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Watch: Bill Plympton’s Couch Gag From This Week’s ‘Simpsons’

Watch: Bill Plympton's Couch Gag From This Week's 'Simpsons'

If the distinctive animation style of the couch gag that launched last night’s episode of “The Simpsons” looked familiar (and very non-Springfield standard), that’s because it’s the work of indie animator Bill Plympton (“Idiots and Angels,” “I Married a Strange Person!”). The extended sequence, which you can watch below, runs almost 90 seconds and envisions a younger Homer having an affair and fathering a baby armchair with the couch before he meets Marge. After that, things go downhill for the jilted sofa.

Plympton joins the ranks of fellow guest couch gag animators Banksy and John Kricfalusi, though the latter two never raised the question of what, exactly, a couch takes off when working as a stripper — its slipcovers?

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