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Watch: Trailer For Judd Apatow’s ‘This Is 40’ Starring ‘Knocked Up’ Duo Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann

Watch: Trailer For Judd Apatow's 'This Is 40' Starring 'Knocked Up' Duo Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann

This is 38? Middle age comes crashing down hard in “This Is 40,” the sort-of-sequel to “Knocked Up,” and the first trailer is here to give us a taste of Judd Apatow‘s latest turn behind the camera, one that finds him once again stretching into dramatic territory while still bringing his trademark laughs, driven by life’s uncomfortable, real moments.

As you know Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann reprise their roles as Pete and Debbie, in a new story that focuses on their relationship as the latter hits the big 4-0. Facing the age that for many women marks a frightening, unknowable turning point, Debbie finds renewed energy to raise her kids right, fix the problems in her relationship and remain fit and attractive. Apatow has been down this road before, balancing real life issues with earnest comedy in the uneven “Funny People,” but it already looks like he’s found a balance here that he couldn’t achieve with that film. This teaser trailer is very funny, but the undercurrent is boosted by characters that feel honest, grounded and real. In short, we dig it.

Jason Segel, Megan Fox, Melissa McCarthy, Lena Dunham, Chris O’Dowd, Charlyne Yi, Albert Brooks and John Lithgow round out the cast. “This Is 40″arrives on December 21st. Could this be Apatow’s first stab at Oscar? P.S. The song in the trailer is “We Are Young” by Fun. And in case you forgot, Jon Brion is doing the score too.

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The real Leslie Mann was born in 1975, married to Judd Apatow and gave birth two daughters quite young. As an interesting actress, she also supports in some indie films, such as another coming soon indie film from Sundance of 2011 Little Birds (Juno Temple).


I love Paul Rudd but this looks dull.


I think bringing "Knocked Up" into this is a mistake. This trailer doesn't feel like it connects tonally to "Knocked Up", leaving one with the impression that it is an unfunny sequel (and missing the main characters from the original to boot!) rather than its own unique project that should be judged on its merits.

With the exception of the last scene, this trailer feels more like a James Brooks style dramedy than a straight up, "Knocked Up" style comedy. That's not a bad thing, but the whole reference to "Knocked Up" really muddies the waters and feels like a lazy grab for the audience's attention that could ultimately backfire.


Apatow seems pretty insistent on making his wife Leslie Mann the star nobody asked for. She stunk up Funny People and is doing the exact same role here. You have to wonder if Apatow is capable of working with actors outside of his inner circle and immediate family.


I found Leslie Mann's character insufferable in "Knocked Up"…
Will I wanna see a whole movie about her?


Oh fuck yes. Can't wait.


Not sure how funny any of this was until Paul Rudd and the payback scene. Hopefully Judd has something up his sleeve here and isnt as predictable as we all think its going to be.

Nik Grape

Oh look another sort-of-comedy from Apatow…looks predictably bland. Doubt Paul Rudd will be enough to save this.


I really hope that picture is used as the poster. And that last scene with Paul Rudd's legs in the air, priceless.

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