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Watch: First Clip Of The Alien Invasion In ‘Battleship’ Plus New Pics From The Film

Watch: First Clip Of The Alien Invasion In 'Battleship' Plus New Pics From The Film

While we still have to wait a bit for Peter Berg‘s watery explosion fest known as “Battleship,” the board game movie actually starts opening up internationally next week and thanks to Japan and Russia, a few more peeks at the movie have made their way online.

First up, over at Yahoo Japan (via Latino Review) a clip has arrived showing us a look at the barbed wire metal ball space thingies that are part of the alien invasion (or whatever) that the Naval forces must face in “Battleship.” While we still think the concept is a bit ludicrous, it can’t be denied that Peter Berg is meeting summer blockbuster expectations head on here. Things explode big and loud as they should, and when we hear the grunt utter “Oh shit,” it’s not long before we fully understand just how deadly this assault is.

Meanwhile, Russian site Kinopoisk has unveiled a few new pics, mostly of Brooklyn Decker and Alexander Skarsgård, so a little bit of eye candy for both the dudes and the ladies. And as a final treat, we’ve included the Berg-directed Coca-Cola tie-in ad for the movie that Deadline picked up. It’s…interesting….

“Battleship” opens internationally on April 11th and in the U.S. on May 18th.

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Stephen B

I may see this just for the Friday Night Lights reunion aspects (Landry!).

Jacques DeMolay

Is it wrong that I'm a hetero male and I find Alexander Skarsgard more aesthetically pleasing that Brooklyn Decker? Also, where the hell is Rhianna?

I dunno, I kinda want to see this just to see how absurd it really is. On one hand, it could be this year's "Drive Angry", but on the other hand it could be more of a "Season of the Witch"…

Hmm… now that I think about it, why the hell isn't Nic Cage in Battleship? In fact, where's Nic Cage at these days? Last year he was all over the place, now… not so much. Maybe he'll turn up in G.I. Joe 2 or something.


Just look at those awe-inspiring tits.


God, this just looks so bland. I found nothing to be excited over in that clip and I'm the sort of dolt who eats up blockbusters. I was enthralled by the last Transformers. The effects alone were mesmerizing.

This… this… I don't know. I think Pete Berg is a good director. The Kingdom was handled wonderfully and to this day I find it to be quite underrated, but Battleship makes me glad he couldn't get Dune off the ground. That is a masterpiece in the making… and judging from this, I couldn't imagine what Berg would've done to it.

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