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Watch Olivia And The President Heat Things Up In 3 1/2-Minute Preview Of Episode 3 Of “Scandal”

Watch Olivia And The President Heat Things Up In 3 1/2-Minute Preview Of Episode 3 Of "Scandal"

Episode 3 (which airs tomorrow night, Thursday) isn’t online, as ABC did for episode 2 (making it available on the web almost a week before it aired on TV). 

I guess that was just a one-time thing as expected; they certainly wouldn’t put every episode online before they air on TV would they? Maybe something to come in future years.

But a 3 1/2-minute preview of episode 3 has turned up online, and we’ve got it for you below. It’s titled Hell Hath No Fury. Need i say more? Tune in tomorrow night at 10 pm ET on ABC.

Watch below for a peak at what’s to come, and afterward, answer the question: will she or won’t she?:

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This show is better than I expected. Within the first three episodes already there's so much tension, primary plot and arcs and sub-plots/sub-arcs in place. I want to see more with Columbus Short's character, if there exists anything beyond him thinking Olivia is 'awesome'. I want to know more about Guillermo's character, as well. So far, it pains me to see him in a scene as he seems a cross between Groucho and some bum off the street. If he is the technical genius hacker that he's purported to be, clean him up a little and give in to the overall look of "geek" by giving him some Buddy Holly spectacles or something. Still, this show… = greatness. So glad 'On-Demand' had the first three eppys available. I am now hooked!


no she won't


This show is mmm-mmm-good!


HOT HOT HOT and yes she will!

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