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Take A Look At The New Web Series “She Got Problems”

Take A Look At The New Web Series "She Got Problems"

I’m totally convinced that web series are increasingly the way to go to see more realistic, honest or simply just different (i.e.eccentric and quirky) portrayals of black folks. Hollywood is too corrupted, small minded and firmly stuck in their ways to even attempt that. Issa Rae could tell you stories about how Hollywood has treated her or has been utterly clueless when she pitched them her Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl as a TV series.

Now here comes a new web series with a black female lead, She Got Problems – created by, written by, and starring Alison McDonald, who’s a veteran TV writer and story editor on shows such as Close To Home, American Dad and currently on Nurse Jackie.

No doubt Ms. McDonald knows all too well the pitfalls of television and why they avoid taking risks and most anything they put out seems so crappy: “Everything is grouped to death, with the unattainable goal of appealing to every being on the planet. And the resulting product is bland indistinquishable matter.”

The series deals with her messed up personal life and troubles finding a suitable mate, but told in a genuinely funny off-kilter approach. According to Ms. McDonald this was a project she had been developing for six years originally as a feature film and that it was inspired by actual events. She is currently working to raise the money to create full length versions of the series.

And if McDonald reminds you of someone, that is because she’s the sister of actress/singer Audra McDonald who makes a cameo appearance in the first episode. What’s the point of having family connections if you can’t use them?

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Lavetta Cannon

This is awesome! I will be watching 'cause, girl, I feel your pain! LOL:-)


LOL i can dig it..




Okay I'm hooked! Wait, maybe I should explain myself… I'm hooked on Nurse Jackie. That's right, my mother used to say that if you play with a puppy it will lick you in the face. Well… for reasons I shall not explain, Nurse Jackie has a hold on me. Anyway, I watched the video clip and then read Tambay's commentary. You know, I saw Ms McDonald picture and thought "Huuuumm, she looks yummy, I better she what she's doing". I thought it was going to be one of those Awkward Black Girl thangs, which I DO NOT DO, but my first impression was "this is a skilled writer". I no ABC exec, nor have I been to Disneyland but, I know good writing. Hey, that's why I've recently been spending way to much time watching The Big C, Nurse Jackie and House Of Lies. Yeah me, CareyCarey, the man who only watches Sportcenter and movies on "HIS" TV, is now feening. That's right, I cannot tell a lie.. I feel like singing Kool & The Gang's "I can't get enough of that funky stuff". Damnit, I gotta kick this horrible habit because it's cool to be part of Kool & The Gang but I am starting to look like Post Cereal's anthropomorphic cartoon bear character Sugar Bear, who sings the jingle, " I can't get enough of that Sugar Crisp, it keeps me going strong". DAAAAAAAANNNNG… DAAAAAMIT… I've been to drug rehab and now raunchy-racy-witty-rehab is in my future. However, I heard Dr Phil say ya can't fix what you don't accept, so I have to tell on myself and say this Audra McDonald is working with something. This is a classy well written web series. Funny too. Now, if I was her producer I'd have to determine her target audience. Huuuuuuum, who would that be?

Mark & Darla

Love Audra Broadway character.


Very dope. I would definitely watch this. This works more as a cable show than feature methinks…


A show rife with skits about her pining for Black dudes who aren't studying her? I'll pass.


Meh. I saw it before on Clutch and still feel the same: Cute, but kind of all over the place; feels more like an audition or pitch than anything else. She's obviously talented, but is this really a web series? If so, needs focus or some direction.

B Nicole

That was great! Wit and musical numbers make me happy. Plus she's gorgeous. Hope to see more of these.


When I re-watched it, I realized it was awesome. I hope she gets a following because she's witty, beautiful, and different. I'd like to see more.


Is this an actual web series or just a one off video? I know Clutch magazine posted this some time ago, but I haven't seen any traction on it.


This woman has talent, looks, a keen perspective, and a wry sense of humor. It's no wonder that she's doesn't have a show or movie like "Girls."


Still watching but I'm cracking up at Audra McDonald signing that baby's forehead! HAAAAAAAAAA!!


"I was his first Negress…" Haha! This series could definitely grow on me.

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