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Watch: Love Is Tested In New Trailer For ‘Take This Waltz’ With Michelle Williams & Seth Rogen

Watch: Love Is Tested In New Trailer For 'Take This Waltz' With Michelle Williams & Seth Rogen

One film that is quietly winning over the members of the Playlist as we all catch up with it is Sarah Polley‘s romantic drama “Take This Waltz.” It already won over our man at TIFF James Rocchi who called it “a modernist version of a late ’60s or early ’70s relationship film” that delivers “a knockout punch.” And now, a new trailer has arrived offering another strong and compelling look at the film.

The film stars Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen as a young couple who struggle with monogamy and fidelity, as the former is torn between her husband and a new man played by Luke Kirby. Shot and set in Polley’s native Toronto, you can feel her familiarity on her home turf which gives the film a particularly personalized feel. And while we have a few minor quibbles overall, the gorgeous lensing by cinematographer Luc Montpellier will hopefully put him on a broader radar (he’s one to keep an eye on). Boasting a great soundtrack (the film is named after a Leonard Cohen song, who also has a few tunes in the movie), the trailer opens with Corinna Rose and the Rusty Horse Band‘s “Green Mountain State” and closes with Jason Collet‘s “Rave On Sad Songs.”

“Take This Waltz” will play the Tribeca Film Festival later this month, before opening on June 29th. Watch below.

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This article has some typos. First off, what's with the title, calling the film "Take WITH Waltz"? And then this "Boasting a great soundtrack (the song is named after a Leonard Cohen song, who also has a few tunes in the movie)", I think you meant the "title" is named after…


What's the difference of this one from the former trailer? The threesome found the triangle in this one?


This looks really great.

Erik McClanahan

I know I'm baiting with this comment, but ignore what Cory Everett says about this film, it's fantastic. Polley seriously ups her game with this film. Can't wait to see it again.


The more I know about this film, the more I want to see it. This is actually number 1 on my "I can't wait to see this movie" list.


One of my favorites from TIFF! Yay, I'm glad that you guys liked it so much/discovering it and enjoying it. Seth Rogen really shows his range here and Michelle Williams is wonderful as always. The film got a somewhat polarizing response out of TIFF but I'm hoping it will slowly but surely win over audiences when it comes out. Although Williams was quite good in the otherwise slow and mediocre My Week with Marilyn, I'm hoping she is showered with similar praise and awards recognition for this film. Of course that would mean the Academy has to release the stick out of their butt and actually appreciate challenging film making….

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