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‘Suits’ Star Tom Lipinski To Play Younger Version Of Josh Brolin In Jason Reitman’s ‘Labor Day’

'Suits' Star Tom Lipinski To Play Younger Version Of Josh Brolin In Jason Reitman's 'Labor Day'

First, we have a question: Does anyone watch USA network’s “Suits“? If so, is it any good? While we wait for answer, it seems Jason Reitman is a fan, casting actor Tom Lipinski in his upcoming film “Labor Day.” The twist here is that he’ll be playing the younger version of Josh Brolin (who himself plays the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones in “Men In Black III” — this will all make a good movie trivia question some day).

The project has been lined up as Reitman’s next for a while, with Brolin and Kate Winslet signing on for the leads last summer. Based on Joyce Maynard‘s book of the same nane, the film is set on a late summer Labor Day holiday weekend in the 1980s. And it opens with a divorced, depressed single mom (Winslet) who encounters a large, fearsome man named Frank (Brolin) — who also happens to be bleeding badly – while clothes shopping with her 13-year-old Henry. He asks for a ride and against their better judgment, they agree. Meanwhile, they learn that police are searching their town for an escaped convict and put two and two together. Are they his hostages, or his accomplices? As the mother and son gradually learn his true story, everyone’s options begin to shrink. 

Lipinski will play Frank in flashbacks, a man who returns from Vietnam to marry his high school sweetheart, who has lost her innocence since he went away. But the key bit of casting to be made is the part of Henry, whose perspective is used to tell the story. When we spoke to Reitman in November, he gave the impression he was looking for a fresh face for the part. “We’ve got to find someone very special,” he said simply.

Filming is expected to kick off in June, and we’re pretty excited to see Reitman yet again move in another interesting direction. [Variety]

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Angie M

I'm not writing what others haven't said, but I'd like to put my two cents in: I was stunned that Tom looks SO much like Josh!!! If you said they're brothers, I'd believe you.
Made the movie even more enjoyable than I already thought it was.

Tim Kassouf

Just stumbled across this after watching Labor Day and Googling who played the younger Josh Brolin character. He looked so familiar & the resemblance to Josh Brolin was uncanny. But I had to comment because of your question in the first paragraph… I LOVE the USA show Suits, and if you're not watching it, you really should be! For my wife and I this is probably one of the top shows on TV, and easily one of our all time favorites. (In fact, if Tom Lipinski's character had been more involved in recent seasons, I'd have recognized him immediately…) In fact, the show's so good that I feel compelled to share the excellence – you can catch the first seasons on Amazon Prime. And heck if you don't have Prime & want to watch the show (which you should assuming you have any self respect, haha) I'll freaking buy it for you. Seriously. Email me & we'll work it out. The show's that good, trust me.

Deanna Hayes

I love Tom Lipinski, he is awesome! I look forward to seeing his gorgeous face in future movies!


I'm finally glad to see someone agrees he looks likes Josh Brolin because I've been watching him on The Following and was convinced that they HAD to be related! I seriously think they both need to look into that!


Trevor (Tom Lipinski)…I know him personally…That Guy Used To Work For LimeWire In NYC. That Company Was Closed Down By The U.S. Gov't For CopyRight Infringement…LOL He's A Real DoucheBag!!!! PunkA**


Suits is an awesome show! As soon as i saw Tom Lipinski in the first episode, I immediately thought he looked like a young Josh Brolin. Perfect casting choice!

Oogle monster

This is one of my favorite books, so expectations are very high. Brolin is exactly what I think of when I picture Frank. The end of the book is a bit of a letdown though- I wonder if Reitman will change the ending of the film. I know Young Adult was Cody's screenplay, but the fact that he made zero changes and stuck with such a brilliant (and polarizing) anti-ending makes me optimistic that he might go a different route and make the ending of "Labor Day" less of a crowd pleaser. Or perhaps it's just wishful thinking on my part. Anyway, whoever gets the role of Henry better be damn good as the entire book and probably film rides or dies on him. I think Joel Courtney would be a good choice but a fresh face he is not.


Yeah this Tom Lipinski plays the character I kinda' wanted to die on the show. Be hit by a bus or some random junkie kills him at the law firm. Maybe he's a really nice guy and it shows that he is a really great actor because I hate his character. But that's trippy that they look so much alike.


holy crap this guy looks exactly like brolin, its uncanny


Suits is actually really good. I'm not normally a fan of legal dramas, but I couldn't stop watching it. But you have your facts wrong. Tom Lipinski isn't the lead actor of the show. He's only in a few episodes. The actual lead actors are Gabriel Macht and Patrick Adams.

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