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Watch: 5 Minutes Of Clips From ‘The Lucky One’ With Zac Efron Plus Full Soundtrack Details

Watch: 5 Minutes Of Clips From 'The Lucky One' With Zac Efron Plus Full Soundtrack Details

Oh boy, Zac Efron‘s “The Lucky One” is coming, and in case you couldn’t tell, this was his “serious” movie. Director Scott Hicks (“Shine,” “Snow Falling On Cedars,” “No Reservations“) is going to make sure you feel it in every frame.

A handful of clips from the film have emerged, totaling over five minutes, and they find Efron playing an Iraq war veteran (snicker), who credits the photo of a woman named Beth, whom never met, for saving his life. Instead of going to therapy like most people would, he tracks her down and a romance begins. Oh yeah, this is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. So, how can we tell little Zac is damaged? Well, they’ve got him wearing a scruffy half-beard (giggle) and in order to amp up the drama this thing is bathed drowned in Thomas Kinkade-style GOLDEN LIGHTING emerging from every cinematic orifice. And for fucks sake, there’s even a mouthy kid in here. Can Zac help Beth get rid of her awful, muscle-car-driving husband? We hope so because gosh-he’s-just-so-good-with-her-kid-and-zomg-wouldn’t-he-be-a-good-father.

Anyway, once you’re done watching the claptrap below, you can take a peek at the official soundtrack for the movie, which features a bunch of soft singer-songwriter fare by people you never heard of (though a couple of the tunes were on “Castle” and “Grey’s Anatomy” if that’s any indication). And for the dudes, Ponderosa (lol) and Mayfield serve up some of the most generic rock music you’ve ever heard. “The Lucky One” opens on April 20th, the soundtrack lands April 17th. [Collider/WaterTower Music]

“The Lucky One” Soundtrack Tracklist

1. You Know It’s True – Jules Larson
2. All The World (I Tell Myself) – Correatown
3. You Got What I Need – Joshua Radin
4. Count Me In – Early Winters
5. If I Run – Voxhaul Broadcast
6. What I Wouldn’t Do – A Fine Frenzy
7. Wasted Generation – Mayfield
8. Hold On You – Ponderosa
9. When I Feel – Mayfield
10. Dance Everyday – Terrance Simien
11. Over The Bend – Hilmar
12. The Story – Brandi Carlile

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Victor Attica

I just saw the trailer for this movie, and I don't even need to watch these clips or the movie itself to realize how fucking stupid it is. First, you got the big "brave" American soldier who figures this random broad's picture saved his life while he was busy illegally occupying a poor country and got rightfully owned by some sort of explosive planted to protect said country from baby-killing nutcases. Then you got the bullshit love story, soldier-coddling….All this movie is gonna do is create a whole new generation of Shack Rats and inflate the egos of one of the largest groups of rapists and murders in the world.


@KT Why is it a stupid question? He's the right age for a Marine, he's very fit and strong. Or do you think it is stupid just because he's been in musicals?


LMAOOOOOO @kevin, Zac Efron is not gonna like this!


You son of a bitch, jus shut your fucking mouth. Loser.

Ana Carolina Ventura dos Santos

THE LUCKY ONE will be amazing, I am following every step, interviews, new photos, posters, my idol Zac, premiere, etc … ^ ^


"Efron playing an Iraq war veteran (snicker)"

Why is this funny?

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