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Watch: Famed Crazy Person Alex Jones Explains How ‘Prometheus’ Is Really Secretly About The Illuminati

Watch: Famed Crazy Person Alex Jones Explains How 'Prometheus' Is Really Secretly About The Illuminati

There are conspiracy theorists and then there is Alex Jones. The kind of right-wing, sort-of-conservative, not-really-libertarian, alarmist radio show host has turned tin-foil-hat-wearing speculation into a viable business model, and continues to find any and every opportunity to weave together the barest strands of logic into iron-clad proof that the New World Order is upon us.

His latest target? Ridley Scott‘s “Prometheus.” In his latest screed, Jones claims to have landed an early draft of the script that reveals that the sci-fi film is actually, secretly, about “the deepest secrets of the Illuminati mystery religion.” Hoo boy…Anyway, if you can tolerate Jones’ ear-pulverizing voice, watch below (we couldn’t make it past the first couple of minutes). We’re pretty sure his mind will explode when Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “The Master” comes out later this year. 

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You are totally full of krap too, I watched the movie twice and I agree with what Alex says about it about as close to 100% as it gets. Just look around at the illuminiti today such as the Bohemian Forest, Skull and Bones and other groups that feel they are God's seed and we are allignorant pesants that need controlled and mostly wiped out. Keep ignoring this stuff along with the spraying of barium salta and aluminum nitrate being sprayed on us every day, you'll get a grand awakening eventually.


Don't forget to go to his website of banner ads and to buy all the wares all of his guests are pushing each day.

Alex Jones is taking advantage of scared, uneducated idiots. Robbing them of time and in some cases, their money.


You folks need more to do with your time. Listening to Alex Jones is at best dumb. Discussing him is just sad.


Jones make some good points…certainly Weylad sounds like the sort whod love to get his hands on the secrets of the gods


All I heard was "this film is based on the goals and dangers of global technocratic corporatism," in so many words. No real "conspiracy" to that, is there? Aren't we witnessing the goals of the globalists come to fruition everyday? I think Kevin Jagernauth doesn't know enough about Jones' career to "get" him, and has blown this clip out of proportion.


Alex Jones has been on the airwaves for well over a decade now, he has the biggest listenership on the net, and in the majority of cases and stories he has been on the money. When this guy has been piece by piece predicting massive events, conspiracies that have become fact people like you can only resort to calling them "crazy". Well unfortunately I think in the USA today, you have to be crazy to speak the truth, because truth and freedom is the things that rarely exist in this country. Everyone knows it, but are now too bothered or too embarassed to say anything. If you can get past his voice, you will find meaning and investingation with documented fact everytime. The very fact that for hundreds of times has authorities and Government officials been revealed as purpertrators of huge corruption and scandal on his show, and time after time, with terror plots and propaganda in the news as staged events backed by the US. Its crazy to ignor his message, because documented fact and free discussion on the airwaves is different to writing a piece on someone elses work, having it OK'd by your boss as acceptable, then hopefully someone my want to buy it. Alex's message grown expidentually by the day. Many have criticised him but dare not debate against him. Its no wonder Alex and his family has had so many death threats.


ALEX IS 100% right, the question is do you think your free. A country who will never pay their national debt including my country CANADA . Wake the F#$% UP ,you ignorant peace of educated garbage. I BET your a trendy cocaine cornholer. TAKE GUESS WHO THE MONEY IS OWN TO. THE USURY CLAN.


Alex Jones is always on the mark.


You know, I used to work for George Soros. Gave a few presentatations (econometric analysis of EMs) where he was present, though his son was the lead.

New World Order Now.


What the H is he talking about?? o__O I lost him the first 30 seconds.


I do NOT want to be in this comment section in about two minutes.

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