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Watch: A Map Of Romance Sidetracks Ben Foster In Trailer for Road Trip Drama ‘Here’

Watch: A Map Of Romance Sidetracks Ben Foster In Trailer for Road Trip Drama 'Here'

Despite finding solid reviews after its 2011 Sundance premiere, music video director Braden King‘s debut feature, “Here,” is just now finding a theatrical release, and there’s an evocative trailer to prove it.

Vulture brings us our first look at the film, which stars Ben Foster as an American cartographer working throughout Armenia, where he stumbles across the beautiful photographer Gadarine (Lubna Azabal, last seen in “Incendies”). After coincidence brings them together twice, they strike off on a road trip of their own, exploring a romance woven between the complex views of nature along the way. Boasting an exquisitely composed visual style throughout that complements the good-looking cast, the trailer also provides glimpses of Foster and Azabal’s relationship, which seems to strike a mature, occasionally spiritual tone.

Once seemingly the second name on casting director’s lists for the “Ryan Gosling role,” Foster has turned into quite the character actor in the past few years, taking a variety of nuanced roles in excellent films. While he has not yet attained a meme (which might be for the best), his turns in “The Messenger” and “Six Feet Under” show a compelling actor ready for a challenge, which “Here” appears to embody in this brief glimpse.

Hopefully that complexity translates to the entire film, as “Here” opens April 13th in NYC before rolling out to other cities.

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I love Ben Foster. He has put in some great performances in the past and is one of those actors that sadly goes unappreciated. For that reason, I did see this movie at Sundance 2011. Unfortunately though, I thought it was very dry and lackluster. I was disappointed that this didn’t match some of the great work I’ve seen from him in the past.


I have been waiting for this beautiful film since Sundance 2011. Ben Foster is an over underrated actor. Have also watched another road trip genre French film of Romain Duris et Lubna Azabal, it's pas mal.

Will Shepard

Yes, HERE premiered at Sundance in 2011, not 2010.


This looks really good. My kind of movie.

Jon Woods

I think it was Sundance 2011. I saw it there last year.

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