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Watch: Thor & Captain America Do Triumphant Battle In New Clip From ‘The Avengers’

Watch: Thor & Captain America Do Triumphant Battle In New Clip From 'The Avengers'

Finally. After a countless number of standing-around-and-posing clips and stills from “The Avengers,” a scene of actual action has emerged and…really?

Listen, we realize this is just a thirty second snippet and that the general reaction from the (invited fanboys at the) premiere earlier this week was through-the-roof ecstatic, but man, this is pretty cornball. With some triumphant, emotional (?) music swelling, Captain America and Thor team up in the same Manhattan street we’ve seen for the past seven months (does the whole movie take place there?) facing off against some pretty generic-looking aliens (they look exactly like the things from “Battleship“). Anyway, Thor is all like “Bro, we gotta get these dudes.” And then Captain America is all like, “Totally bro.” A car gets tossed but oh no Captain America gets totes tased in the tummy. Thor is all like “Bro, you good guy?” And then Captain America is like, “Bro I’m good, let’s get some wings.”

Yeah, let’s hope this isn’t the tone of the movie. “The Avengers” assemble on May 4th. [DigitalSpy]

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haha This is really corny. Oh Well. Atleast will have good action scenes.


All that shit for a 30 second clip? You all are haters. STFU and go see the movie, if it's bad it's bad. It's not the end of the world, or Fox studio's version of DR DOOM. or something. Stop complaining all the god damn time.


naa looks bad. really bad


Also, guys, no matter how many times you repeat the "Battleship" comparison, all you're really telling us is that you saw "Battleship".


Have I been asleep or something? Is our attitude towards comic book movies "Aaron Sorkin dialog or GTFO" now?


The (nameless) enemies look hella fake, but more importantly… inb4fanboysflipout


Wait, is this from that movie where Robert Downey Jr. stands at a mini-bar and talks? Or is this a different movie?

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