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Vote for Project of the Week! Will it Be ‘God,’ ‘Granny,’ ‘Dust’ or ‘Masculinity/Femininity’

Vote for Project of the Week! Will it Be 'God,' 'Granny,' 'Dust' or 'Masculinity/Femininity'

Vote below for this week’s Project of the Week.

The winning filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and will become a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a consultation from the Sundance Institute.

The four projects up for the prize: “Maybe God Is Talking to You,” “Granny’s Got Game,” “Dust” and “Masculinity/Femininity.”

Voting will end on Monday April 16, at 11AM Eastern.

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Abdur Razzaque

Wish Luck and cheers from Bangladesh.

Syble Gandy

I vote for Granny's Got Game

juliette Morel

I vote for dust


Good luck to everyone and all are so great! VERY CONGRATULATION for Dust and really can't wait to watch the final film, wish luck and Cheers from Thailand!

Jean Marie

Loved Dust, so inspirational

Josh Grier

Thank you to everyone who voted for Dust. It was a thrill to hear from so many of our friends in all parts of the world. We had some great competition and I wish all the other filmmakers the best of luck.

Gallup Film Foundation

You have our support for "Maybe God Is Talking To You" – Gallup Film Foundation, Gallup, New Mexico – please let us know how we could be of service.. C House

Mark Levine

That was fun! Thanks everyone for voting for "Maybe God Is Talking To You" and best of luck to all the other projects! And yes, we too are SO close to our fundraising goal! Contribute if you can! Thanks again!

Russell Sheaffer

I'd like to second Angela's comments. As the director of Masculinity/Femininity, I'd like to say that all of the projects here look extremely fascinating and I really appreciate the love that we are all pouring into each of them. We, too, really need and appreciate any and all support for our film — shooting an experimental documentary on Super 8 certainly limits funding options and crowd sourcing is an absolutely vital element to our success (and to our paying for film on which to shoot). If you have the means, please consider contributing a few dollars to Masculinity/Femininity on kickstarter at:

Linda James


Angela Alford

Thanks to everyone who voted for Granny's Got Game! It is obvious that the team at Ember Labs working on Dust are very talented. I wish them all the best on what should be an amazing film. It is a shame we had to be pitted against each other.

I've been a one-woman team for the last year and half on Granny's Got Game. We are just $1500 short of our fundraising goal. I need to raise these funds to pay the Emmy-award winning composer and sound mixer who have agreed to work on the film – obviously not for the money, but because they love the project. Please consider contributing to the film and supporting the story of these amazing women. You can learn more here:

To follow the progress of the Granny's Got Game, you can like us on Facebook:

Thank you!
Angela Gorsica Alford – producer/director/cinematographer/editor for Granny's Got Game

Mel Boynton

Dust is very engaging and interesting – something that I would love to go see in the theater. And the passion by the writers, producers, actors, etc – amazing!!! They get my vote :)

Celia Regenberg

Dust gets my vote! Pretty amazing visuals. Leaves me intrigued & wanting to see more…


I am voting for Dust! And I just got a bunch of people at this party do it too! because I think it's the best of all four!


Hey everyone, after long consideration, I am voting Dust:

PLEASE READ: The other movies are films that tell us someone else's story. While I think they are interesting subjects in and of themselves, they also pull at our sentimental heart strings, they ride on the subject they are shooting, more than the actual filmmmaking. And while I see nothing wrong with that… Dust is the one that is different.

From watching the preview of Dust, I can tell that these are young people that want to tell a real story. They have put all of their free time and sweat into making this film… It's a huge endeavor, and the things we have seen look amazing, and all on zero budget.

This guy is telling a real story… Something that I feel a lot of people in Hollywood have forgotten how to do. Instead they rely on remaking everything under the sun, choosing only what they think is popular, and disregarding what is actually interesting.

I want to encourage young people, young filmmakers, to tell their own stories, to give us all new perspectives. If I want reality, I can turn on the tv, I can browse the internet and hear about these senior women playing basketball, and I highly doubt their story will stop here.

But a film like Dust? It's riding on EVERYTHING… It's the true underdog, it's not taking the easy route to releasing a film, and in my opinion, it's what we as the viewers absolutely NEED to tell the studios out there that we want.

We want creativity.
We want passion.
We want skill.
We want movies that don't cater to the lowest common denominator.
We don't need our heart strings pulled to care about something.
We don't need sentimentality to be interested.

Vote for Dust… The underdog, the film that relies more on us and OUR passion, than the rest.


I love documentaries! To me, nothing is as compelling and intriguing as real-life drama. My vote is for "Granny's Got Game".

