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Watch Now: Trailer for Noel Clarke’s Sports Drama “Fast Girls”

Watch Now: Trailer for Noel Clarke's Sports Drama "Fast Girls"

Written by and co-starring Noel Clarke (Kidulthood,, the forthcoming drama Fast Girls stars a multiracial cast and centers on a street-smart runner who forms a rivalry with an equally ambitious wealthy athlete.

Clarke appears in the film as the girls’ coach. Also starring are Lenora Critchlow (Being Human), Lily James (Clash of the Titans 2), and Bradley James (Merlin).

See the trailer below:

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Financed by BFI Film Fund, StudioCanal and Aegis, and developed by the UK Film Council, Fast Girls wrapped production in December and is slated for June release in the UK.

For more info, visit the film’s website.

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I'm excited about this one.


Looking forward to it


Piggy backing on CareyCarey, there's sizzle in the trailer between being a solo outsider, romance, inner racial fighting, some bonding time. All quite ho-hum for sports movies but it all looks very good; slick almost. But I wonder if the whole body image will play out or if it's just inscribed in the story. On another note, nothing like seeing healthy, athletic women in movement.


I don't know much about Noel Clarke, but I can speak on female Track & Field. My daughter ran for the University of Kentucky and I was a track & field coach. This film seems to incorporate all the dynamics of being a female in a very intense sport. I.e. long and lonely hours of practice, politics, the haves & the have nots, worrying about maintaining their feminine identity "body & mind" (many dudes are intimidated by "strong" women), social life, racial issues, etc. Anyway, it's appropriate that this film is in the UK. As a spectator sport, Track & Field is dying in the USA.

Geneva Girl

Uh, the USA is not the team to beat: Jamaica is.


Female Track & Field ….I'm in !

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