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Watch Short Doc On Dwayne McDuffie And Milestone Comics

Watch Short Doc On Dwayne McDuffie And Milestone Comics

I think most would embrace a feature-length documentary on the late Dwayne McDuffie and the institution he created Milestone Media/Comics, a coalition of African American artists and writers and comic book company owned by African Americans, striving to positively address the lack of minorities in American comics, fighting for recognition and acclaim in an industry dominated by whites, both the characters within the comics, as well as the people who create, market and sell them. 

The closest we’ll get to it is this unfinished short documentary by scholar and University of Georgia Professor, Jonathan Gayles (you might recall his feature documentary Shaft or Sidney Poitier: Black Masculinity In Comic Books, which we covered quite a bit on S&A last year, including an interview with Gayles, which you can read HERE; the film is now called White Scripts And Black Supermen – Black Masculinities In American Comic Books, and it’s played many film festivals).

Watch the 15-minute short piece on McDuffie and Milestone below:

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Georgia State University! not UGA

Uncredited Rewrite

This has a very special place in my heart because I was living in Georgia around the time that Milestone came out and as soon as I saw the cover I was HOOKED. It was my sophomore year in high school and the importance of these comics at that age changed so many things for me. Later on that year I was lucky enough to meet the entire Milestone crew at the San Diego Comic Con and a lot of what Dwayne said in this short doc was what he said on the panel. He was always kind of the spokes person for Milestone and Denys Cowan was the behind the scenes guy. I talk a lot about how important a character like Michonne from The Walking Dead is, but without Milestone Media comics there is no Michonne. And like a lot of people in the documentary said the impact that Milestone Media had will never be seen again.

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