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Van Sant and Damon Attack Fracking with “The Promised Land”

Van Sant and Damon Attack Fracking with "The Promised Land"

I normally wouldn’t write a post on a production announcement, but this one is making major political waves in the mediasphere: Turns out Gus van Sant and Matt Damon’s new film “The Promised Land,” is being dubbed an “anti-fracking movie,” and will likely bring the controversial drilling practive into the public sphere, far more than Josh Fox, director of Oscar nominee “Gasland,” could ever have hoped.

According to Variety, Damon and Krasinski will star “as rival corporate executives, with the former thesp playing a character whose life is thrown into disarray after he arrives in a small town.” The film also stars Frances McDormand, Rosemarie DeWitt and Hal Holbrook, who “will play an engineer who lives in the town and opposes a corporate takeover being led by Damon.”

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a drilling process for extracting natural gas from shale rock. The procedure has caused concern due in part to the chemicals injected into the wells for drilling, which may taint nearby drinking water. 

With Fox working on a sequel to “Gasland” and “The Promised Land” going into production this summer, concerns about fracking will likely explode into a major hot button topic sometime next year.

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I don't know if John Krasinski has reached the level of fame at which he requires no first name on first reference! ;)

Jim south london England

copy and paste into your browser for an alternative few point


We need to stop trying to suck what ever fossil fuel is left in the ground and start working on alternatives. Fracking is a dirty wasteful process that adds to green house gases, it is a ponzi scam it takes more fossil fuels to extract then we recieve in benefit. We already have a 100 year surplus on hand how much more do we need. We will turn our country into the N.Y Love canal a toxic burned out wasteland.

Random Action

3 PETITIONS TO BAN IT – 20 seconds to sign, a LIFETIME OF DIFFERENCE made:
3. Mothers Against Fracking


Fracking = US children future compromised period. Water is life…we can't drink money !
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