorry, white folks, do everything in their power to bring Black people down and they always start their attack on Black Women. Rise Black Women!!! Rise up above this BS. Stop watching garbage! Stop spending your money with folks who smile in your face, yet spit on your image. I and many other Black Men love you eternally.


i think you cannot cast judgement on wha you hear rather than see… if you choose not to watch then there are hundred of there channels… i do understand her point however like she is trying to get paid so are these women… we have watched soap operas with the slapping etc for centuries … its entertainment with them getting paid…

Ryan James

I've been saying this for years! She is absolutely right about this type of popular programming streaming through our airwaves. Learning doesn't end when you leave school and unfortunately these shows don't teach anything beneficial that people can carry on with them in their everyday lives. I wouldn't necessarily say that the reality tv factor doesn't necessarily tear down the institution of marriage, but it certainly doesn't help. No one lives forever, So why would you spend a large chunk of your television time with predetermined, artificial drama (crap) with a cast of nobodies doing absolutely nothing to help society except to line their own pockets with riches? All that materialism and no artistic value. The same goes for Maury, Jerry, & Steve. Paternity-testing extortionists profiting off of the idiocracy. Genius idea, but highly irresponsible in the long run. WAKE THE F*@K UP! Tap into a TED Talk every once in a while!

Shawn bennett

I agree, they need to stop airing that show. Grown women acting like teenagers. Evelyn especially, what kind of role model is she jumping on tables, throwing dishes and bottles at people, she is a bad influence. She need anger management. Tami too. That show is just full of drama and violence.




Not sure if the writer of this piece actually watched 'Celebrity Apprentice,' but there was nothing remotely ignorant or disturbing about Star Jones' "behavior" on that season of the show. Why would you publish erroneous information like that?!


I applaud Star for what she is trying to do. The behavior of Evelyn is that of a bully and shouldn't be rewarded with a spin-off. Sure it is easy to turn the channel, but that doesn't solve the problem. Her behavior will remain "as is" until it is put in check. Anyone who feels it is entertaining to assult someone else for the sake of ratings and/or fame is heartless.

Adam Scott Thompson

Reality TV will be America's epitaph.


Needless to say, you can learn something from these shows and that's how not to act in public. These shows are not designed for minors to watch them so if children are claiming they are replicating the behaviors, then its not the show' s problem but the parents for not monitoing what their children are watching. These are black women making money for doing nothing different than mob wives, mean girls and the like. It purely entertainment people and if u don't like it tune out. Geesh

Ava Gabrielle-Wise

Critics of the cancellation movement repeat the age-old, “change the channel if you don’t like it” mantra, failing to recognize that the core issue is the perceived disrespect that is inherent in the networks’ refusal to portray productive examples of African American women in their current programming. Networks executives also fail to realize that it is not the low-wage, minimally educated African American woman that they have offended, but it is the presumed, public counter-parts to the very characters on their programs.

More at

Miles Ellison

The director of the movie about the stripper who is kidnapped and repeatedly sexually assaulted needs to come in here and set Ms. Jones straight about why this kind of thing is perfectly okay. After all, doesn't everybody know a groupie who slept with a washed up basketball player and exploited it to get on television?

Jeneen Harper

I watched Celebrity Apprentice with Star Jones and there is nothing to criticize about her behavior. She had a take charge attitude but maintained her professionalism. What she did not put up with was the behavior from RHWOA(Real Housewives Wives of Atlanta) NeNe Leakes. Now, NeNe acted a fool to a point where she walked off the show and never returned. Although I have never been a fan of Star Jones she has a great point. I am tired of these shows frequently showing african-american women fighting and bashing each other. Its no wonder we are viewed as angry and bitter and mean because this is all you see. So if boycotting is what it takes to get these foolish women to sit down and think about their actions then so be it. Let them go…


As an educator, at my school 9 out of 10 fights are started by girls bullying girls, usually resulting in very violent fights. Young ladies are far more volatile and reactionary than the young men at my small high school academy located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. With the popularity of such programming, it hasn't escaped me that perhaps the young women at my school are mimicking the behavior of their role models on these reality shows. Whether Starr Jones is a hypocrite or not, I think she's on to something. This isn't about elitism, it's about what's right!


Smh at you saying that these shows are watched by the Urban crowd when 2 of the three shows focus on non "urban" people as well! Uppity pple watch these shows too


Crack? Meth? PCP? Hair-ron?

Taking bets on which drug CareyCarey is on this week.


