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“The Bachelor” Hit With Discrimination Lawsuit

"The Bachelor" Hit With Discrimination Lawsuit

If you will recall, last week I told you about Portland sports broadcaster Lamar Hurd, who is working very hard to become the first black guy to headline the popular ABC show The Bachelor (Read HERE).

Well it looks like maybe he shouldn’t have bothered, since the ABC, production companies Warner Horizon Television, Next Entertainment, NZK Productions and the show’s executive producer Mike Fleiss, are going to be hit with a class action discrimination lawsuit that will be filed today in federal court.

The planitiffs are two black Nashville football players, Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson, who are scheduled to hold a press conference today to discuss their suit with the media.

However, in a joint statement, they claim that they filed the suit for “all persons of color who have applied for the role of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but been denied the equal opportunity for selection on the basis of race. Over a combined total of 23 seasons neither show has ever had a Bachelor or a Bachelorete of color.

Both Johnson and Claybrooks claim that they both previously auditioned for the show together, only to face a stunned producer who asked them what they were doing there. They said they were taken to the other side of the room and purposely left out. Neither of course was called back and they believe it was because they were black.

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Miles Ellison

This is like suing the local pimp for not paying his whores enough.


If it helps hurtle this train wreck of a show down the path toward cancellation faster, then I'm all for it!


Anyone actually watch The Bachelor?


Should've gotten hit with a "God Awful Television Show" Lawsuit.


Indeed, Kai–but it might go a ways to highlighting, even for something as silly and detrimental as The Bachelor/Bachelorette series is, just how entrenched the behind-the-scenes racism really is. These are situations where it won't come out in the open, because the ones responsible know better than to do that (that whole Klansman-are-crazy-not-me/I'm-not-a-racist-but deal). But I don't think the two guys bringing suit would expose themselves to the haterade for bringing it up if there wasn't something to it. I suppose the point is is that The Bachelor is not the point; the right to go on it and make a damn player fool of yourself–or, for thw women involved, to be tricked out for weeks on national television in the hopes of getting a husband (and vice versa for the Bachelorette)– no matter what race or creed is what's at stake. If that's what they want, than American racism shouldn't be allowed to prevent them from doing so. Um, yeah…


This has to be the most "who gives a shit" article posted on shadow and act

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