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Taylor Swift & Alison Pill Being Lined Up To Play Joni Mitchell & Carole King In ‘Girls Like Us’

Taylor Swift & Alison Pill Being Lined Up To Play Joni Mitchell & Carole King In 'Girls Like Us'

Casting anybody in the roles of the legendary Joni Mitchell and Carole King was always going to be a difficult task, but these choices — well, one in particular — will be sure to draw some interesting scrutiny and controversy.

In the works for a while now — with John Sayles announced to be writing the film over a year ago — casting is underway with Taylor Swift and Alison Pill as the leading contenders to play Mitchell and King respectively. An adaptation of Sheila Weller’s “Girls Like Us,” the film will track the careers of Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell and Carole King, who all emerged out of the ’60s folk scene and not only became pioneering musicians, but also important feminist figures as well. It’s a great story, but we have to say, Swift feels like a bizarre choice. Yes, she has the pipes, but does she have the acting range or the skill to embody the artist who did everything from touring with Bob Dylan to experimenting with jazz, and in many ways is exactly the opposite in every possible way from the manufactured pop and persona of Swift? But hey, Swift gets things greenlit we guess (and this project still needs a green light).

As for Pill, we think she’s actually fine for King, and we like her as an actress overall so no problems there. But unlike Swift, we don’t think her name alone could get this moving. The two are apparently just a couple among a number of actresses who have been auditioning, and there’s no word yet on who is linked to the Carly Simon part. Should it all come together and Sony gives the thumbs up, cameras will roll later this year. With the Coens going down the folk path with their own “Inside Llewyn Davis,” is a revival around the corner? [Variety]

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I am actually really excited About this, I know the cast will change and go back and forth but I am overall intrigued I love Joni, Carly, and Carole and to see a film about these great artists makes me happy!


Taylor Swift showed up this year's Sundance, paved the way bit then? Alison Pill is interesting, look her played the cool drummer in Scott vs. the World.


Swift fans invaded this site? Swift is a bad singer and a bad actress.


Mila Kunis would be perfect as Carly. It would also give allow the picture to get the green light without having to bow to the terrible casting of Taylor Swift as Joni.


They kinda look alike. Plus there is this writing about boyfriends connection. Taylor`s only drama role has been CSI….and she was pretty good there.

If she gets the role this will be make it or break it kind of deal for her in terms of future acting.


I don't know man…I guess we'll just have to wait till the film's release for the outcome….I guess I'm somewhat curious since she's only voiced a CG character and played pretty wolf boy's arm candy in Valentine's Day….


You have no idea what your talking about with Taylor Swift. She is the hardest working and most genuine person in the industry today and is more like Joni Mittchell then not. If anything Joni should feel honored that Taylor loves her enough to want to portray her. I say bring it on the movie sounds interesting.

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