Why does Star Jones think that "conscientious sisters" don't watch and enjoy these shows? And the reason they do, is because many of them behave similarly in their own lives. Even those who don't behave that way enjoy the voyeuristic appeal of such programming. All she has to do is search Twitter to see the many tweets that women send out, minutes and hours before the show airs, announcing their viewing intentions and anticipations.

Mark & Darla

Don't know the day, time or channel when these shows come on.


Star Jones you are so RIGHT!!! I confess I watch this show and often feel sick to my stomach and thinking why are these women making complete fools of themselves for money they could make at a respectable job. I hope people who have sense will realize that all women of color do not act like that, oh wait! Stupid me, we live in a society where stereotypes rule the world.

get these nets

I applaud Star.

I read that Shaq's ex wife was a guest panelists at some Essence magazine retreat or something. That speaks volumes.

Exec producer of that kind of show and getting the co-sign from Essence magazine?

Was that the same magazine that launched a campaign years ago to combat the "video chick" imagery that was prevalent in music videos?

Said it before, will say it again……basketball wives is worse and will have longer term effects than the WORST strip club-ified rap video.


Twinkle twinkle little Star how you bi*th from afar? Up above the world so high, like a siren in the sky. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are! I mean, when the blazing sun is gone (headlines), when she nothing shines upon, then you show your little light. Ye Twinkle twinkle, fuss and fight. Twinkle-Twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are!? Now, I'll be the first to say a choir boy can't lead me out of my storm. I need somebody that has been through the fire and came out the other side to grab my hand and show me the way. So I'm hesitant to tag Ms. Star Jones as a hypocrite. However, if she wants the world to gaze upon her new star and have her own show, I have a suggestion. Instead of backbiting from the back seat, the next time she opens her ugly dry makeup face, Nene Leakes should come out and slap the shit out of her **eyebrow raised**. That's right, and then, Dionne Warwick should come out and sing "Real Bit*hes ( Not Raindrops) Are Gonna Keep Falling On Your Head". That's right, and her theme song for her new reality show should be "We (not me) and Mrs. Jones"


I'm going to start boycotting. First on my list is Star.

Stacy m

I think people should worry less about what everybody else is doing and worry about themselves. Albiet Star Jones. Now I'm a white woman and I get sick of hearing the travesties committed to black women. What is the difference what color the lady's skin is for that matter? Star, why don't you do you and if you don't like what's on a particular Chanel then you have the right to change it; whether you are black, white or red. Who are you to dictate to me what I can and cannot watch? I love these shows as they are entertaining just Luke wrestling is to some. We live in America and as long as I pay my cable bill I have that right. Get lost Star Jones!


The boycott would never work because the biggest audience for these crappy shows are black women. They aren't going anywhere.


This type of behavior is hardly surprising in the celebrity gutter culture of reality television. Worse yet if it weren't for consumers and corporations feeding upon this stuff like parasites, and perpetuating the "celebrity," many of these participants would face the cold hard facts: they're in desperate need for substantial counseling and care for their severe dysfunctions and pathologies.


I saw Star Jones on the Apprentice and yes she has a very strong, somewhat bitchy attitude…oh hell, she was a bitch on the show…lol But it was in a way that she wasn't name calling or physical. It embodied corporate America.

Now to compare her behavior to the reality show (BBW, Love & Hip-Hop, etc) is not even "reality." The women on these shows display lewd and VERY petty behavior. I mean, you slapping a chick because she called you "loose?" Really? Or you want to fight a chick because she said something about you? Really? This is what we want to display to our children?

As a black man, I stand behind Star Jones on this one…and yes, this may be the first and last time I do it…lol


Didn't she host Bad Girls Club reunions? You know, a show that glorifies women(and black women) acting like wild banshees and fighting?


fyi – Star Jones did not engage in that kind of behavior on the Celebrity Apprentice. She refused. Even when she was goaded to do so. She never got physical with anyone. Therefore she is NOT being hypocritical – not even a tiny bit. Are there no standards? And what is so fantastic about seeing women of color go at it like that? Is this a legacy we want to pass onto the next generation?


I agree with your comments about these reality shows in general, which are all ig'nant for sure. But those with white women are just as low class as those with the sisters (they're like the Jerry Springer show on steroids). But is a formal boycott really necessary? I just don't watch the b.s. cuz I have better things to do with the precious time I have for actually living.

Star Jones should have been called out by allowing herself to be the token on that racist birther's Celebrity Apprentice show. Word.

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