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Watch: Black Widow Kicks Ass While Tied To A Chair In Clip From ‘The Avengers’

Watch: Black Widow Kicks Ass While Tied To A Chair In Clip From 'The Avengers'

The Avengers” are assembling in a matter of weeks, which means the marketing onslaught will be kicked up slightly, which means that today we’re getting the first clip from the film…and it’s a touch disappointing.

Marvel movies have never exactly been visually alluring, with cheapie budgets often making them looking like really expensive TV movies, and unfortuately, that bland aesthetic is still on display here. But that’s not really the worst thing about it. It seems the pairing up of a mega-team of superheroes hasn’t inspired writer/director Joss Whedon all that much. In yet another tired bad guy cliché, this scene sees Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) tied to chair for an interrogation by some bad military dudes, but still allowed to make a cell phone call. Fine. But of course, the big mistake is when the bad dude goes to get the cell phone back….big mistake! BRING IN THE STUNT DOUBLE! With some obvious cutting away to the person who isn’t ScarJo kicking ass, the entire sequence plays out with minimal excitement and expected results.

Anyhow, “The Avengers” high five each other in the U.K. on April 26th and in America on May 4th. Watch below. [Empire]

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Looks awesome! For an instant I thought she was going to stake the guy with the chair :D


"There's absolutely no evidence in the world to disprove my theory that Scarlet Johannson could save the world using only her breasts.


Comments from Black Widow's clip


That was ridiculous.

Ur mom

This reminds of Jason Statham in Killer Elite when he was tied to chair kicking ass. By the way, this movie is not cheap!! The budget was $300 million!! You call that cheap?! You wish you have that money. :-/


I have no idea what you mean by "cheapie budgets" of Marvel films. The Avengers is budgeted at over $200 million and the cheapest of them was Captain America at $140 million. If you can't get a good visual feel on a $140-$220 million budget, then that's a direction problem – not a budget problem! I do agree with your critique of the Marvel films though, but I've never been fond of comic book movies anyhow (I've only really enjoyed Nolan's Batman film).


She literally knocked a guy out with her hair.

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