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Taylor Lautner To Try A Comedy Career Now, Joins ‘Grown Ups 2’

Taylor Lautner To Try A Comedy Career Now, Joins 'Grown Ups 2'

Oh, Taylor Lautner. Poised to be the next big hot new thing, his solo action adventure outing “Abduction” flopped at the box office, his starring role in “Stretch Armstrong” was scuttled and that movie he’s supposed to do with Gus Van Sant (no, really) seems to be waiting to happen. So what is Jacob supposed to do now. How about comedy?

THR reports the actor will join the growing cast of “Grown Ups 2” which last week added “Project X” star Oliver Cooper to the regular faces that will be back. Of course, there are no plot details because these movies don’t have a plot so much as a string of jokes about bodily functions, but the trade stresses the role will be “fun” and will find Lautner facing off against Adam Sandler himself. Hooray. Okay, so this isn’t Lautner’s first time doing comedy, as he’s hosted “Saturday Night Live.” But it wasn’t a great effort (then again that show does nobody any favors), and bringing comic chops to a big screen is a different animal.

It seems a pretty glaring effort to reposition the hottie actor as a fun loving comedy dude as opposed to a brooding werewolf, and we can’t really blame Lautner and his team for going down that path. Diversity is key for a young actor who wants a long career. But “Grown Ups 2”? Really? Is that all they could get? Guess we’ll see how he works out next summer when the movie lands on July 12, 2013.

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I think that TL really needs a new "team" but I'm sure he'll do fine with a small role in this movie. He seems to "sell it" in his comedy roles better than his Twilight stuff (especially for a male audience), which he is most famous for. His former comedy stuff includes: Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Valentine's Day, episode of SNL (still on Hulu), and the Funny or Die:Field of Dreams 2 sketch with Kevin Costner. I think he did good in all of those.


Grown Up's 2 will do well and even if it didn't TL wound not shoulder any of the blame. Risk free for him


This won't happen, just like all his other projects. The GVS thing seems like it was just hot air from his people, probably to distract from the huge flop of Abduction.


Bet this ends up being a glorified cameo. I think the house of cards that was his team's strategy of announcing projects that were never going to happen has finally crashed and this was what they could find him in the aftermath.


Hartford Whalers :)

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