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Watch Naturi Naughton & Loretta Devine in Lifetime Series Featurette of “The Client List” (Premieres Sunday)

Watch Naturi Naughton & Loretta Devine in Lifetime Series Featurette of "The Client List" (Premieres Sunday)

Here’s a preview and behind the scenes featurette of Lifetime‘s new series The Client List, which co-stars Naturi Naughton and Loretta Devine as “sexy” worker and the owner respectively, of massage parlor “The Rub.”

Yesterday, I posted THIS interview in which Naughton talks about her character, moral dilemma and the series in more detail. The Client List, based on Lifetime’s 2010 Original movie of the same name, stars Jennifer Love Hewitt.

As I said previously, I’m curious and will try to catch its premiere this Sunday, April 8th at 10/9pm Central on the Lifetime network.

Check out the series preview and behind the scenes featurette below.

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This is an embarrassment to an industry, which should pride it’s self on televising material that is more enlightening, inspiring and thought provoking. If you could reach hundred of thousands of people what story would you tell? How would you do a due diligence to your fellow human being? Sadly this industry is blinded by the false perception that sex sells. Indeed it does, but our society will not embrace flat-out immorality. It needs to be wooed, seduced. It must be real, feel real. I believe telling the real story of sex workers will probably lend greater ratings as well as educated people of the dangers. Cut out the lies the fairy tales, the veil of glamor. This is disgusting it’s like watching someone do drugs everyday and come home to friends and family as if all is well. The writer’s suck they give no complexity to the characters and as some have already mentioned it’s really just a big joke, and the punch line is the young girls/women who watch this will believe that this is how it really is. That sleeping with countless men for money will leave you healthy, beautiful, admired and loved by your friends and family. Let’s all laugh, how hilarious.


Watched the show – much ado about nothing… so far. No sex scenes at all. Actually no sex period – if these women are doing anything it's probably only with their hands. And only some of the girls do "extras," most of them don't. Naturi isn't the little sex kitten nymphette. The blonde chick is. And good old Loretta does not play sexy – she plays a business woman. A nice, understanding, yet firm business owner. She doesn't "handle" clients – just books them. Looks like they're setting it up so JLH is more a sex therapist who talks to clients than actually does anything… similar themes of Ghost Whisperer except putting husbands back together with wives. Basically, a story written about women for women. Men would be completely bored with this show. Women would stick around for the bare rippling chests of hot guys whose "modesty" is completely protected and not even hinted at. Southern accents are terrible.


I can't be the only one who believes "Lorretta Devine-Sexy" is a horrible misnomer? And who told Jennifer Love Hewitt that she was sexy? I mean, who's the target audience for this ten toes up and ten toes down? Hell, call it what they want, Clients list or Tricks List or Ho's On The Side, I don't care what they say, skin touching skin going in and out… that's FUCKIN', that's what the story is all about. Shiiiiit, if I want to see poor actors rubbing somebody down with burning hot oil, while wearing skimpy nightgowns and G-strings, I KNOW where to go. Daint the Lifetime channel. And just think, some folks were crying about Mary J Blige doing a Burger King commercial. But noooooo, it's okay for Naturi Naughton & Loretta Devine to flip ass, loads of titties and nut sacks. *lol*

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