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Warner Bros. Puts Mel Gibson’s Jewish Epic On Hold, Say Script Is The Reason

Warner Bros. Puts Mel Gibson's Jewish Epic On Hold, Say Script Is The Reason

“Hey, let’s give Mel Gibson a bunch of money to make a period based, swords-and-sandals epic about a pivotal moment in Jewish history!”….that’s not a sentence you’ll be hearing at Warner Bros. now or probably anytime soon, as the studio has put the brewing epic movie on hold. Can’t say we’re shocked.

First announced last fall, the film was penned by Joe Eszterhas (“Basic Instinct,” “Jade“) and would have told the story of Maccabee, who led a Jewish revolt against the Greek-Syrian armies that conquered Judea in the second century B.C. “[It’s] from the last two books of the Old Testament, which is like; just read it some time. Maccabee 1 and 2. Just read it, it’s like a Western,” Gibson enthused just a couple of months ago. “It’s an amazing story. It’s heroic beyond belief. The entire might of the Seleucid Empire, which was Persia, their whole objective at the time was to wipe Judea off the map and they almost did it except for this little hold out that miraculously grew and wanted it all back again.”

And normally, this would be all fine and dandy for anybody else, but this is Mel “sugar tits” Gibson we’re talking about and naturally the news of this project drew the ire of Jewish groups who denounced that WB was even considering the project. “Casting him as a director or perhaps as the star of ‘Judah Maccabee’ is like casting Madoff to be the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission,” Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, said hyperbolically. But we get where he’s coming from.

Well, it seems WB are rethinking the whole thing. The Wrap reports that they’re placing the blame on the script by Eszterhas for not having “a sense of triumph” which seems a bit dubious as, no matter what you think of his work, lacking in emotions is not something the writer struggles with. They are apparently “analyzing what to do with the project” but we’d guess this is a smokescreen for the basic fact that this was a horrible idea from day one, and that Gibson as much he’s trying, is still somewhat of a pariah at the moment and moving forward with a big epic that will just court controversy doesn’t make any business sense at all.

So what will Mel do next? He’s still got his Viking movie “Berserker” in the works that has a script from Randall Wallace, though he lost his lead in Leonardo DiCaprio in the wake of the whole drunken/racist/sugar tits debacle. But we’d be surprised if that got moving at the studio for the very same reason. Gibson is still on the outs with Hollywood, and as long as that’s the case, he’ll need to rely on the help of friends or indie financing to stay in the movie game.

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If the Jews truly want an epic, empowering story about one of their past heroes that will capture and inspire audiences around the world, then they would be foolish not to use Mel Gibson. The man was clearly born with the ability to create visual masterpieces out of legends and folklore. Grow some balls and let him do his thing.

Nik Grape

But Gibson doing a Jewish epic is a little too transparently desparate no? He shuold focus on getting funding for his Viking movie, that's a passion project of his and regardless of what kind of person he is in private, he would make a great Viking film.


This is not all The Wrap is reporting. Forget the fact that WB turned the script down, it appears as though Eszterhas has written a 9 page letter stating Gibson is the racist he's claimed to be. In fact, while working on the script with Gibson apprently Gibson reffered to Jews as "oven dodgers" and Eszterhas only put up with the behavior because he thought at least he was going to get his film made. Weird little story and quite scary.


Mel "sugar tits" Gibson: poor guy…. ?


Here is another scandelous piece of journalism from Kevin, folks. He types 'Sugar-tits' twice in his article and disrespects a celebrity. Kevin no matter how bad you think a celebrity is and since you are involved in writing articles my suggestion is that put your words in a professional manner together. Last time I heard someone calling sugar tits was in a flea market, for that person was referring to a women and who was a pervert. That's how low you took this site.

Script is the reason behind this issue and WB is not rethinking it. They are going to get a new writer for it or they will have Joe to fix it.


Poor guy. how many actors have said racist things about other groups and they've never been persecuted like this. The Jews can hold a grudge.

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