Bill Hamill

The artistry of the film, DUST, is worthy of a big win. We go to the movies to escape , do we not? This film eases the process.

Elaine Hamill

I would like to register my vote for the movie entitled DUST. It shows great promise.


As a Granny of 76 stillplaying basketball I thing this film tells it all


Regarding Granny's Got Game: I play bball at the same gym as these senior women! They are absolutely inspirational to all athletes that we can continue to be happy, healthy, active, and competitive even through the hard times life will throw at us as we age. I hope this inspiring video gets the attention it deserves!

Paul Vissers / Orlando

Dust is amazing, hope they win.

Stafford Green

Dust looks amazing! Projects that have this kind of heart and determination result in something magically creative – this clearly has that magic.


I voted for Dust. The trailer is impressive and the story seems intriguing.

Jessie Wag

Maybe God is Talking to You addresses a wide range of issues (family, aging, HIV/AIDS, faith) and will be shot on a micro-budget by a team of professionals and amatuers working side by side. From what I can see it has real festival potential. Maybe God gets my vote.


It may seem like a "big budget" film, because it is so well done. However, Dust in no way, shape or form is a "big budget" project. In fact, virtually everyone working on the film is doing it 'gratis'. That being said, you can see the professionalism being put into Dust in trying to make a futuristic view of our world seem to be virtually happening today. The story has a human element to it, just like all the other films listed. Additionally, Dust tackles a much larger issue, one which affects each and every one of us on this great big orb, including the aged, woman/man, gay/lesbian/heterosexual, those unfortunate souls with HIV, and otherwise. My hats off to those involved with Dust. I think you've made an insightful and compelling movie, and I hope you'll continue to provide the viewing public with such thought provoking films.


Dust looks really interesting. I really want to see that get some exposure.


I like Anthony's comment–you've got projects that are in different stages of production and completion…things with large budgets and small budgets…some that have reached their initial fundraising goals and some that haven't. I've got to give my vote to the Maybe God film; still in pre-production and working towards meeting it's Kickstarter goal. It looks like a meaningful project that deserves the push to get its message out there.


This looks like a David vs. Goliath battle. The big-budget, mysterious special effects film (Dust) vs. the small budget, inspiring and heart-warming documentary (Granny's Got Game). I'm going to root for the little guy – or Granny in this case.

Joe Schilling

The trailer for "Dust" is phenomenal.


Can't wait to see Granny's Got Game — such a unique and inspiring idea for a film!


Dust looks amazing. I'm definitely voting for them.


I'm really intrigued by Dust. I can't wait to see how their world is changing and why. It's got a great look and feel. I hope that they get the support they need to finish it!


All of these projects look truly amazing, inspirational and absolutely well-deserving of the prizes that are at stake here! However, my vote went to Maybe God Is Talking To You. The message was so powerful to me, and I felt that this film has the potential to go far. I found myself excited at the prospect of this film making a a journey from pre-production into production and down the road a final product that my gut tells me could go a long way in the world of independent films. So, in the end, I had to go with my gut and this film was the one that spoke to me and intrigued me enough that it kept drawing my attention back. Best of luck to all of these projects!

Heidi G

Granny's Got Game really draws my interest – it is an inspiration to people of ALL ages!

Billy C.

Dust looks like an amazing new world! Shot in Japan! This film looks sweet, and it's message relevant and intriguing!


Vote for Maybe God!!!


Maybe God is a powerful film that has themes anyone will be able to relate to. The issues of sexuality and HIV are just the surface; this film delves into relationships and family dynamics, religion, and the inner and outer fight to face things head on and overpower struggle in a world in which we often let struggle overpower us. This film has the potential to make a huge impact!


It looks to me like "Maybe God…" focuses not only on the issues of older people, but gay people, family, religion and HIV…Sounds like the kind of magic we need in this culture!

John G

This film is an eye opener that basketball doesn't have end with graduation – the game goes on!

Sally Thompson

Probably the best promotional documentary in support of women's basketball and encouragement for women of all ages to remain active I have seen. Anxious to see the final production.

Mary Agnes

Granny's Got Game is a film that all generations need to view – it is cross generational because it gives example to the young, hope to the young adults, and praise to the elderly!


They all look interesting, but "Granny…" looks like a straight-forward story that people need to see. Of all the topics (gays "Maybe God…", Gender stereotypes "Masculinity…", Environment "Dust"), the problems (and successes) of the elderly are consistently the most overlooked because, you know…they're old, and they'll be dead soon anyway.

I hope people don't watch the film with the attitude of "Oh, isn't that sweet". These women are tough competitors who want to win.


Granny's Got game is so inspiring!!

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