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Talking Tesseracts & Prototypes: New Clip From ‘The Avengers’

Talking Tesseracts & Prototypes: New Clip From 'The Avengers'

You ready for some more “The Avengers” action!? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place. Continuing with their marketing plan, a large portion of which involves showing our heroes standing or walking, Marvel has unveiled yet another clip from the movie, this time with both walking and talking. Keep your pants on.

Cobie Smulders stopped by “The Late Show With David Letterman” last night, and she brought with her a new look at the upcoming superhero smash-up. The scene features Maria Hil and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) doing ye olde Aaron Sorkin-style walk-n-talk, chatting about the Tesseract and some phase two prototypes and…..whoa, sorry, nearly feel asleep there….

Anyway, this will probably be more interesting in context (right?), and we’ll see how it all plays on May 4th. Watch below. [RopeOfSilicon]

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Kevin Klawitter

Yeah, like they're going to give away the money shots of such a highly-anticipated blockbuster before the movie is even released. Just because that's standard practice with most tentpole movies these days doesn't mean Marvel is going to fall into it.

Seriously, your overt attempts to sabotage the publicity for this movie are so obvious it's offensive. I know negative stories tend to get more hits than positive ones, but cool your jets a bit.

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