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“The Walking Dead” Producers Tease Season 3 (More T-Dogg, “Really Intense Stuff” w/ Michonne, More)

"The Walking Dead" Producers Tease Season 3 (More T-Dogg, "Really Intense Stuff" w/ Michonne, More)

Easily one of my fave shows on TV right now, AMC’s The Walking Dead, ended season 2 with a bang, in an episode that was directed by Ernest Dickerson, and that introduced a character many have been anxiously anticipating, Michonne, to be played by Danai Gurira when season 3 rolls around. 

Can’t wait!

And there’s maybe more of a reason to get excited about season 3, thanks to some revelations made by the show’s producers and cast at a panel at the TV Academy in North Hollywood last night.

Here are some notable highlights, courtesy of THR:

– T-Dogg (IronE Singleton) will continue to trend on Twitter during every episode — “in a good way,” [Showrunner Glen] Mazzara said. Acknowledging that the fan-favorite character is considered to have been under-used this season, the showrunner explained T-Dogg has been intentionally quiet as he watches the insanity unfold around him.

– “The good stuff is coming,” according to [executive producer/comic creator Robert] Kirkman. “For comic fans, they know the good stuff is coming, the really intense stuff with Michonne, the Governor and Woodbury [prison] really defined the comic book series and we haven’t even gotten to that stuff yet,” he said. “So now that we’re getting to that stuff in Season 3, it’s really going to change the show quite a bit.”

– The epic way in which Dale died in the comic series could still make its way onto the AMC drama — for another character. In the long-running Image series, Dale winds up being bitten by a walker, kidnapped by cannibals and having his infected leg cut off and consumed before being set free and dying at Andrea’s side. “There will be cases where something memorable like that will be displaced and given to somebody else,” Kirkman said. “I’ll hint that that actually happens in our first episode back in Season 3 — there’s something memorable that happened to a character in the comic is happening in the show in our first episode back and it’s not the same character.”

And there’s more which you can read HERE.

But I figured these specific bits would get you most excited – especially the part about T-Dogg actually becoming more present and useful in the series; at least that’s what is hinted at. If there’s one complaint I heard a lot from viewers, it’s been the under-utilization T-Dogg. Well, now maybe he’ll finally be “unleashed,” after being “intentionally quiet” as the Showrunner said.

And of course, there’s the “really intense stuff with Michonne” to look forward to as well.

Season 3 can’t come soon enough.

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id like so much the movie of the walking dead .. ill wait the next episode ..

Deundre Rushing

when is the walking dead season three coming on

twd rules

tyreese should come in like michonne did like save rick because in the comics( if the show follows the comics) they fight a lot.


I'm happy that the guy playing T-Dogg is getting a check in Hollywood but… yea, he needs to go.
If the producers and writer change course and make T-Dogg into Tyrese, I'll flip out.

Walking dead fan

There were other stories panning out. Adding t-dog into the mix may have been too much. I don't think it had anything to do with race. Michonne…hello?!?Come on guys, let's get past that. Is that where we are at now in 2012? We have a black president! Just wait and see how everything turns our before assuming its racial. Not everyone is out to get the African American race.


This is some bullshit. It is true that showrunner and his writing crew "intentionally" kept T-Dogg in the background. What he isn't being honest about is that race played a factor as it almost always does when black characters are reduced to being token on TV shows. There is no desire by the people behind the scenes to make black characters fascinating. Not most times at least. By this point I'm tired of T-Dogg and his underdevelopment. They should have just killed him off because he adds nothing to the show. They can't simply salvage him after all this time of ignoring him. T-Dogg is a poor substitution for Tyreese. Tyreese was an A-type personality himself. A warrior who had relationships with a couple of the main female characters including Michonne. T-Dogg is an overweight, one dimensional nobody who has no purpose outside of showing up to a scene when extra bodies are needed to fight off zombies. Oh and he is apparently asexual as well. Oh, wait! That's actually the perfect black male for TV series. Tyreese on the other hand had a dick and liked to use it from time to time (kinda like Shane). No place for a black dude like him on prime time TV I guess. Sadly Tyreese played an integral part of the whole prison storyline from the comics but TPTB of the show have no use for him. Somehow I'm guessing they'll find a place for the more criminal-like black residents of that prison though.


T-Dogg is a fan favorite? That's strange, I've never heard anyone say anything positive about him. I hope they do better things with him, I don't care for him at all right now but that's mainly due to how poorly written the character is. So if they can correct that, he could be a useful asset to the show.


I'm going to be REALLY interested on how the racial dynamics are going to play out around Michonne if the show remains true to the ordeals she went through in the comic…


I'll bet they make T-Dawg into Tyrone… unless that part is what they turn Daryl into.

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